John B. Wells Fired for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

February 6, 2014

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John B. Wells has one of the most recognized voices in America, but unfortunately a million Americans will no longer get to hear his melodious voice on Saturday nights on what was his popular Coast to Coast radio broadcast.

The following is an exclusive print interview I conducted with John B. Wells on the evening of February 5, 2014. Why was this ever-so-popular host let go by some unidentified powers that be in the corporate structure at Coast to Coast?

On the surface, the firing of John B. Wells made no sense. However, as we peel back the public veneer that is Coast to Coast, the firing of John B. Wells was inevitable.

The Glory Days of Coast to Coast Are Gone

In days gone by, Coast to Coast was once the flag ship of the alternative media, which captured 500 stations in late night radio when the show was hosted by Art Bell. Bell blazed a trail that nobody had ever traveled before, as he brought subjects to the mainstream airwaves that was unprecedented in both its subject areas and its depth of coverage.

Bell’s meteoric rise to unprecedented popularity in late night radio continued unabated until Premier purchased control of the show for $8 million dollars. That is when the trouble began for Bell in terms of retaining editorial control of his show. When Art Bell relinquished control of his program to corporate interests, Premier and ultimately Clear Channel, Coast to Coast was never the same as the show took a turn and became reflective of “the corporate message”.

The Corporate Structure of Coast to Coast

One cannot fully appreciate the termination of host John B. Wells as the “Saturday night guy” on Coast without having some understanding of the corporate structure which came to dominate the show when Art Bell relinquished control of the show.

Premiere distributes Coast to Coast for its parent company Clear Channel Communications. Clear Channel has a long and well-known history of censorship and extreme retaliation for those who do not abide by the corporate line.

Clear Channel was once a major supporter of the George W. Bush candidacy for President and they tolerated no dissension within the ranks. They were responsible for the dramatic fall of the Dixie Chicks for espousing their anti-war views with regard to the war in Iraq. And in a case of extreme censorship, with regard to a case that I have some firsthand and personal knowledge of, a popular Phoenix talk show host, Charles Goyette was blackballed by Clear Channel for similar anti-war views. Charles was actually dismissed from KFYI radio when he was the number one radio personality in Arizona and the entire Southwest. When it comes to these corporate entities, having great ratings does not insulate one from being fired. Popular talk show hosts are expected to be the guardian of the corporate gate and as you will soon read, Wells is an oracle who quotes Voltaire and tells the truth, but he was a poor night watchman of the corporate controlled gate. Wells discovered that deviating from the company line (i.e. telling the truth) shortens the professional life expectancy of its top entertainers.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

After a period of prolonged instability following the departure of Art Bell as the primary host of Coast to Coast, George Noory entered the scene in 2003 where he has since remained. However, Noory’s listening numbers are nothing to write home about. Once upon a time, some estimated that Art Bell had somewhere around 6-12 million listeners on any given night. In contrast, Noory’s numbers are a paltry 275,000 to 300,000 listeners per night. However, George Noory is the perfect front man and his numbers take on a secondary level of importance because he is very good at protecting the corporate turf and is very careful to only take risks on subjects which the corporate sponsors do not care about (e.g. crystal skulls, near death experiences, psychic mediums, etc.). Gone are the former days of Art Bell’s hard hitting journalism which made the spooks inside of the alphabet soup agencies very uncomfortable.

Coast to Coast became a “vanilla broadcast” with occasional forays into controversy with guests such Jim Marrs. However, much of Coast to Coast today is what I call disguised controversy which presents the illusion of objective journalism.

John B. Wells temporarily bridged the gap of Art Bell’s former independent style that made him so popular to the present day version of Coast to Coast. John B. Wells was clearly the shining jewel of the Coast to Coast empire.

A Disturbance In the Force

John B. Wells is a self-confessed independent maverick with a streak of independence which makes him so very likely to convey the truth on his broadcasts. Wells had actually been hosting shows on Coast to Coast since 2005 as a fill-in until he was hired as the permanent host for Saturday nights in 2011.

John B. Wells’ numbers were anywhere between 750,000 to 1.2 million listeners for any given Saturday night. This ratings disparity could not have resonated well with George Noory who is not known for being humble.

There were some who were in favor of making Wells the permanent host of the show during the week. This idea was met with draconian repression in an effort to preserve the status quo. George Noory is a great protector of the corporate interest and that is first and foremost in importance to management. This speaks to the clear message of what Coast to Coast has become.  Noory’s show is the quintessential guardian of the corporate gate instead of being what it purports to be, a news dissemination source.

In his role as the Saturday night host on Coast to Coast, John B. Wells became a man trapped between his desire to expose the truth and the requirement that he walk the company line. John lamented, both publicly and privately that Coast to Coast was not his show, he was just an employee. Wells expressed the desire to do something more meaningful because there just was not enough substance on Coast to Coast. This is a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with as I found the show, under Noory’s tenure, to have slipped to the level of a typical corporate controlled media outlet.

The Beginning of the End

I first heard that John was going to begin his own independent show back in the late fall/early winter of 2013. The new show was going to be called Caravan to Midnight. I was told that he was going to try to simultaneously do both shows. I was also told that his new show would be a “no holds barred” show. It was at that time that I told my News Director, Annie De Riso, that Coast to Coast would never permit both shows to exist simultaneously. Can you imagine what the listening public would say if Wells were to interview former CIA operative Jim Garrow on his new Caravan to Midnight show and that interview was much more revealing than anything ever heard on Coast to Coast from the same guest? It would have been obvious for even the most blind to see, that Coast to Coast practices censorship. Therefore, Wells could not be allowed to broadcast on both venues.

My predictive words were to be proven true. On January 25, 2014, Wells formally announced the launch of his new show, Caravan to Midnight, which would debut on February 3, 2014. Subsequently, John was unceremoniously fired by Julie Talbot on January 28, 2014. By that evening, I noticed that every reference to John B. Wells was scrubbed from the Coast to Coast website. Please allow me to speak clearly to one key point, the firing of John B. Wells was prima fascia evidence that the corporate structure (i.e. Clear Channel) of Coast to Coast still practices the same extreme censorship as we saw with the Dixie Chicks and Charles Goyette in a case of the same song, different verse.

Censorship was already being practiced on Wells’ show as all too often, his show would experience technical failures and  be taken down in large local markets by such things as Amber alerts or just plain old dead air. In contrast, Noory’s show rarely experiences the same issues. Wells said that the technical failures happened most often when he was interviewing a controversial guest in this first hour. Coincidentally, this past Sunday, my network reran the October 6, 2013 interview I did with John and the interview went silent. The commercials still played, but the dialogue between myself and John went black.

The decision to let Wells go must have been an agonizing one as Wells’s ratings were so good. However, there can be no question that Noory was instrumental in the decision to fire Wells. There can also be no doubt that George Noory’s ego was certainly a factor in dismissal of Wells. Noory’s penchant for complete control and intolerance towards dissenting opinion is  well-known to many and it was only a matter of time until either Noory or Wells had to go and the corporate golden-haired boy won out over the truth teller. Interestingly, Wells never looked at his situation as a competition, as he said, “I simply focused on doing my job”. Adding fuel to the fire, I had long heard reports which stated that Noory attempted to garner key guests before Wells could interview them in an obvious attempt to close the ratings gap between he and Wells.

A Most Insincere Farewell

After I heard the news that John B. Wells was fired from Coast to Coast, I tuned into the show to hear what Noory would say about the event. The announcement by Noory that Wells was no longer a part of the show and the network was “going in a different direction”, absolutely lacked sincerity. Based on my observation of Noory’s demeanor on the night following the Well’s dismissal, it was my personal observation that Noory was pleased to have the major threat to his status as the King of late night radio banished from the scene. In addition, the corporate controlled message was preserved and everybody won when Wells was fired, except for the listening audience. Personally, I am saddened by John’s departure, however, I am relieved because I can now catch up on my sleep because there is not much worth listening to on Coast to Coast in my humble opinion.

A Victory For the Truth Movement

Never before has the alternative media seen such a seismic shift. The departure of John B. Wells from Coast to Coast represents a major shift in the demographics which will soon be flooding the truth movement. It is often said that a rising tide lifts all boats and this is the effect that Wells’ departure from Coast will have on our industry. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people will defect to John’s new endeavor, Caravan to Midnight (airing Monday through Thursday from 10am-1pm CST). What command central at Coast failed to anticipate is that people largely tuned in on Saturday night to listen to John. Most do not listen to the show because of the name Coast to Coast. The people follow a specific person.

