Art Bell Tolls for John B. Wells!


Art Bell has taken to Facebook and BELLGAB to express what some may consider support for John B. Wells ..

He wrote this on BELLGAB:

GNAs I have posted on Facebook and as I promised on this Forum, as soon as I am released from the Sirius/XM NC I will begin streaming my own show. The article so well written about JBW only confirms what I have felt for YEARS. I might have better luck asking Julie for a release of my NC…….I say this because while I was trying to talk to Sirius/XM two days after I left, I simply could not understand why they were not responding to my offer to return if they would only allow streaming until Sirius fixed their problems, when I finally did get a response it was to inform me that Coast would be taking my spot on channel 104. It is my feeling that “they” want me kept off the air, ho hum, I will fool them by staying healthy and kicking their ass as soon as I can get free.

The article Bell is referring to is the same article that the HORROR REPORT wrote about earlier tonight.

Wells has publicly said that he never met Art Bell, but expressed the sentiment that many long time Coast listeners have had about his program: Their appreciation of a show done right..

Thanks to the Horror Report.

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114 Responses to Art Bell Tolls for John B. Wells!

  1. John says:

    I’d love to hear Art Bell as a guest on Caravan to Midnight discussing obvious corporate meddling with regards to the censorship and back alley dealings with the alternative media.

    John B Wells and Art Bell on the same show would blow all our minds!

    Art’s web guy Keith Rowland started the Dark Matter Radio Network recently ( which has a lot of good quality shows. Between Caravan to Midnight and DMRN, there’s simply no reason for the corrupted Coast to Coast AM to continue as John B Wells was the last lighthouse on that show.

    • Astrid says:

      Wells and Bell raising Hell!

      • Dave Jet says:



      • Gene Elder says:

        “Art, like the Alamo, has to draw the line somewhere.’
        —Gene Elder, San Antonio Texas

      • Denli says:

        Noory is a bad joke. After faithful listening to Art Bell for years and then Saturday night to John B, hearing the drivel about ghosts and goblins and “projections” and other mystic crap, I can’t wait for a “replacement” on mainstream radio with Art and John.

        • craig casey says:

          Amen ! George asks the same question EVERY time, “how did you get
          into” (such n such) . He’s hoping the guest will talk for 17 minutes then until the next break because he has no idea what to ask these people. Also love that someone mentioned the idiotic ghost, spirit, numbers ….. ect shows. Finally he loves booking guests that get one question asked of them & they go on a 15 minute self serving monologue
          until the next break.

        • lovingtheson says:

          Bell and Wells will be unstoppable force to reckon with….look out George….yer days are numbered,,,,,,Yeeeeehaw!

    • Travis Bickle says:

      I absolutely agree……have been a loyal listener to Coast to Coast AM for 19 years and what ‘they’ did to Art and John is completely unacceptable and disrespectful…..period. John B and Art on the same show would be incredible!, hopefully it materializes… regards to Coast to Coast AM management and all parties involved…….pure dogshit…….I think everyone should do what they can to help support John and Art……I’m still very upset about the fact they threw John out, but it is what it is, as Coast to Coast AM circles the drain and gradually fades out, while alternative media outlets/ internet radio programs become more prevalent……an organism that doesn’t adapt dies off, and terminating John makes the show even less viable…..much love, much respect to John and Art……we’re there for you John…..

      • Bette Brown says:

        Would you say John and Art are “Rebel Rousers”??? WE NEED JOHN, he is definitely in tune with those of us that are being silenced. It would be great if Art could make the CARAVAN To Midnight, we need him too!! I say Coast to Coast AM is now all about “make believe” and BORING hosts and Guests…Linda Moulton Howe absolutely is a monotone chatter box nothing!! Gees…George N. and company will suffer once all is in place I am sure. He threw out the best MEN in the business!! I will NOT listen to the “Regime of Blabber Mouths” on Coast to Coast AM “more “schtick” in the mud crap” if the “Powers to Be” think “Bill Handel and his crew” are “MORE STIMULATING” someone or all of them need an enema in management!!

        • Gene Elder says:

          Nice comments of support. GO TEXAS!!! I am a better Texan because of Whitley Strieber, Jim Marrs and John Wells.
          John: I was just listening again to your interview with Stephen Kinzer on C2C about his book the Dulles Brothers. Most interesting. And I particularly liked the discovery of the Diego Rivera painting that he discovered in Russia.
          I want to encourage you again to do some of this kind of reporting for National Political ARt Month, which is in the month of July. Please do interview some socially active artists, musicians, poets, writers, creative people in any media for July and talk up Political ARt Month.
          It would be such a big help and I know you can find interesting people for this mission.
          Gene Elder, San Antonio,

          “It is always the really sick people that try to take over the world. The rest of us are content to just give a couple of cocktail parties.” –Gene Elder

        • Matthew says:

          I could Not Say it any better!Why they hold on to mold such as Linda Moulton Howe has been a Question mark (?) to me for years! Boring as all Get-Out!But it must float their boat…..chatter…..chatter …..chatter….And Goodnight!….Lights Out.
          And I DID Love C2C. Been listening from the start . And How They Threw Away The Best Thing Since Art, Who Could Say?(JOHN B. WELLS Rocks!) And that is what they are afraid of,GIDE-UP!Corporate BS.Ride The Skiff till she Sinks. Communism,Pure and Simple Pinko Communism!

