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Episode 469 – Guest Media: Michael William Lebron and Shawna Cox

Michael William Lebron “Lionel”

michaelAs far as introductions to talk radio and entertainment, Lionel, has a rather fascinating history. As he is fond of saying, he’s a native New Yorker born elsewhere (Tampa) and never imagined or planned for that matter a career in broadcasting or entertainment, or today’s more popular portmanteaus: edutainment and infotainment. But in retrospect, Lionel recognizes the influence that variety show luminaries and entertainers as well as the organic frame of reference that the New York “sensibility” had in framing his worldview. His heroes were Borscht Belt comics and Ed Sullivan regulars. He worshiped Jack Paar and Steve Allen and remembers well when George Carlin and Richard Pryor exploded on the scene, camouflaging hard-hitting and critical social commentary with humor, whilst channeling Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory and Mort Sahl. Unconsciously perhaps, Lionel was attracted to and perhaps being led to entertainment and performance as his ultimate platform but it would require a series of happenstance and unbelievable good luck to forge the path.  Read More….


Shawna Cox

shawnaLive in Utah 50 years +, business owned, author, Patriot and Mother. Was in car with Lavoy Finicum when shot by FBI