As John’s listening audience follows him to his new endeavor, many will soon discover other quality alternative programming, heretofore unknown to them. Move over people, we are about to get some more company over the next several months. History will show that the corporate structure of Coast would have been wise to follow a policy of making Wells the “controlled opposition” by presenting the illusion of media choice.

A New Beginning

John told me that many of his passions include stopping immigration so that more Americans can find work, to getting elected officials to follow the Constitution.

John’s new show, Caravan to Midnight, is totally listener supported. Subscriptions can be purchased at the website for $60 for 12 months.

The historical significance of this event cannot be overstated. John B. Wells will largely be responsible for the “true” waking up of millions of Americans. On that note, I am glad to welcome John to the alternative media, as both a friend and a colleague. I also pray for John’s well-being because the power shift that is about to occur will certainly draw the unhappy attention of the self-proclaimed power elite in this country.

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283 Responses to John B. Wells Fired From Coast To Coast AM for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

  1. Dirk VZ says:

    C2C has been compromised because of their national big media network of which they are a part.

    They have lost their independence, and have been co-opted by the media masters of whom they decry…

    JBW and Caravan to Midnight will replace and supplant C2C in due time….particularly as Geo. Noory goes down his strange path of “shadow people” fascination to the exlcusion of true deceptive events occuring real-time.

    Bye George. I’m with John now.

    • Mike says:

      C2C really blew it this time, they are clearly not as clever as they all think they are. Instead of keeping John contained and in their control, they have unleashed his powerful influence that will cast a shadow over what little starlight was left in that show, John we are all with you brother, your humility and courage is inspiring and just listening to you has already made me a better human being. Thank you for not laying down and taking this like a female canine as some would and some who we know already have. Your clearly the best and this household will be with you all the way!

      • michael says:

        got my money back from c to c bin a fan long time from the days of west coast am sent them more that 50 emails got money back it was getting very old till john b came on then 1 day a week it rocked

        • Sister says:

          Hello Michael. I just cancelled my renewal which ends in five months. Do you think there is any chance I can get a refund for the time left? Sister Benedicta

          • michael says:

            I doubt George will give you any money back….he might send you one of his storable food packages. the show has become very boring and George is no interviewer. he is quite quick in cutting off callers when they question him or a guest about their views. there is no dialogue with callers, its all just old boring same old same old

      • Martin Joyce says:

        In all fairness, John B. was hired to replace Ian Punnett when he retired for medical reasons and whom was there for years on Saturday night. Ian truly pioneered controversy on the Coast airwaves with guest Russ Baker and his book Bush Family Secrets. And Shadow People is one of the great paranormal mysteries that make Coast what it is, sometimes paranormal, sometimes political conspiracy stuff. And George Knapp on Sunday night has been extremely controversial too with guests such as Saint John Hunt, the son of Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt with deathbed confession kernels about who really killed JFK. And George N. has been more outstanding then any other weekly radio host on Premier Radio with his stance against the Iraq War and questioning the machinations of the New World Order. John B. was great, but I think he was really let go because too many people were listening on Saturday night, whereas most people are sleeping at that hour during the week. And John did have some outstanding guests of a controversial nature–was starting CTM while he was taking over Ian’s Saturday spot a good idea? I like what John does but I find Coast to still be an outstanding show and found Art Bell’s beef with the show unwarranted.

    • Kimberly says:

      C2C has lost me and my mother as a listener. The mom’s out there are paying attention to everything going on….even in the alternative media. We want truth, not fluff or radio politics. The mom’s have got your back John B. Many blessings to you on your new endeavor!

      • Patty says:

        Grandmothers and great grandmothers have your back also. The truth is all we ask. We pay attention and we want the best and that is Mr. John B. Wells.

    • Shaun says:

      Right on man, well said. Count me in.

    • BARY BENNETT says:


    • Shudon says:

      Ever hear of punctuation? Your comment would make so much more sense!

    • RL says:

      Noory’s an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Bell and Wells have courage and the truth to tell.

      • Jack Keller says:

        He’s an idiot, but there’s no fury. Just a lot of babble. I wouldn’t trust him to tell the truth about the weather . LA is overflowing with airheads like Georgie.

    • Bill Todd says:

      Now that I know the “Truth” of John B’s leaving the c2c arena, as soon as I can
      I’ll be joining the millions that want to know the ‘Real Story’ instead of the candy coated dodge of the now corporate c2c and it’s puppet, GN. A special thanks to John B.Wells for being here, on our side for knowledge and independence from cookie-cutter media.

    • coral says:

      happy to see this new radio show, will subscribe to it, as I am here to get to the truth, and CTC, wil be cancelling my subscription, a waste of money and valuable listening time..Thanks John, you and Art are real troopers!!

    • Zaye85 says:

      As with many of you, I too was an insider for years. Gotta to get a new phone tomorrow after hearing the news (I was having an overall bad night and cellphones just aren’t durable enough). I think it’s really awesome that John is willing to make up missed shows as well.

      I really did notice the drop in shows I was interested in on Coast lately. Even the shows that were vaguely interesting on other nights I wished were with John. The only time I’ll even give Coast a bother with now will be due to a guest I like (ie. Michio Kaku) and even then I’ll watch someone’s rip on youtube or somewhere else for free through “non conventional means”. I don’t really want to promote them now in any way.

      Til the voting is here, things I’d like or like to see:

      1. An easy access app for all content (no hurry since I don’t have a phone).
      2. Enough popularity and growth to get your own guest hosts so we can stretch a full weeks programming in. Listening is something I look forward to daily.
      3. More idea’s from you John. I’d like to get more direction as to where you want your show to go and expand. Even if it’s something “out there” like broadcasting on the moon, I’d like to know. It’d be interesting.

      Take all the time that you need. We will wait.

      Your Friend,
      Another John W.

    • If you don’t like what they’re selling, stop buying it. John Wells is the shining light of alternative talk media, and hearing his voice on a Saturday night made me feel secure in the fact that there is at least one human being on this planet that sees what I see and has the courage to talk about it.

      Now that John has been kicked out of the clubhouse, he is free to broadcast his own show, and I support this 100 per cent. I regret that I must leave C2C – I have been a subscriber for 5 years – and I just cannot buy what they are selling any more. Perhaps George Knapp will join the Caravan one day…

      • Audra says:

        We should all know how politics work and how the power of money greatly influences, especially a business such as radio stations which rely on advertising and sponsorship for its income. It has been deeply rooted in our society to never bite the hand that feeds you. Unfortunatley many companies or products are inadequate to the point that they could not stand their ground if truth would challenge them in any way shape or form. In a perfect world companies would only promote quality products which could stand strong in the eyes of scrutiny. Fired from coast to coast just may be the greatest thing to happen to JBW. We all seem to have a breaking point and it certainly would have been a waste for John to have stuck around the political corruption only to succumb to the human ego. It shall be much easier to lead the way of change on a clean pallette. I for one look forward to someday being part of a world who’s collective goal is integrity above all else. One by one we shall pave the way, leaving the shameful ways of our past only a distant memory.

    • sargint rock says:

      That about sums it up, Pilgrim!

    • MARY W. ONTKUSH says:


    • [email protected] says:

      Well now, I wondered where you went John….have found you and immediately signed up for CTM. I’ve been an avid listener of C2C for allmost 20 years and your beaming down to C2C gave it a new blast however, I have certainly felt the changes on C2C in the last couple years and am not surprised you moved…..a divine interference I suspect. I am a fan of anyone who speaks their truth and doesn’t back down. I’ve been there myself. The conscious light force is with you. Shine on!