      • Jody says:

        The C2M organisim did not adapt. What a series of unfortunate events…for JBW and listeners. Today is the 3rd Monday since the intended launch date for live C2M. No show.

        The thrill is gone.

        • Travis Bickle says:

          ……’The C2M organisim did not adapt.'(you mean ‘organism’),’ The thrill is gone.’,etc……..yes, the sky fell, the apocalypse is nigh, it’s all over, we’re all dead…….what are you talking about?…..idiot…..the show is still in its embryonic stage, and it isn’t even a month in. Didn’t you listen to what John said?, this is a new endeavor for him, he isn’t well versed in this, and he’s working through it as he goes. There’s no need to be so abrupt and fascist about this, in reference to your comment, you can make this claim in 6 months, if the program doesn’t achieve a certain professional and technical standard……he’s uploading new shows, and the show will solidify as the dust settles, and if the thousands of subscriptions that John alluded to is accurate, CTM won’t be going anywhere for awhile. Next time think before you speak, and try not to bite off more than you can chew, because you’re coming off sounding like a fool…..oh, yeah, and by the way……the only thrill that’s gone is Coast to Coast AM…..:).

        • carol says:

          amen jody

          maybe whoever convinced c2c to can jb….it was the same of having a loaded .45 pointed at c2c’s mug. else why would the most popular host just fall out of sight with nooooo explanation, which was sort spooky..,.downright creepy.

    • AVS says:

      I completely agree, John.
      Art and John B. teaming together would be the best scenario for those of us who demand being told the truth.
      I just signed up to an annual Caravan to Midnight subcription and will do the same when Art is back – raising and giving hell.
      I canceled my Coast Insider that I’ve had for the past 18 months – and sent an email to Gedorge Noory’s private Insider email address telling him why.
      With much respect,

      • steve sither says:

        I agree 100% !!! I do miss John B. Wells programs soooooo much——Nooory is boring and that accent of his ….pleeease !

    • Patty says:

      That would certainly be a dream come true!

      • Linda says:

        I think John B. and Art Bell would be good to listen to once and a while on the same show but both are great to listen to. However their styles are different with each his own great way of being talk show hosts. They both have gotten a raw deal and I for one would like to see them both succeed with their own great shows. That way we would have two great ones to listen to and more satisfaction in watching other shows like coast to coast and its so called host just dwindle away.

    • Miranda says:

      I love them both Art and JB Wells however they diverge in basic ways- Wells is very not afraid to delve into the secret society and take over of our country, where as Bell is totally hands off on this topic. Personally I feel we really need courageous people to bring this out into the light and I was and am exceedingly grateful to JB Wells for doing just that. Indeed his truthfulness may have been the main reason he was dismissed by C2C but it is that which is his strength and godsend.

      Art, as much as he is great in other ways, went in the direct opposite direction and “poo-poohed” any mention of our own government/country going against its citizens.He said once to a caller questioning him on this years ago (paraphrasing here ) That is ridiculous. If you think our country is acting against its own citizens, why are you living here then? Why would you live in a country that is against its own citizens.”

      Then he hung up on the caller.

      What ever the reason for this aspect of his behavior, nonetheless I do not think the two hosts are compatible for this very critical reason. I value Wells caring nature and courageousness even if it jeopardizes him in some ways. He will not be intimidated and we really badly need this kind of public voice.

      • Cammer says:

        I totally agree. I’ve heard Art Bell promote waterboarding, support the Federal Reserve, and many times speak against 9/11 Truth. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a part of the problem. I do not love Art Bell!

      • Eric says:

        Youre right… John B rocks the air waves unafraid of the truth, and unafraid of those who make everyone else quake. He’s an excellent roll model for the definition of a man. Something this world seems to have lost for the most part.

        I don’t believe in being afraid and doing nothing.

        Rock on John B!

    • william elder says:

      We need you renegades! John B. Wells and Art Bell live long and prosper.
      Take the “rope ladder to the moon”.

    • rockit says:

      Just wish JBW could get back to broadcast radio. Really miss “The Voice” on the weekends. Things have become a bit stale on c2c.
      Maybe JB is a bit rad for the average sheeple. Just wishing out loud.
      I am however going to sign up for CTM on payday. Peace and Love to all from
      Kingman Az.

    • sprinklegirl76 says:

      I cancelled my subscription, I was so mad. Unfortunately, I should have downloaded some of JBW, interviews before i cancelled. Oh well, C2C got a whole lot of cancellations that week!

