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Gift Subscription

giftTo create a gift subscription, you will have to log out of your account and go to the Subscribe section of the CTM website. Choose the subscription length you wish to purchase. You will then create a username and password for the subscription recipient using their email address and contact information.

Click Here to log out and be automatically redirected to the Gift Subscription ordering page.

Note: you cannot set up an account without the email address of the gift recipient. You can then use your credit card to complete the process or mail in a check or money order for the amount of the subscription. Once you complete the process you will receive an order number and they will receive notice of their order via their email address you attached to their order along with their password. If you mail in a payment, please make sure that their order number is on the payment so the two can be matched up. Because the subscriptions are set as recurring subscriptions, gift cards cannot be accepted as a payment method for them.

You can not use PayPal for a gift subscription as PayPal matches the email address used in the account to match up the recurring payment and you must use the email address of the person that the subscription is for when creating their account.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us or call the office at 214.747.7777.