      Gale in Kirkland, WA

    • Lee Wood says:

      Dear John and Supporter!
      I said to my daughter a few months ago that George Noory was sounding “funny”; trepidatious?…, odd… and I thought I would drop Coast, as he is boring! and only tune in on Sundays and to John B. Wells if I caught him on it by accident. I did not know of the firing but hated George’s fauwning on the recent contributors and his emphasis on what I view is phony occultists. I heard one phone call on Alex Jones Infowars, saying John was fired and I went immediately to this site! thanks to caller to Alex Jones!
      Thanks to John B,Wells! I am 80 years old and hope to live in a free world for at least 20+ more years and have to parcel out my money and will budget this expense to be able to join this site. How wonderful to know there are brave men like John and Alex. I do try to hear a man I think his name is Brian Suits on KFI on Sunday night, his program is called Dark Secret Places he seems to be a good information source as a radio program,a good man to seek out, if he is still working there. I am a retired Aircraft Engineer and retired to be an Archaeologist….Wishing More Power To You! Lee

    • chris says:

      i am a stream-link member to coast to coast since streamlink has been offered.
      i have pulled my membership and signing up here
      john we love your style.. dont change for no one!

      • chris says:

        oh ya.. coast to coast is still talking about blah blah blah topics that dont matter..
        john b. on the other hand….

    • sarah rodrigues says:

      I will be canceling my coast to coast insider gig as of today… I wondered why I wasn’t hearing John’s voice anymore… I figured he wasn’t “airy fairy” enough for coast to coast- and unfortunately for them (coast to coast) I want to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. When I heard George Noory slobbering all over the police department a few days ago.. I turned off the radio. Now that I know John B. Wells has been canned…. enough is enough!!!! Good for you John, for speaking your truth and not apologizing for it!!! Sincerely, a new listener.

    • Carol says:

      Their loss.

      Looking forward to your new show.

    • Sandra says:

      Well said Geraldine! I just realized last night that I hadn’t hear John B. for several weekends and checked the host list and was shocked to not see his name. I would skip other shows that had topics I enjoyed just to hear John because I miss that type of honest and “I’ve got your back” reporting and commentary that we always received from Art. I had a sneaky feeling that something was up after what happened to the revival of Art’s show. I too have appreciated John’s honest tenacity, and, after finding his website and reading all of this, I am with you too, Brother! As soon as I finish this, I will be signing up for John’s show. People in power will only use their power as long as we let them. I encourage others who want the truth to get behind JBW.

    • Lee Fisher says:

      I do not get a chance to listen to coast to coast any more,as I live in the woods of alaska,and cant pick it up! However;If there was a Moses,its you John,and I am really pissed that you are not on that program any more. George Noory is a candy ass! Rock on John! LEE

    • Patrick McRae says:

      John re-invigorated the show with his personality and his passion and his genuine interest in his selected topics. He had the perfect voice too. Something about John was comforting and encouraging. he seemed like a kindred spirit of mine.

      But old Noory is the worst talk show host of any kind that i have ever heard. he cannot carry a conversation and has no ability to monologue on a topic or express his feelings or understanding of a subject. Noory isnt even intellectually curious about anything and doesnt seem to be paying attention to anyone that is talking to him on the show. He has no sense of humor and he adds nothing to the presentation of any topic. He really seems to be a infomercial host for people selling shit like gold or news letters or freeze dried food.
      George! Wake up sir! Nobody gives a rats ass about Tarot Cards, or Numerology,
      or Leprechauns.
      If you were to ask a listener what George Noory believes in or what his passions are…..nobody could answer the question–we cant tell. I dont think he has any.

    • Rex Gaub says:

      George will never have the “Thunder” that John or Art Bell brings to the airwaves. I don’t know what Noory thinks he’s doing for C2C but he’s single handedly ruined alternateive talk radio for millions of listeners. I have listened to John B. Wells since the early 80’s when he was a DJ on the now defunct KZEW in Dallas. He was a rebel then. He played what HE wanted to play, not the top 40 of the day. I learned alot
      about the different music out there from him.Hence, this has carried over into his role of today. I thank John and Art for not compromising their beliefs and standards.

      • Kris says:

        The ZOO baby!
        John B Wells, Labella and Rody, Mike Rhiner(now heading up the Ticket 1310), charlie “the Jones” Jones,
        Jon Dillon(afternoon listening on stay home sick days).
        Good times all…
        …hey I am missing my Loyal Order of Zuccini Card!

    • Cyn Price says:

      I loved John B. Wells EXCEPT when he couldn’t keep his Right Wing views to himself, I didn’t turn in to listen to Fox. Noory gives us the evidence and lets us decide for ourselves.

    • Kris says:

      Mix in a comma or period occasionally. It makes it more tolerable for the reader.
      I am very close to closing my C2C subscription.
      George Knapp on Sunday is the only host worth a crap these days.
      Noory’s “there’s no doubt about that” reply to his guests purely BS statements has gotten old and
      His new guest hosts are over talkers.
      John B. Wells, you rock man!

      • SportsCenter All Night 3 times in a row is usually better than G. Norry. says:

        Agreed. Art and John, and to a lesser degree Ian were all masters at respectfully expressing doubt and challenging a dubious guest. We don’t get that anymore. Norry is more transparent than he thinks he is. He just phones it in anymore. It’s insulting the degree to which he seems to think his audience can’t critically think and how happy he is to just spoon feed us all garbage like Sylvia Brown or Glynnis McCants (sic?). C2C is hardly worth it most of the time anymore and when it is it’s in spite of George, not because of him. I miss the old days.

      • Earl gonzalez says:

        I like george knapp as well. C2C rarely has him on, probably a threat to the very boring noory. What i did was use my tune in radio app on my ipad to record him. No need to send any moneyto c2c. Instead purchase a ctm subscription.

    • Sister says:

      I second your message geraldine. I only found JBW’s website yesterday and I am one of the happiest nuns in town!

    • Steve2 says:

      John is the man. I support him over that stupid George.

    • Steve2 says:


  2. Patricia says:

    Great interview. I could have predicted that. Noory is a loon. Quickly stopped C2C and you have us 100%. Be safe John. The wind at your back. Congratulations.

  3. Leslie says:

    I am done with C2C and the Corporate Mentality that has destroyed our lives as Americans. Onward CTM!

  4. Lynn says:

    WOW. What a shame that creativity, free thinking, and truth telling is squelched by a show like C 2 C. Like myself, people are going to be shocked as to what was really happening behind the scenes. George Noory will regret toeing the line for corporate interests when people hear of this. John B. was always my favorite host. People will probably leave in droves. I was going to keep my C 2 C membership; now I’m not so sure… I know I will look forward to every show on Mr. Wells new endeavor.

  5. David Bell says:

    The moment I heard John B. was no longer on Coast to Coast AM, I cancelled my longstanding subscription. John was their best host by far. Noory is always working from his script and misses many opportunities for great follow-up questions due to his sticking to his script. Boring guy, George is.

    I only hope you can get some podcasts going so I can get them on my iPhone and listen at my convenience. I can’t stay up late at night since I get up at 4 a.m. I’ll by joining Caravan to Midnight shortly. Thanks for the time on CtoC that I could get to know a class act and follow you here.

    • taylor says:

      David, you are so correct when stating…”Noory [is always working from his script and] misses many opportunities for great follow-up questions due to his sticking to his script. Boring guy, George is.” My sentiment exactly!

      I frustratingly listened to many of George’s guests make statements which, in my thinking, required further questioning,…but no, he just moved on to the next unrelated question.

      Let me also say it’s time George realizes too many of his guests persistently use the buzzword ‘quantum physics this and quantum physics that,’ when in actuality most of us realize the guest’s theory has nothing to do with Q.P. but more to do with B.S.

  6. Tony says:

    Best of luck to JB. I saw this coming long ago and look forward to enjoying the wheat!

  7. John D Phillips says:

    What a rude awakening! Mr. Wells must of seen this from far away. I’m looking a radio station he’s on?

  8. Gregory says:

    Great article

  9. Gregory says:

    Please get your podcasts linked to iTunes when you get it set up. Thanks

    • CTM-Admin says:

      We will not be linking to itunes, because that would defeat the subscriptions process.

      • Paul says:

        Actually, not to be shmarmy but, you can set up a link to mp3’s in iTunes that would require the user to submit their userid credentials. However, this would incur a portion of the money for said podcast to go to apple as it would be a monetary transaction.

        So, if you are not going to make the mp3’s available on iTunes, do you plan on developing a mobile app in which we could sign in to with our membership to download/stream the show? Much like the Coast to Coast app? I only mention it as a reference because it is one of the few things the show got right…that and of course JBW! I think it would be in your best interest to consider this as a sooner, rather than later option as many of your listeners will rely on access to the show through their phones, tablets and other mobile technology more so than sitting in front of the computer every day.