    • Rick says:


  2. Jason says:

    I would love to see Art as your “Saturday” host. I think that would blow the minds of a lot of people. 🙂

    • mary says:

      oh yea!

    • [email protected] says:

      This is what I’ve been thinking!

      Isn’t bell allowed to do guest slows online (not broadcast on fm)?

      He really should go for the Saturday night slow, would be amazing!

    • Ken says:

      I’ll drink to that. That would just about be the best thing I could imagine.
      Keep the faith guys . It may be 1938, but things just have to get better somehow.

  3. Linda says:

    things are looking up! COOL!

  4. Jimbeau says:

    John B., be your OWN man, on your OWN show!
    You are not Art Bell; Art Bell is NOT you!
    Do YOUR thing!
    – A Strong Supporter, James

  5. UncleTony says:

    Art Bell and John B Wells. 2 of the most interesting people in the world. I will be joining caravan to midnight and do dare dream that someday….these masters of the craft can exchange ideas and enlighten us as a duo. absolutely legendary. I for one will be sure to be listening to both until then. May you both be well and continue to ride the cutting edge. -your Uncle Tony M.

  6. Douglas says:

    I would like to see Art mentor John B. Listening to Art for years my observation was that he created something from nothing. Art was a great source of information and delivered entertainment of the highest order. Art was there when the web became viable and was one of the first to deliver content via his site. I know it is very complex to get the endeavor that John B has undertaken to fruition. I wish only nothing but the best for both. Live long and prosper.

  7. rhone says:

    between John B. and Art, C2C’s “days are numbered”: predict a net 1/3 *DECREASE* in membership by end ’14: that idiot Noorey, with his ‘room temperature IQ’ can’t hold a candle to either. Between Snoorey and Premier, they’ve managed to ‘screw the pooch’ royally, and they deserve precisely what they get…and i’ll be cheering them all the way to bankruptcy.

    the conversation between John B. and Art concerning Corporate control/manipulation would be an instant classic, and would undoubtedly go viral immediately…*JUST* what you both need…also: John, a *show schedule* and downloadable audio for the time being would be just fine. Frankly, the ‘video’ side of the program just isn’t that important to me. {Same goes for Keith, and Dark Matter Radio: an *actual schedule*, rather than twitter updates would make a world of difference to potential listeners}. as you can see, i’ve been searching for an alternative to Coast for a *long time*.

    the one thing i don’t understand is why John doesn’t ‘go up against’ Coast directly, doing the Live show in *DIRECT* competition to these low-life clowns: *GOD KNOWS* they deserve it…might as well ‘throw down the gauntlet’ up front, and let ‘Their Listeners’ they have a choice…

    *GET ‘EM, JOHN*!

  8. balin' says:

    I heard Art the first day he was on in 91, I heard John B the first day he was on. These tow men are very interesting and there should be room on the airwaves for them to express there views. If it a contract issue, someday it will lapse and they can continue to kick butt!

    • Kris says:

      Coast to Coast started in ’88 not ’91 – just saying…

      • balin' says:

        your right, it was a long time ago, but I can remember Art introducing himself and his political persuasion, was it in the latter part of the year, I always wanted to hear a repeat of the show. Art took the reins from the guy with suspenders that got a daytime TV show.

  9. miss' inya says:

    it is time for us all to stand up ctc is not what was intended and snory is just another hawker even when he isn’t there he’s bugging us you gotta buy this you gotta buy that idon’t gotta do nothing but pay taxes and die but in the mean time i enjoy hearing what is really going on in the real world and not just what a pack of butt kissers who think they’re better than most want to tell us richard c hoaxland was outed when he claimed that it was an intelligently driven object coming from around the sun and then denied it john hogue has resorted to name calling and i never would have expected that from him so go figure when i listened to jbw i felt that i was getting what was really going on and not just for entertainment purpose only it is nice not to be treated like a fool so GOOD BYE COAST TO COAST

  10. Jane says:

    God I love that John B Wells! And now that I’ve seen what he looks like, I love him even more. 🙂

    • mary says:

      totally easy on the eyes!

    • Judy says:

      I hear ya, Jane!!! So, true. I love listening to him and it’s not just his voice but the interesting stuff he talks about. I feel like I’ve not wasted my time but that I’ve gotten information that is so hard to find. So, bye to regular Newspapers, TV and Radio and I’m only going to listen where I can feed my insatiable appetite for the real news. “Red Flag” and “Caravan to Midnight” is where I’m going to satisfy my hunger… Thanks, John and Bon appetite!

  11. Cammer says:

    No, I don’t want John to be Art Bell. Art denies 9/11 Truth, which only shows me he’s part of the problem. I’ve also heard Bell promote the Federal Reserve. I’ve also heard him state that waterboarding is appropriate. Come on, wake up, people. This guy is not who you think he is. John is the only one who cares about the truth and is dedicated to bringing that truth directly to us. I don’t even want Art to be a guest on this show. And if he is, I want John to call him out on the points I mentioned!