        • Lily says:

          You are currently able to download the show’s episodes on this very website, and then copy them in digital-device-friendly .mp3 format to whatever your heart desires.

          Saves doing anything for Apple. Their software is inferior anyway.

        • Joshua says:

          You don’t need a special player to listen on your phone. If there is a link with an mp3, just click on it, it will download, you will will listen.

        • CAROLYN ALDAMA says:


    • jack says:

      Just a suggestion for those in the comment section asking @ itunes listening format. If ipod files are able to be used in the itunes player…..might i suggest a conversion program called… my video converter… it works quite well for various video audio conversions. i’ve had the program for @ 2yrs. now as i listen to various programs at work. best regards jack

  10. Dan Geary says:

    BRAVO John….I fully expected that this was the story behind the story.In your honor to revolt against corporate radio and the ravages that they have inflicted on our industry I offer this as admiration. btw..been down this road myself as a 47 year veteran of radio.Tom Petty says it all in this live performance of The Last DeeJay

  11. EAbeaulieu says:

    Thankyou for your eye opening commentary on the politics of talk radio. The heavy handed control of Clear Channel is not only frightening and totally unfair to the excellent hosts ie: Art Bell and JB Wells but the attempt to ‘Mass Mind Control’ in order to dumb down society is manipulative and criminal. Keep up the fight…Art and John, we need you both, take care and God Bless.

  12. Nathan says:

    When I first started listening to C2C years ago, I couldn’t understand why so many people detested George Noory. He seemed like a harmless enough guy who just wanted to uncover the truth. That opinion started to change the more I tuned in. Noory became a narcissistic, shallow, by-the-numbers host as I got to know him better. As a result, the wonder and awe I originally had for C2C slowly began to fade. Night after night, I would listen to him cut off guests and callers alike to give his stance on a subject. When he wasn’t interrupting people, he was just outright ignoring their questions. Or, he would repeat the same tired-out questions we’ve heard him ask a thousand times before.

    Thank god John B. Wells came along and breathed life back into that rotting corpse of a show! John’s questions were always on-point and his personality was truly refreshing. He never acted like he knew more than the guests he had on or his listening audience. The topics he covered were scary (like the radiation from Fukushima), but I always felt better afterward knowing that people like John were asking the tough questions and bringing much-needed attention to these issues.

    C2C will regret getting rid of John when they see the popularity of CTM soar. I know where my listening allegiance lies, and it’s right here. I’m excited for all the good things to come.

  13. rhonda says:

    I only listened to Coast when John was on. He always had the best shows. I also knew there was a certain amount of censorship. I mean c’mon I listen to lots of media and it’s blatantly obvious there is a lot of stuff not being said that should be said. Our whole media has been taken over and we only hear what someone wants us to hear. I wish everyone realized how serious the situation has become in America. People like John are quite literally risking their lives talking about some of these things. Up until recently they have all been labled as nuts or conspiracy theorists. I think it is finally sinking in to a lot of peoples thick heads that there is serious stuff going on and the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ might not be so crazy after all. Start digging and you will find there are a lot of very smart, reputable people out here screaming the truth. Hopefully John will be able to get the attention of a whole lot more people and that is a good thing. I signed up for his show the very minute I found out about it and look forward to hearing some uncensored truth. I am so tired of being lied to, it’s about time Americans heard the truth and faced up to it. We had better or there is going to be nothing left.

  14. Monika says:

    I knew the truth all along. I already love the style that John B is expressing on his vlogs: with his black shades and demeanor. I still think C2C has some pretty intriguing shows once in while. I’m starting to wonder if any C2C guests, specifically the ‘Truther’ types like Alex Jones and Jim Marrs, have been compromised at all? Craig B Hulet also said he was taken off C2C because he wasn’t ‘Entertaining enough.’ Oh well, anyone have any comments about that? Let the truth be told, John B!

  15. CDUB says:

    John. always enjoyed your Sat show on coast to coast. I could not wait for Sat. nights. I was upset about you being fired. I will be listening to you instead of c to c

  16. Southern Patriot says:

    Once again permission to board the mother ship, J B Wells staying true to his beliefs, look forward to heaving you in our home soon. Southern Patriot..PS By the way, I’ve cut off [email protected] radio.

  17. mike says:

    Best 60 bucks ive spent, but i want to hear. I think your show will show whats wrong in the world, and not give us a fantasy of sorts. Dont get me wrong i love csc, but its cutting edge and they dont know the power they have, or do they? In a time like this you dont want to stop the person that is waking us up. Build it… and we will come….

  18. BliTzer says:

    Awesome! Thanx for the numbers I was dying to know. Those numbers (listeners) will do nothing but continue to climb. I predict within a year those numbers will almost double as c2c will decline. The first to fail will be that boory noory TV show, good God does that suck. Anyway cant wait till blast off!

  19. Devin323 says:

    I will cancel my C2C sub in protest. I have already subscribed to CTM. Noory interviews irrelevant people about irrelevant topics. His many throwaway phrases (There’s no question. No doubt about that. Etc. ) illustrate his insincerity. Wells covers crucial topics and has the potential to change the world. May his future be bright!

  20. rw sanders says:

    Hey John B, remember that article I wrote at Huffington Post that caused Noory to explode? Luckily, that’s how you and I met. I have been happy about that since!

    Call on me anytime, bro! dub

  21. jeff says:

    I was a long time listener of Art Bell’s C2C since the day it started but I signed up monday 02-03-2014 for CTM i was only tuning in to C2C for the saturday night shows and sundays with Ian til he departed and when ever John filled in on other nights of the week for snorry..I feel great about CTM and grateful that i am here..I quess you can say i jumped from the mothership to John B Wells Fathership!!Now just get the servers up and running i’m ready for the show to start..For some strange reason i have been and my friends have been blocked from posting on C2C facebook page for posting our protest reply’s we can’t even click on any like tab either O’well gone are the great days of Art Bell’s C2C show but John was breathing new life in that dead horse of a show..

  22. Missy says:

    Thanks for the scoop on what REALLY happened to John B.

    I was shocked when he suddently vanished from Saturday night. George Snoory certainly did the driving on this crash course. Snoory is all ego. He is more interested in rubbing elbows with celebrity, making public appearances in an ongoing effort to stroke his ego 24/7.

    I hope John B. does get involved in politics pronto! He is smart and a straight shooter.

    Can’t wait to hear John B. four nights a week! What a treat.

    Every crisis is an opportunity for change. This is a great change!

    Congrats for making lemonade out of lemons John B.


  23. Why was John B. Wells Fired from Coast to Coast » The Rundown Live says:

    […] John B Wells, Who was the Saturday night host of Coast to Coast AM since January 2012 was let go. […]

  24. Misty says:

    By gones are by gones, don’t fight a system that’s not working. Energy changes, when it gets thick, I have long said, “we can drive out of this”, Do your own thing. Thank You, Roll on and B Well. C2C in my rearview……

  25. Roger in southern Arizona says:

    John, I suspected from the moment I learned of your dismissal that corporate turds and that backstabbing droid Noory were responsible. I’ll shed no tears when he and C2C ultimately crash and burn as they surely should. You *ARE* the voice of reality, the VOR “truth beacon” among an endless parade of airwave eunuchs. Stay safe, sir……to millions of listeners you’ll always remain relevant. And let me know anytime you want me to authenticate that Fender guitar amp — it’ll be my honor.

  26. Janis says:

    I am not surprised at all about your firing from C2C. Infact I am shocked that it didn’t happen sooner.
    Everyone is praising you for the grace you have given them. BUT I myself have a difficult time with someone who is RUDE, SHORT and rather an ASS to their guest when the topic or attitude doesn’t go the right way for you.
    I didn’t hear the announcement of your firing and the show’s changes but I did notice things were off this last weekend and did some research to find out you’re no longer there.
    I wish you well in your adventures and PLEASE learn some manners and don’t be such a RUDE ASS to people. I don’t need sugar coating but common sense is the key.

    • Kath says:

      What Up with you, Janis? I mean, to be fair, why don’t you tell the whole story? I can’t imagine Anyone saying these things about John B. Wells. Most people find all kinds of admirable qualities in this guy, including me and everyone else posting comments on his new site. John B, You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to talk radio and you Rock!!!
      Sorry Janis, but I think you and Noory are in the minority – common sense.

    • S johnson says:

      So you like someone who has no original thoughts,one who reads off a script,basically a sheep.alot of us don’t go for that …yawn….BS and we also don’t like misinformation,egos and boring stories that coast covers.John B is the best thing that they had but they threw it away and people like you can keep your head in the sand,and stay overly touchy about what in your opinion not fact is for me I welcome hearing shows like Johns and as soon as I can Will join.
      It will be interesting to see how long coast stays on air now,bye George,don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • jon says:

      Janis , you really need to get out more, you need to find that people like John are the rule, rather than the exception, such as yourself

      • Bob Wilson says:

        jon…she’s probably right…but so are you.
        just loosen up a bit…you’re good…

    • Audra says:

      Hmmmmmm…….. Manners you say? Well I won’t sugar coat my opinion Janis, when you get your own radio show you can be as polite as your personality suggests. Speaking of personality, the manner in which John speaks Is his unique self shining through and if the man took advise from each of his listeners he would be running in circles and would lose the precise character which has lead to his popularity, respect and to his being fired. He is himself and not some pretentious two faced social climbing azz kisser who’s integrity can be bought off faster then a two bit hooker. Not one of us is perfect, our imperfections are just one of the things which make us individual’s. I for one reject a society hell bent on enforcing a set of social do’s and dont’s which only serve in creating a sterile people who are so focused on judging themselves and others that they tend to miss the very moments right in front of them and they miss out on appreciating how unique each one of us is. That which I find morally offensive or degrading to another I will not tolerate, but respect is clearly expressed by John, dictating your standards of social graces to a man who wasn’t asking your opinion I find disrespectful. Sooooooo, you see Janis, it’s all a matter of perspective. Lossen up Janis and enjoy.

  27. jp says:

    When I cancelled my C2C subscription last week they asked me why. I told them simply, “You fired John B. Wells.”

    • Gary Roberts says:

      I am reminded of MANY nights with the Master, the great Art Bell, who made me howl with glee over his utter INTOLERANCE for idiots fools and zealots…get on with Art and start wandering, find yurself in the shtcan..instantly. DUMP. See-YA. I love him for that. Noory lets drunks, stoners, babbling fools and idiots ramble on and on mindlessly on the air constantly.
      John B. gets my support. He’s the real deal.

  28. david says:

    Where can i find todays show here ? So far i only have 2-4-2014.

  29. Stuart says:

    Hey folks, has the radio show begun? I’m now a member and it seems the site isn’t fully up yet.

    • Joshua says:

      Not up yet. Go to John B’s youtube account. He has two videos uploaded that explains the situation.

      They should probably link to those videos on the homepage, BUT I assume they are busy trying to make this work (and perhaps being given plenty of trouble, “secret squirrel” style?).

  30. LLOYD says:

    And again, just more proof that the mainstream media (yes, coast to coast too) is subsidized. If it wasn’t, then it would matter how many “fans” they lost as a consequence of such monumental failures as this “decision.”

    As it is, it doesn’t seem to matter to them how many “fans” they lose, as long as the lamestream tightrope is walked. It’s obvious to me that they get more money from power interests to calm real dissent than they do from SUBSTANTIAL advertisers.

    I, however, am quite pleased with Wells’ avenue of action, as I always thought that being on what we all knew was a cheap knockoff cop-out show (after Art’s relief) was simply lending nothing short demerit to John and his sole voice of reason and journalistic integrity.

    Finally, unshackled…no more walking on glass, or kissing…yeah…I CAN’T WAIT!

    Convinced I’m not alone. Getting the bugs worked out, and what must be an ongoing expansion of servers from now on, will make this show explode…radio, affiliates, corporate subsidies BE DAMNED!

    Doing something simply because no one else will, makes you a hero in my book, Wells. I for one am spreading this real “news” as far and wide as I can muster. I just hope you are as excited as the rest of us.

  31. Katherine M says:

    I was thrilled to find out that John was going to host his own show. I fully expected him to be let go. I knew he was a threat to George as I and many others only listened to Saturday nights and the few occasions when John hosted more than one night. I just listened to the Garrow interview and I would like to ask all John’s listeners to include one single statement into their prayers and intentions: ‘May they be exposed and held accountable in their actions’. Imagine what we could achieve if all of us, awake and aware, focused this energy upon our “glorious leader” and his minions. We have the power of God behind us, let’s amplify it. Blessings, Katherine

  32. Katherine M says:

    I meant,’May they be exposed and held accountable FOR their actions’. Wow. wish there was an edit option. LOL

  33. Gary Roberts says:

    Yes…John. B gets his OWN Command…Captain of his OWN Mothership…
    Be careful though, the Forces of Darkness lurk everywhere, and are dedicated to keeping you moored in the don’t think they spent trillions in borrowed fiat dollars and 20 years constructing history’s BIGGEST totalitarian police State and spy grid just to let your one little starcruiser muck up their propaganda machine? they will throw all they have against you..
    I’m an American living in Europe now..due to my Artwork being officially an “Act of Terrorism”..I’m an expatriate living in Czech Republic. I CAN’T Subscribe, as I am BANNED from PayPal (for being an Art Terrorist)..
    How do I come aboard? I really don’t want to participate in the piracy and listen to YouTube posts of your shows..which you KNOW will happen..

    • Don says:

      Try sending an international money order for 3, 6 or 12 months. Send them an email first to see if this will work.

  34. Leo says:

    I also saw this coming. There was simply too much dissonance between John and C2C– one standing for truth and greater-than-self, and the other for the usual defense of the ego. Well, the time allowed for the latter has expired.

    No judgement towards Noory and C2C on my part, they’ve made their choice, as have many others on the planet. But now the road has forked and I for one am grateful that John has been freed from a situation of compromise to one of full autonomy and empowerment.

    I am very very grateful to John for his service over the past two years and I’m really excited to be a part of what’s next.

  35. SheWhoWakesTheNight says:

    This article *exactly* reflects the 2 letters I emailed to Coast To Coast Producers, along with current & former hosts, last weekend concerning the firing of Mr. Wells.

    Let the Truth ring out…


    Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 8:48 AM
    Subject: Why I Signed Up For Wells’ Show

    To Whom It May Concern:

    As soon as his site is up, I am signing up for John B. Wells’ show at his website–because unlike Coast–I believe that what he offers is worth supporting, & I want to listen to what he has to share. I am disabled & flat broke this month due to major expenses, & I am signing up anyways.

    And if you think that you won’t miss, or even measure, my Coast ratings, think again. I was listening to both airings of Coast exclusively by “I Heart Radio” for years over the internet, & I will bet that you do count your listener totals at that service.

    After kicking Wells off the air, & Noory lying Friday morning about why Wells left (like Punnett to pursue his dreams, my backside!)–I will watch Netflix all night before I will support Coast To Coast again. George Noory dancing on the grave of Art Bell’s XM Radio efforts with his cutesy comments on the air last Fall did not miss my ears either.

    And honestly, I find myself looking forward to getting away from George Noory’s increasingly tepid intelligence that I swear gets more narrow & doltish by the year, your boring guest hosts (Friday night’s was so lame to the point of unlistenable, I shut it off), & from Noory’s ENDLESS stream of bossy, obnoxious “snake oil” commercials. (Not everyone enjoys hypochondria the way George Noory does.)

    Art Bell got it right the first time–& in that same Original Spirit of Coast, so did Wells–whether Premier Radio gets a clue, or not. They had what shallow, pretentious, preoccupied George Noory has not had since his early days: Heart. Warmth. Depth. Sincerity.

    And I am going to show you what I think of that, & of your recent decision to eliminate Wells, with where I click online, & where I spend.


    –Long Time Coast Listener

    PS ~ Although I am not young, I have absolutely *reached my fill* of listening to 65 year old music. Wells was the only one there playing great bumper music that did not suck.