    • AVS says:

      Cammer…Art has stated that until he finds out DEFINITIVELY that 9/11 had US Gov involvement, he would leave his opinion open. Art supports the Fed, like others do, simply because…what would be an alternative that would not immediately cause a massive and irreversible global financial collapse at this point? Until we have a viable alternative, unfortunately the Fed is the way to go…let’s just put controls on it in some way.

  12. von Rahm says:

    Dear CTM,



    von Rahm

  13. Greg says:

    Let us not forget that C2C introduced Mr. Wells to us all, so let’s all get along and stop bashing the competetion. I think the time is right for Mr. Wells to make a go at it and I am supporting his production wholeheartedly. I will still support any competition that produces decent programming. Mr. Noory is a good man that fills the needs of many and deserves respect. If Mr. Bell decides to bring it on, then he is welcome too. Yes, John B is my favorite host, but I wish no I’ll on others for trying. This is capitalism at its best.

    • Byron (Jr) says:

      The same philosophy that allows for free competition (I won’t use the word ‘capitalism’- that’s a Marxist word) allows for freedom of expression. When folks here express their opinion about a product, you’re seeing the market in action – you’re seeing it decide the winners and losers. As long as there is no slander/libel, folks can say what they want, and there is nothing wrong with dissuading people from the competition if you honestly believe the competition is corrupt/stinks.

      I’m sorry, I never understood the mindset that espouses free enterprise/competition, and then acts as if sharp criticism/boycotts/whatever are somehow off limits…

    • Cheryl says:

      There is room for everyone. We all need to play nice in the sandbox. I always say two or three brains are better than one. We are all in this together. 528hz

  14. Richard says:

    Art Bell is the reason I found this wonderful town of Pahrump to retire to. I listened to all of his shows from the early ninety’s on to his retirement. John B is the first one to come up to the “Art Standard” for a talk show host.

    • William says:

      “John B is the first one to come up to the ‘Art Standard’..”


      EXACTLY! Many of us feel that way. I might be so bold as to say I enjoy John B even more. For whatever reason, he strikes a chord with me that no other radio show host has. Not to take away from Art in any way of course.

  15. Marsha says:

    I would love to watch Wells interview General David Petraeus, that would be a fabulous interview! No one has interviewed him since he resigned from the CIA & im sure he must be ready for some payback by now. There is a lot of Hillary talk right now & now is the time for someone like JBW to ask tough questions of people in the know, people like Petraeus who never said the Bengazi was over a video & testified to that before congress. Clintons “what does it matter” remark echoes in my brain & she needs to be called on it. I’d also like to watch JBW interview Eric Snowdon & Julian Assange.

    • Lela says:

      Marsha: What excellent ideas! I concur 100%.
      wonder if it is possible??? Thanks for the good suggestions.

      • Marsha Karr says:

        Thanks for the kind words Lela. I have to admit I salivate at the thought of some potential interviews & I know in my bones an interview with Petraeus would be awesome. I’m sick of cable news shows & main stream news. If I have to hear one more story about Justin Beiber I may throw something at my tv & break it. The county is on its way down the toilet & some schmuck is news?! Drives me bats, absolutely BATS!

  16. okfalls says:

    Just buy the membership and hang on…

  17. mary says:

    God has very mysterious ways, a wonderful sense of humor and a majestic brilliance. Wells is our true gift from God. I quit listening to Coast after Bell left….bored one early a.m. I tuned in on a Sunday, to find Wells…Wells and Bell are like this; Bell is the parmesan from Kraft, good, but Wells is the parmesan reggiano from Italy. From Class (Bell) too true ROYALTY (Wells). JMHO.

  18. Lela says:

    It was apparent to me that John B Wells would soon be let go when so many started blogging about how wonderful he was. Anyone with half a brain knew George could not let that go undisputed. John’s music was so great. Like Art’s used to be. Only better, in my opinion. His guests were intelligent and treated callers with utmost dignity.Too bad George has such a delicate and exalted ego instead of being his own person and being comfortable with himself. John B is his own person. He is not afraid to take risks. He may offend sometimes but not intentionally. Like to many others have written, John B is the first to come anywhere near Art’s standards. They are both first rate. No more C2C for me. Welcome, C2M. I’m aboard.

  19. King Lear says:

    John B. Wells was the only reason why I tuned into C2C on Saturday nights. The Korporate media being controlled by Big Brother. Broadcast long and prosper.

  20. Evie says:

    John and ArtBell are very different politically.I do no want to hear Art on ctm.I wish him well on his own streaming show.Listen to Art, listen to John separately and be happy you can.

  21. sandy says:

    I stopped listening to c2c long ago. Same old, same old. Never cared much for George. Then one night heard that deep voice of Johns and couldn’t wait for Saturday nights to come. I will go to caravan now.