    >Date: Fri, Jan 31, 2014, at 04:57 AM
    >Subject: I Cannot Believe You Dumped John B. Wells ~ BRING HIM BACK!!!
    > Dear Radio Gods,
    > George Noory’s lukewarm “Nightly Generic Vanilla Bland” is mehh–but John B. Wells was the ONLY Coast Host I *really* LOVED–besides Art Bell, himself. Wells was the closest thing to Art Bell Coast AM has ever had, & is ever going to get. It didn’t matter if I didn’t always agree with everything Wells said. His shows were superb, as was the handling of his topics & his guests, & his 2 year Coast stint was Truly *Excellent* Radio.
    > I actually used to *look forward* to Wells’ weekend shows. I do NOT look forward to George (Taking A.) Nap. I cannot stand that guy’s boring droning beleaguered monotone, & I never could. And you put him on *Saturdays*?? Why???!
    > What in the world is *wrong* with you people???? I think this type of counter-intuitive planning is exactly how Premier Radio lost Art Bell in the first place.
    > I will tell you right now–if Wells’ actually DOES do his own show–I will be listening to that, & not the stale, cold, mushy, rehashed “Gerber Ode To Norman Vincent Pablum” Coast To Coast AM constantly puts on most weeknights anymore. And if Wells DOES team up with Art Bell–I wonder if I will make any more time for Coast To Coast AM at ALL anymore. Doubt me?
    > Do you think I’m mad…? You bet your Coast ratings I am.
    > –Coast Listener Since 1997

  36. Erin says:

    John –
    I think it is wonderful that we still have the ability to listen to your commentaries.
    I consider it a blessing that you are not affiliated with C2C. We can hear you more than one night a week now.

    I called Sirius XM and cancelled my subscription when I woke up one morning and Crystal Radio had removed every program that I listened to.
    I am sure that I was not the only one —

    • Ivan Denisovych says:

      John B Wells became my favorite host as well and I will be subscribing to CTM.

      I always wondered why upcoming C2C shows only showed the weekday shows, and you could only see the upcoming weekend shows when the weekend finally arrived.

      In view of what we now know was going on behind the scenes it makes sense that C2C did not want to give much advance advertising to what John’s show would cover on the weekend.

      It is great that we will now get John B Wells four days per week rather than just one.

  37. Susan B says:

    John B.,

    I have listened to every syllable you’ve uttered on C2C, and am beginning withdrawals now! At least my check will get processed and I won’t have to try to catch up. Say, what have you got against Fridays?
    The only thing I worry about an internet show over radio, is that the internet will go down quicker than radio. That’s the only reason I got a 6 mo. subscription.
    By the way, Noory seems very happy, bragged about his biggest radio show, is trying to be “edgy”, and lost connection to his “controversial” Fukishima guest. Hmmmm…
    Best of luck. Hope your numbers are humongous!

  38. ThatOtherGuy says:

    I had always known that George Noory wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box. He interviews as if he’s an excited child waiting for an opening so that he can drop in a clever question. Inevitably, he truncates his guest’s story just as they hint at a novel or surprising direction. Where Art Bell would have bided his time and dug deeper, Noory pulls us back into his familiar surroundings. Frankly, the only depth you will find in his interviews is that which is brought in by his guests. I frequently ask myself how they could have assigned such an erudite guest to a man who can’t fathom the subject being discussed. (A comical example of this is the mismatch between the minds of Noory and Catherine Austin Fitts. She bears the frustration with patience and grace.)

    Ian Punnet is gone and now John is gone. Now, only George Knapp is left and he hasn’t been on in a while. Is he worth keeping my C2C membership?

    I’ve signed up, John. You’re the real deal. Do a good job for us.

    • rob says:

      Great breakdown, Other guy. I found Noory shockingly uninformed and selfish, with a nack for trivializing the profound.

      • ES Canyon says:

        Exactly, Rob. I’ve been looking for kindred spirits after becoming disillusioned with Noory’s bland C2C. What I found most infuriating was the inane interviews wherein obvious follow-ups were flubbed…Noory is a walking non-sequitor. He is obviously not thinking as he interviews. Just perfunctory same-ole, same-ole, no real conversation or intellectual engagement.

  39. Meg says:

    John B,

    I was so upset when I heard that you were no longer on C2C, but glad that I can listen to you more days a week. THEIR LOSS! No worries. Thanks for everything that you do… you are the best!

  40. Sheila says:

    This is exactly what I was expecting to hear. I was only a subscriber to Coast for a few years and John B. Wells was fully responsible for getting me hooked. I’m with the others here who are awake and not sheeple. Goodbye Coast! The Coast shows simply have become too painful and vanilla to listen to. As I’ve written before, we are adults and both want and can handle the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is to hear. We’ve got your back John! I’m sold and will be an avid listener of yours from here on out!

    Shame, shame and more shame on you Coast to Coast!

  41. Steve says:

    This was brewing for a w while. There just wasn’t room on C2C for John B. Wells to grow anymore without stepping on his toes and his business. John is obviously a more talented, explorer and I think Coast 2 Coast wanted to do The Abominable snowman and life after death unknown stuff. Then the day JOHN Broadcast that first real intense Kagoshima alert, the jig was up, Well wanted to do investigative journalism into dangerous subjects and Coast to Coast wanted to operate on a safer business model as a big corporation would be inclined. John just went buck wild got calm and made the phone calls and set up his own show. As I heard in the archive, so many people are subscribing that it blew the lines. They had to call a big time streaming service to handle the unexpected GIGANTIC demand for Wells. Things come and go and I just put my money on Caravan To Midnight, All set, Can’t wait to see what happens when a hard dues paid OG gets his own mic while he is at his prime. Sure looks like one door closed so the better one would open!
    Congratulations John, We are making the move into something better and new and hopeful not over corporatize to where accountants are making policy decisions.
    Go Johnny Go!

  42. Psiman says:

    It’s nice to hear so many of you have the same opinion as me regarding John’s Saturday night shows. I’ve been a Coast listener since the late nineties when Mike Siegel was filling in for Art on one of his hiatuses. I have to listen over the internet as I’m in the UK, and have been a Streamlink/Coast Insider subscriber ever since the service started. This may be the first year that my subscription lapses.

    Over the years it has increasingly become the case that I’ve listened to more of the weekend shows than the weekday ones. In the last three or four years I think I’ve listened to every one of the weekend episodes and only the occasional weekday show when the topic has peaked my interest. I don’t have the same level of vitriolic hatred for George Noory as some who have posted here but I do feel he is the weakest of the regular hosts in the time I have been listening. He seems to me like quite a nice guy but I really don’t like his interviewing style. He never seems to ask the tough questions that I would ask the guests, like Ian and John always did in their interviews. Furthermore, I get the feeling that he’s sometimes not even listening to the guests properly when he interjects the seemingly dismissive “exactly!”, which he often does.

    Unfortunately I’m sure Coast to Coast AM will roll along just fine without John, still pulling in a large audience of listeners based on its marketing and Art Bell’s legacy. However, I am sure I will be listening to it less and less over the coming months until August when my current subscription contract reaches expiry. If that is the case, and I’m pretty sure it will be, then they won’t be seeing another penny out of me.

    On the upside, I’m certain that Caravan to Midnight will be a fantastic show as it already has everything it needs; John B. Wells. As soon as I heard about his departure, which came as a shock at the beginning of George Knapp’s February first show, I went straight on to the CtM website and handed over my money to become a listener. It’s a shame to hear that there have been some teething troubles but that is often the way with start up endeavours. I can’t wait to hear that first broadcast from the bridge of John’s own mothership. It’s time to be the captain, sir.

  43. major_tom says:

    This article pretty much confirms what most everybody had already figured out.
    Ironic when considering the very nature of Coast to Coast, the original gist of the show, I’d thought, was to introduce listeners to topics and information we don’t get from our honorable mainstream sources. Elves and leprechauns, fine and well for some nights, but in this case, when attempting to cover subjects that affect all of us much more directly, critical subjects, to not only balk but get rid of your best asset, Johnny B, speaks volumes for how truly counter productive (read worthless) Clear Channel is, and more pointedly their disregard for the audience.
    It’s obvious from this story that Clear Channel doesn’t give a damn what you or I think, couldn’t care less, are more focussed on agenda than quality, relevance, even ratings.
    I mean how @ss backwards is that?
    Anybody wanting to continue listening to that dreary drivel over there, have a ball, but personally they can kiss my Caravan bound behind.