  22. Steven says:

    Maybe I’m thinking to far outside the box. This venue that John B. has created, should be filled with other shows and podcasts. John could bring the “best of the best” under one roof.

  23. Gina Richardson says:

    I always looked forward to listening to John B. Wells on Coast to Coast. Good interviews, good music, wonderful voice. I feel like I have been abducted by aliens whenever I wake up in the morning and—God forbid—have the song “Dancing Queen” going through my head. Never did listen to Coast to Coast when Art Bell was on, so I don’t really care. Just want to hear John B. Wells again.

  24. peter says:

    I hate to do this to you. You are busy, but a suggestion for opening music: “Caravan” – Utopia

    also syth music pioneer Bruce Haack’s strange album well over 40 years old
    “The Electric Lucifer” with:
    – Electric to Me Turn
    – Stand up Lazarus
    – Incantation
    – Word Song
    – Song of the Death Machine etc.

    still don’t know what to make of it but it livens the mind

  25. Secrent says:

    I actually stopped full time listening to C2C when Art Bell left. Started tuning back in when JBW came aboard. Saturday nights were something I looked forward to. Just something about John’s honesty and common sense that touches you on a personal level. Art Bell has that as well, although John takes it even further.

    As for C2C, I sure don’t like the way coporate handled John, was pretty nasty. And, I am sure George had his 2 cents in there as well. I find George a bit boring and I am tired of the same guests talking about the grays and some subjects that are so far out there they are not believeable.

    I am very excited about Caravan to Midnight and the delays are not a big deal, considering what John and his crew had to deal with on such quick notice. I think it is the Ticket! We Love you John!

    • Brett says:

      My gawd YES! Art Bell was the master in picking bumper music — old george gave us frank sinatra, elvis the pelvis, and more worthless bunk!

      Let us hope John will master the bumper music, and it will be as enjoyable as that which Art had put together.

      Art, to this day, remains the master which puts wannabes like george to shame … John B. Wells shows every indication of becoming near as great as Art Bell — dear we think he might even exceed the master, given time?

  26. Christine says:

    I am soooooo very glad I canceled my C2C membership and joined here..I have learned to vote with my feet and my $$$$$

  27. DKWebber says:

    I thought something was missing from CTC. TRUTH that John B aired and more that CTC would not let him !!! John B was more in peoples answers. NORY WAS TO QUIET !!! I also wondered where Art Bell went and why. All speaks for itself. GOOD LUCK to Wells as I switch from CTC to CTM. Also does CTM have auto down loads to PC or Android as I used to get from CTC

    About time !!!
    Douglas K. Webber aka DKWebber in USA/MA

  28. RJ says:

    Good luck with the new show John. One bit of advice. Don’t use too much valuable time on explaining about the past including recent technical difficulties. It’s a huge rapid transition not without its flaws. We get it. We are patient and understanding. No need for apologies. Conserve your energy for forward motion. We will sit back and enjoy the evolution as we relish as pioneers with the development of your show


  29. Richard says:

    I would love to see art and john team up someday what a fn team that would B ;]

  30. onereaderone says:

    c2m is not c2c , relax and see. art bell was a one man show befor the cybernet roared. noory is not the innovator , he is the manager .
    the word song : 3/4 of am radio is sports/traffic, 15% religon , 9% network ( talk shows and personalitys tightly controlled by ratings ) and non-profit classical music…
    of the 1% … rush and three other talk radio …and coast 2 coast command 7 out of 8 listeners.
    C2C is moving into the network and personality format… and this will be their doom .
    no one with a pay check and a brain watchs T.V.
    personality anchormen telling the world how they must think is top down control.
    that is not art bell .
    mind song: art bell coast2coast did not have a call screeener, and art ran the ops board and the phone . the callers made the show , art was the nanny who required that the children not misbehave .
    the success of coast 2 coast was a result of the confused , misdirections and mess , cluttered and out of control nature of the show.
    it was not pretty because it had no shepard.
    it is not integraty or honesty, or even passion that made art bell’s success… it was his ablity to stand in the middle of a burning house and remain calm , ask questions , and never for one moment fail to drop a caller and move one.

  31. Dave says:

    C2M need to keep the membership informed. Case in point, everyone is waiting for the show to start but C2M has said nothing so far. Keep the membership informed or risk bad press.

  32. Koreen says:

    Fantastic first show JB, I kept hearing a small beeping sound every now and then. Was that “them” honing in on where you might be? I learned a lot from Your guest. Can’t wait to share it. Keep strong…we’re behind you all the way. BRING ON THE TRUTH, brother!

  33. Popple says:

    I am anticipating the day that Art can throw off that NC muzzle. I can say with certainty the folks at C2C are not 😀

  34. michaelwynne says:

    Like many here my thought is there is only 1 Art Bell, but John B is damn near the second coming. He’s no wannabe, knock-off or impersonator. He’s John B and great in his own right. I looked for ward to Saturday Nights and when I couldn’t listen live, I bought C2C insider. Which I have now dropped as there is no reason to remain with all of John B;s Archived shows gone.