    • Kath says:

      Like you’re style major_tom…And, I also agree. C2C is really going downhill to no where at this point – just an update.

      • major_tom says:

        Somebody tip John off to “No need to ride the caravan alone” idea.
        Yes, you too can find true love amongst crazy camels.
        Kidding, kidding, pipe down.

  44. Lily says:

    My partner and I only started tuning in to C2C recently, and while Noory’s work is cute and vaguely amusing – the assorted light paranormal stuff you expect to hear from your local crystal merchant – when you were on the air we paid attention.
    It was absolutely shocking that they erased your voice on their station. They aren’t getting another cent from us.

    You have our support, glad to hear you’re still speaking.

  45. Dav M says:

    Agree with everyone. Noory has become too politically correct and his programs
    have become boring. A few repeat guest are interesting. Further he does not listen
    to his call ins. I heard some with guy comment, “I have seen cancer being healed”. Not even one comment by Noory. Guy didn’t sound like a quack. I would have asked staff to pursue questioning him further off air.One never knows where, when or who is going to make a bold discovery. As we know most are by accident. I believe the establishment has gotten to and threatened Noory because of the shows popularity.

  46. Joshua says:

    My last correspondence with C2C:

    “Hi George,

    John B did not move on, you guys fired him, and your last message to me was disingenuous at best and a flat out lie at worst. That’s really disappointing. Maybe you are not the guy you have us all believe. Well, c2c clearly doesn’t care about the opinion of the majority of its listeners enough to even act ashamed of their obvious and brazen act of cultural and corporate censorship – something c2c is ostensibly supposed to be against(?) – and now with the outright lie to someone who was trying to support the show by being an insider? I understand perhaps not wanting to publicly hash out every detail of the dirty laundry, but this simply wasn’t appropriate. Maybe you guys will listen when enough of us cancel our memberships, and I am. Good luck George, and I mean that.”

    This comes AFTER George emailed THIS to me: “Im sorry you feel this way, but HE moved on”

    In response to my first email “Hi George, I am writing to you today to express my confusion and shock over coast to coast letting John B Wells go. His programs were great. His personality friendly. He was never antagonistic, even if he held firm to his position. He never was political. It wasn’t his fault that many of guests had to point blame back towards people in the current administration. You know as well as I do that the politics of high strangeness knows no political affiliation, and that the kind of shenanigans that his guests would bring up has been going on for a long, long time through both parties. John B brought a bit of a different flavor to the program for ONE night per week, and it was a good flavor, given the expressed views of yourself that all views should be a place for voice and consideration. Please go back and listen to your commentary with Alex Jones 2/2/2014, you agree with Alex that the thing that makes Coast so great is all the different views and IF you ever find yourself in a spot where you don’t agree with someone, all you have to do is wait a few hours, or even a single show. I can’t help but see this as a type of cultural censorship, and one that I think coast to coast should be ashamed of doing to a guy like John B. George, I know you’re a nice guy. It’s the reason we all love you! You’re a go along to get along type, but I can’t help but think that you, and everyone else there making this decision, didn’t stand up enough for a good like John B, who hasn’t even said a single bad thing about all of this, other than to express his disappointment with it all. You all tossed him under the bus and for what? For what reason? Was the show taking a little bit of flack? It’s ok to discuss UFO, ghosts, goblins, ESP, multi-universes, after death experiences, big foot, but if someone brings on guests like John B who might be making points that some in the audience find uncomfortable, this isn’t a reason to let him go, but rather a reason to keep him around. I hope coast reconsiders. John a couple times a month would be awesome, if not back to once per week. I know that he is the reason I became an insider, and the reason I came back to listening to coast after years away. Just some food for thought. I hope you’re getting lots of messages like this regarding John, and I hope coast decides to stand behind a good man.”

    One of the really “funny” things about c2c shows, if that you can find MOST of them pirated on youtube easy enough, UNLESS it was a real topic. You can find anything you want on bigfoot, shadow people, after death experiences, etc., but a topic such as the Federal Reserve or how Fukishima is an existential threat to the world??

    I am excited about this new venture and I’m so proud of John B – we’re behind you brother!

  47. Mitch says:

    John B was the only guy in mainstream media to give our film’s fund raising campaign any attention. I’ve been following coast to coast since the late 90’s and was devastated that Art had to leave the show to George. To put it plainly the show sucked until John came along. I had a little hope for the show. This is obviously a war between independent ideas and mainstream media corporate bull crap. I’ll be switching to your new show John. I’m leaving C2C behind. By the way, we are relaunching our film fund raiser for “Rasta Zombie” on Kickstarter and would love to be a guest on the show. If you want to take a look at our old campaign go to and you’ll see why we didn’t get much mainstream coverage. It was way to controversial. Godspeed John B!

  48. T says:

    C2M already ROCKS!!!!

    Thank you to John B. and all the C2M staff that continue to work hard to bring up what is going to be a monumental site, while of course being tasked against the dark cabal.

    You already have made an enormous impact, It is obvious hundreds of thousands are with you, soon to be millions, strike hard and fast!

    Not to put the cart before the horse but I hope a chat room and or forum will be included with C2M once all the boogy men are weeded out!

    Blessings, Success, Love and Protection to you all who are working hard to get Caravan To Midnight launched for truth of preparing us for what is to come!

  49. Polly says:

    John B. Wells and CTM Staff,

    If Caravan to Midnight is going to be all about trashing Coast I am going to lose interest very, very quickly in CTM. It’s not either/or in my book. Your focus, intent and energy would be appreciated if devoted to integrity and interesting guests. Mainstream radio and Internet radio are miles apart – two very different sand boxes.

  50. F4Jock says:


    Can’t say as I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said on C2C but you were a thousand times better a host than GN! Got so I was really listening to Sat Nite only and really looking fwd to it!

    I’ll be joining your crew!

    Turn and Burn!

  51. 97 Vmax says:

    Saturday nights became exciting once again with J.B. at the helm of the mother ship. Gone were the dreary wasted hours of the past week. Your words as well as those of the guests, spoke truth in a manner that was captivating, educational, and entertaining, which was something I had been missing since Art Bell.
    I can only listen to so many ghost/hauntings,shadow people/big foot shows. I am confident CTM will exceed all expectations and can only wonder what avenues this will open for your guests when they are no longer repressed.
    There is only one hope that still lingers in my heart. In a more perfect world I envision the 4 day time slot expanded to include Friday through Sunday with Art Bell as guest host. Mr. Wells, you will blow C2C out of the water as it is, but with Art filling out the week, C2C will sink into a miasma of tangled putrescent debris in the Devils Triangle.

    • major_tom says:

      Bravo, 97 Vmax.
      Wells’ new interview with Jim Garrow is on youtube. Audio’s a little dodgy but hey.

  52. Freedman says:

    May The Force be with you, John B!

    It is a privilege to be included in your Caravan of truth and light.

    And, as commented by another CTM traveler here, yours was the one CTC broadcast I ever actually ‘looked forward to’ every week. Agree or disagree (rarely), John B was (and is) a joy to listen to. You were the light at the center of every CTC week. But, clearly, your light was just too bright for such a small (unwelcoming) space.

    No disrespect intended, but I will not miss hearing George when-I-was-a-little-boy Noory repeat over and over again his mind-numbing childhood stories; and there is so much more, but anyone who has listened to George already knows. CTC loses; I wish them success wherever they can find it. George Knapp is their remaining asset and I wish him well.

    On a brighter note: WE WIN now that Captain (you always were the Captain) John B can focus on filling even greater dark spaces with light and truth for the benefit of all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The truth will prevail.

    Power to the people and especially to Captain John B Wells and his Caravan to Midnight – you showed up just in the nick of time 🙂

    Now, I must go and ‘make ready for what’s to come’.

    Be Well and Be Safe, Captain John B!

  53. Nancie says:

    I/m looking forward to hearing John again on his own show. I was a long time listener of Coast since Art Bell in the 90’s.

  54. Catherine says:

    Glad to read there are many, many listeners who express thoughts similar to my own, about John B’s firing from CtoCam. I stopped listening to the weekday shows long ago and only tuned into CtoCam when John B Wells was the host.

    John B Wells, I will support your new endeavour. I hope the difficulties getting up and running are not the result of large corporate sabotage.