    • Emery says:

      I was able to record many former JBW shows, and have set them aside from the other C2C and AB shows. Spending long periods of time listening only to JBW shows is really refreshing. It is like eating a fresh apple; while all the GN shows are like chewing on a smelly string. JBW was the best, with the best music; but none of them were perfect. There is none righteous, but God!

  35. TIMOTHY says:

    When thoughts are carefully directed, good things become reality and the universe

    Great job! It is wonderful to have a choice between true care of understanding the reality around us compared to the drone of mundane infotainment.

    My dial is set, thanks John!

  36. nom de plume says:

    Would like Mr. Wells to devote one or more shows to Fr. Malichi Martin’s comments regarding the Third Secret of Fatima. According to Fr. Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Crusader, Malichi Martin stated that all of the Fatima prophecies will be fulfilled by the 100th anni-
    versary of the apparitions in 1917. All of the unfulfilled prophecies go into effect if the consecration of Russia is not done properly. Given that these prophecies were validated by the greatest miracle other than the Resurrection of Christ, i.e. Miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70,000 people and that the previous consecrations were never done properly according to Sister Lucia, the last remaining witness, these dire predictions concerning all of humanity should be given serious and accurate attention.

    • Lela says:

      I loved it when Art Bell interviewed Fr. Malachi Martin several times. I believe
      Art would be the one to help John B if there were to be such a conversation.
      Art is THE expert on that one. I agree with your remarks. Thanks.

  37. Brett says:

    The wife and I are always excited of new of Art Bell, he is a master, and had a damn good show. Some of his stuff GhostToGhost, or his predictions shows, for example, was skipped by the wife and I. However, we were usual listeners of this artists presentations of entertainment of the highest degree.

    I certainly hope, no matter what plans Art has made, that he will do guest appearances, or perhaps host a few shows, if John takes a night off, simply because John is showing all the possibilities of being the next Art Bell, if any such thing is possible.

    George Boory, in my humble opinion, ruined the coast show, and except for the rather infrequent, but interesting guests he has on, the wife and I skip this show more often than not.

    I am afraid Art found a lifetime and loyal listeners in the wife and I, and it will only be great if we would end up to access from BOTH John B Wells, and Art Bell — usually such things only happen in dreams, but we have crossed fingers here, and waiting …

  38. Craig B says:

    Hi John B, I sent you check for $60. on 2.07.14 and my account is still on hold? Are you having trouble getting the mice to operate the wheel? Can’t hardly wait smile. Bye the bye, The Navigation link doesn’t work. It would be a handy thing for us blind fans if it did. Thanks, Craig B.

  39. jacob says:

    I hope you read this comment john. Please consult and go the route of Alex Jones when it comes to format. His free app reaches millions weekly. He puts everything on YouTube. I personally listen to his show all three hours everyday when I’m at work. I would do the same for yours. Wells,Jones,swann,napolatano,and Corbett would be a dream team of alt. Media.

    • DKWebber says:

      When I logged in I had a problem with charging I got charged twice
      Also when I down load the audio It will not run Says I do not have the right player
      I have WinAmp and Win Ultra 7 player

      What should I do There is no responce to this on my e-mail

      Douglas Webber

  40. Nick says:

    Ladies & gentlemen…we’re happy to present to you now for the first time the “Bells & Wells Show”! Welcome aboard the mothership of all motherships!

  41. Richie says:

    I’d love to hear a show with those two, pure unadulterated points of view from two of the best in their fields, would also be great to see Kerry Cassidy and many others on J’s show, I’m from the UK, and became a Coast “Outsider” as soon as he left…Ego’s WTF!

  42. Nick says:

    John, it would be really cool if you did a voice over commercial for B&W and also have them be the sponsorship of a new show called “The B&W Late Night Show” (B&W standing for Bell/Wells)

  43. Thomas says:

    This is going to be Great !!

  44. Brett says:

    George Noory sucks, JOHN B. ROCKS, and Art Bell is a legend in his own time … but John B. is really just getting started, since he broke ties with the C2C LOSERS!

  45. Angel says:

    I’ve been a loyal lister of C2C for a long time and an insider. Over the last few months I haven’t been able to stay up and listen at night so I would download the mp3s and listen at work.

    I always downloaded Saturday night’s episodes because of John. Over the last few weeks I wasn’t seeing anything new from John and wondered what was going on… I thought maybe he was sick or had some family issues to attend to. Today while listening to Alex Jones he mentioned what happened. I immediately hit the Web and read up on what happened. Then immediately canceled my C2C subscription, wrote Noory and told them what I thought of their cowardice and joined Caravan To Midnight and started listing beginning at episode 1.

    I salute your bravery sir and look forward to listening to you more than once a week. Keep up the good work and I will pray for your safety in these times where the brave are far and few in between.

  46. Steve says:

    It would be nice if the CTM site had a bulletin board for various topic including a spot for feedback for each show. What do you guys think>???

  47. jacob says:

    Dear john,

    Please follow Alex Jones’s lead and put a free app on the market. I’m sure genesis communications would love to sponsor you. Too many people just do not want to pay a subscription. People will just post your shows on YouTube anyways. I’m begging you and your producers and whomever advises you to be smart about this !!! III The revolution needs your voice and strategic analysis. Please please please…

    Viva la revolution.

    • william elder says:

      “I’m willing to subscribe to Caravan and Art. Networks of anykind are not the proposition here. It’s all in the mind.”

      William Elder

      • Richard says:

        The app would be great. However it should still require a subscribtion to gain access to the shows. This is the business model for most apps. The app itself is free but you need a subscribtion for access. (e.g. Sirius radio, NY Times, C2C, Beats Music)

  48. x2b3ctm says:

    Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. GRANT BURTT says:

    Well its good to see people still know what real news is. I wish John B Wells and Art Bell all the success in the Universe. because they don’t need luck C2C may need a lot after losing this champion their loss. Old C2C new to C2M.

    Now all we need is a iPhone AND android AND WINDOWS PHONE App that is Global as C2C will not sell their out of AMERICA IN THE iTunes STORE.
    THEY CAN BUGGER OF. Yes the iPhone app needed a C2C Subscription to listen and download Podcasts.

    anyway hope all goes well.

  50. GRANT BURTT says:

    May I also Suggest a subscription service by where people can only pay month to month as I noticed the C2C Membership climb dramatically during this period after this was introduced.

    Just putting in word to help your success even greater.

  51. James says:

    Art an JBW Should link Up !

  52. auto stiklai says:

    Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites
    I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always helpful to read articles from
    other writers and practice something from their web sites.

  53. DOUGLAS says:

    Yes! Art Bell as a guest on CTM!!! Pure gold right there.
    If I were captain I would “Make it so!”

  54. Dawn says:

    I would LOVE so see Art Bell on CTM talking to John Wells! would be sooooo awesome!
    Oh the stories they could tell. As much as i loved Coast i always felt George Noory was a sell out. i had a feeling John was gonna get fired because he wasn’t drinking their cool-aid..i wonder how many other ppl were vibing this too. Well since John took to the mike of Caravan to midnight i have only listened to 2 shows on CTC which a new guy hosted.
    I want the truth; so cheers to you John for serving up our well deserved unabridged, unedited, truth! You were always my favorite host on CTC …now you’re just my favorite host!

  55. […] the article that we wrote about Bell’s comments on Wells has made  and John Wells’ site.. I take some pride in that.. And it’s also worthwhile to note, as I have before, that […]

  56. Cynthia S. says:

    John B. Wells is the best in the business! So glad he is back on the air! He has the best voice in the biz and the best interviewer.

  57. […] the article that we wrote about Bell’s comments on Wells has made  and John Wells’ site.. I take some pride in that.. And it’s also worthwhile to note, as I have before, that […]

  58. Pat says:

    Such nonsense! I’ve personally used that phrase many, many times and don’t knowdips*** about the masons. What a jump in stupidity!

  59. T. Catherine Churchill says:

    I liked jbw because he is more like Art Bell. I no longer listen to CTC. Art is the best there is. I trust him. He researches all his subjects, and he goes where most fear to go. If Art ever gets free from Sirius, he will have my ear. But I have plenty of time and thirst to keep you John to.

  60. les benn says:

    I think it would be great if Art, John, and Whitley combined their programs onto one site. Each could have their unique show(s) and we would have a place to listen to all of them. Maybe include Michio Kaku also.

  61. skpodd says:

    Ha! Coast to Coast is a washout program and there is little quality and next to no credibility with the guests. Guests like Ms. Howe who frequents Noory’s program has been doing her routine for 20 plus years that I know and she is incredibly boring and…phony. She says the same things over and over and over again. But, she knows which side to butter her bread and maybe that is all that matters to her. Would anyone be surprised if it was known that George Noory was or is a democrat political party supporter? Please tell me he isn’t…, but, I suppose it’s nobody’s business how he votes or leans(as long as he gets a pay check and everything ‘feels good’ for him). We wish John B. Wells a successful future in radio broadcasting or in any other media venture where he might go to be heard. My problem or concern and hopefully without sounding like a paranoid nut is that if guys like JBW get run off the air, what will happen to them if they persists to be a ‘thorn in the side’ of the bad guys? I put Mr. Wells in the same league as Michael Savage. These two guys represent truth sliced and stacked by critical thought and critical analysis. They are true enemies of the American political left and because of that their well being is in jeopardy or simply put, their lives are in danger.

  62. Fed Up (pun intended) says:

    I noticed the change in Coast To Coast years ago.

    I started noticing things “ramp up” in 2012. That is when I stopped listening regularly. I could no longer bear it. It started to sound more and more like propaganda to me. The only time the show was tolerable was when John was hosting.

    I could not stand Ian Punnett. His condescending “holier than thou” religious smirks and incessant laughing made him the worst host of any radio show in the history of broadcasting in my opinion. He was also clearly an ego-maniac getting thrilled by broadcasting his “glorious” life to the world.

    George Knapp hit his high points with the David Paulides “Missing 411” interviews. Then things changed with him also. He became more rude and sharp to callers and his interview style changed. I noticed with the most recent “Missing 411” shows, there wasn’t as much substance as before. They just glossed over the cases. I noticed a loss of substance and key questioning in other shows too.

    George Noory has NEVER seemed sincere about his criticism of the government or any subject for that matter. Especially regarding government criticism, he has always been soft. I am a keen listener and I can hear qualities in people’s voices. I know when someone is being interested and sincere and when they are not. Aside from that, another sign that he was “tuned-out” was when he would drastically change the subject or keep asking questions just when the information would be getting interesting and in-depth, diverting the guest. Therefore, the opportunity to hear key information that the listener would like to know would be lost.

    Another flaw that they ALL had in common was their obsession with celebrity. Considering that half of our working population is NOT WORKING, over 100 million are on welfare, and the government is more tyrannical and abusive than in the history of America, Coast To Coast would “delight” us with the derring-do of some tv/movie celebrity.

    …like I give a damn.

    I give less than a damn about what hollywood does and boycott them completely from my life (that includes financially). I don’t go to theaters. I don’t buy DVDs. I don’t have cable. Long live The Pirate Bay!

    Another thing that cut right into the heart of me was their CONSTANT propaganda against veganism. I have been a proud vegan all my life and advocate this lifestyle for better health and for a greater understanding of compassion in this life. I can state emphatically that their “news reports” against veganism are FALSE. For example, not too long ago, George Noory presented a news story of supposed “research” indicating that vegans don’t live as long as other people and that they are nutritionally deficient.


    What Coast To Coast failed to tell you about (and never will) is that the greatest scientific study of veganism ever conducted, The China Study, clearly showed that vegans live healthy, long lives and are resistant to many lifestyle diseases (heart disease, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, etc.) that plague Western society. It was a longitudinal study (meaning long term) conducted over 20 years. You can read about the study in the book “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell.

    There has been extensive health research studies conducted over the last 30 years indicating that veganism is a healthy and sensible choice.

    Will you ever hear about such studies on mainstream media or shows like Coast To Coast?

    Of course not.

    So the question is, why would Coast To Coast keep broadcasting this anti-vegan propaganda OVER AND OVER AND OVER?

    Why are they so focused on being anti-vegan when there is a plethora of subjects they could cover (like government corruption or the fact that there are fewer and fewer jobs)?

    I’ll tell you why…I strongly believe they are being “encouraged” to do so by the meat, dairy, and egg associations. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was money involved.

    Why do I think this?

    Because when you look at anti-vegan health research studies and you follow the money to who the financial backers are, it always leads back to the meat, dairy, and egg associations.

    Big surprise, right?

    In summation, Coast To Coast has become what politicians have become in this country, water-carriers for the new world order agenda and purveyors of propaganda to deceive and divert the perceptions of the people, all done with profit in mind.

    But who needs to focus on unimportant things like the destruction of our Republic and Constitution when we can talk about celebrities, numerology, and all those horrible vegans?

  63. Listener says:

    Have Art Bell as guest! how EPIC would that be? I hope John can arrange that… I hold both John and Art in very high esteem. It would be monumental!

    Regards, – a listener from the Netherlands.

  64. Marc says:

    I wondered if John Wells was released because of his bringing to attention the Fukushima radiation situation. I hope Art Bell jumps aboard with Wells. The truth threatens and shakes the foundation of belief or the corporate line.

    Researcher and Supernatural investigator


  65. Joseph W says:

    LOL! a page of replies with the same thoughts I have had for years. Coast to coast is a crock of shit, with the king of shit at the helm.. dog face noory and his crap flinging. Cant wait for Art to come back and truly hope that I will soon hear a show with both John B Wells and Art Bell at the same time. That would be EPIC! John, get Art on your show and feed the minds of your fans!

  66. ccrider says:

    Haven’t heard a peep about Art Bell lately. I do hope that JW can get him on his show.


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John B is the best program host and interviewer, who brings the best of the best on his program. I love it. I don't miss a program. John B Wells is intelligent, and actually listens to his guests and asks intelligent follow up questions, unlike other radio hosts on " "coastal" shows. He doesn't talk over them, or finish their sentences, like Cap'n Kangaroo. If you are not a member of Caravan to Midnight, you are missing out on critical information, delivered in an unabridged manner that can change your perspective on the world, which may be the beginning for all of us to change the world. Seriously!

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