    Thanks for doing what you are doing. It is much appreciated.

  55. Blaine says:

    Hello John B.,

    I felt compelled to post a short statement because I feel that this effort on my part WILL actually get to you, John B. Wells.

    I would first like to congratulate you on this “forced” opportunity to discover just how many people out here love the genuinely gracious person that you are. I would secondly like to thank Coast to Coast for unleashing you (for us) for what I predict will be an eclipsing talk “radio” program to the betterment of all, worldwide.

    I started listening to Art Bell in 1981 when his show was still known as West Coast AM. I was a faithful listener through many years; right up to the point that George Noory took the reins. I lost interest in Coast to Coast in 2004, and would only tune in from time to time when I wanted Noory to lull me into a bored state of hyposomnia. I only resumed listening to C2C when you came onboard for Saturday nights. I consider you to be the best talent in the business, and your unwavering honesty in attempts to present truths to complex issues captivates the hearts of those that follow your program.
    I for one, fully appreciate the “unscripted” nature of your shows.

    When Art Bell went on his On Air rant about 911 “Truthers” in 2004, I felt as if I had been betrayed. With the 911 Commission’s own admissions of testimonial lies, stonewalling, distortions, and political manipulations, how could anyone support an Official Narrative that was being “trashed” by the very people that were presenting that narrative? I witnessed Art Bell turn like a rabid dog on all that I feel he had helped me to become; an investigator for absolute universal truths. As a person that has put in many thousands of hours of research on a wide variety of subjects, using professional legal research skills, I am very comfortable in realizing that the more one realizes about this world and universe, the less one actually “knows”.

    I am looking forward to many hours of you and your guests in honest discussion and debate over the topics that will impact every aspect of this World for years to come.

    Leaders I feel are mostly people that just refuse to blindly follow others; and when true leaders meet and join efforts, they do not become adversaries, but rather “Brothers in Arms”.

    Keep on Truckin’ Brother.

    Topics I’d like to see you address soon;
    Title Held in Allodium or Allodial Title
    Influence of Rothschild Banking, Bank of International Settlements on Russia and China
    The Moon, it’s Astronomical anomalies,
    The missing 2.3 Trillion Federal Reserve Notes (+additional $1.7 trillion per Catherine Austin Fitts) from Pentagon.
    Financial Forensic Evidence from Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1-7.

    • Nancie says:

      Well said!!

    • Anne Marie says:

      My listening history is just like that…Art Bell way back, continuing with Coast to Coast until the blah interviews just weren’t worth the time. I enjoyed your interviews, John, but you weren’t typical for CtoC. I stopped subscribing, because George was the chief interviewer and I just couldn’t listen anymore. I turned to other programs that I thought were more courageous than GN.

      I just heard you on JayP’s program, and it was so great to hear you again, and know that you are on the air with your new program. Hats off!

  56. […] (black background), and the one on Dave Hodges site, (white background). John’s site. * Dave’s site “John B. Wells Fired for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive […]

  57. Laura says:

    Dear John B,
    In 2012, one of my client’s put on a station in my car to listen to a ballgame and so it happened that when I was driving home late and turned on the radio, I heard you for the first time – ” What is this !!!???!!! ” – someone on the radio with such insight and a love of great music !!! I continued to listen to your Saturday Night Soirees while getting a proper cup of tea. When I recently heard you would no longer be on, I was heart broken. Now I know what happened and am so sorry about how unfairly and callously you were treated. I thank you for your beautiful Caravan To Midnight and am grateful and happy to be able to get to hear you and be a member.

  58. Ian W says:

    Listening to John was like listening to a proper interviewer who actually listened to the guest and engaged him rather than jumping to the next question completely oblivious to what the guest had just said, the best of luck with your latest venture John but please please please if you have to have him on then please keep Richard C. (you must have me on for a full show) Hoagland’s appearance’s down to at least once a year,

    • ccrider says:

      Ian W I really hope you meant keep Hoagland’s appearance down to ”at most” as opposed to at least once a year.

  59. John says:

    Now that we can see GN for who he really is, let’s talk about the new CTM show. I loved the digital static 1984 like update now on YouTube. A great underground feel! Really excited about the new show. Already own a shemagh and can already imagine why John thinks we will need one. Take the left seat Capt and let’s get this bird off the ground!!!

  60. Jeanette says:

    ok so are you on the air at your appointed time cuz I have had so many computer problems since i login to YOUR SITE and my person at home job depends on being on line….. hello.. I get it. you have been black balled and circumvented but I saw this video on YOUTUBE already… WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE UP AND RUNNING??????????????????? i GET IT you were fired and you had to scramble

    maybe I am not clicking on the right spot of your website???????????????????????? NOT

    • david says:

      Click on the “tune in” section and a calender appears. Friday did have a download available, but it suddenly disappeared. 🙂 I love a challenge. Good luck, mate !

  61. Mickey says:

    Once again the free market is screwed in favor of the fixed market. I’ve lost count of successful and interesting TV and Radio hosts terminated due to being off message.

  62. FancyFree says:

    To a true gentleman. So glad you have the freedom to be John B. Wells. Onward!

  63. Craig says:

    So glad this show exists! Can’t wait to start hearing shows. Onward!

  64. JANET says:

    Just brewed a proper cup of tea and wanted to voice my opinion……When George took over for Art Bell, I held out hope that he would continue with the C2C format and that was true for a while. Then slowly that all changed. He backed away from any controversy and avoided any follow through with what I refer to as “asking the money questions. Then along came John B. and my prayers were answered. Like many of you have commented, I too stopped listening EXCEPT for Saturday nights and those were a breath of fresh air. Recently I’ve noticed the guests are recycled too often and I hate this new split show format. I don’t believe he really wants to give them too much air time because they may push an opinion that he doesn’t want to deal with. And, perhaps a lot of guests are fed up with him too. I’ve noticed many guests were showing up on John B’s show more and more. I’m sure that pissed George off royally! John….I wish you all the luck in the world and will be listening religiously. You are very missed.
    This may very well be the break of your lifetime. Going to go pay for my membership now……Hope this comes back to bite George in the ass; he deserves it!

  65. Linda says:

    I had been an avid C2C listener for years and even a subscriber. Although I’ll admit I only subscribed to hear the old archived Art Bell shows. Boy, do I miss that guy. Anyway, last June I decided to end my subscription. Working 3rd shift and into the weekend, the day I often looked forward to were Saturday nights with Wells. I difficult to explain in words, but there was just something …I got a wierd vibe since the beginning of the 2013 year about Noory. I guess the best way to describe it is “rubbed the wrong way”. Can’t help being an Empath. I’m always right about reading people and Noory …well, like I said. Something was different about him. Having already listened to my favorite archived shows and only really tuning into C2C on Saturday nights, I cut my ties. And it’s really sad, considering I’ve been listening to Art Bell since he began overnight radio and followed C2C thereafter.
    But change is good. This is good. I’m very excited about Mr. Well’s C2M and so happy to see many, like myself, have taken a seat in what I forsee as a ride of a lifetime.

  66. Joe says:

    I found it very interesting that George Noory has Alex Jones on Last Monday the first day back after John B was let go.

    I feel this was George and CO telling Mr Jones he better not play outside of the Coast To Coast world or George will stop having him on the show.

    John I only hope this Internet thing works , but I worry that it will be taken over just like the major radio stations have been taken over by the old money network.

    Best of luck to all of us .

  67. joehigg says:

    would like to express my support. had a blast during your saturday & fill in sessions at c2c though wasn`t to particularly fond of the occasional dead air [black hole] turbulance ;P blaze on..the right side up in an upside down world.

  68. Tony WT says:

    I do not always agree with JBW, but that was besides the point. I like challenging myself and listening to banter that goes beyond the murky pale of corporate straddling. I am going to cancel my coast subscription and join this program. John made Coast relevant in his brief stint, and it’s their loss.

  69. But NOT on Saturday says:

    I turned on the radio
    in the middle of the night
    I needed NODOZE
    or a dozen neon lights
    to get through coast to coast
    beacuse of a lackey corporate host
    good luck John!

  70. Jellen says:

    Hi John,
    There’s always a silver lining when challenges pop up. The support you have here is evidence of that! How many nights during your show on C2C, did I hear, “Wake up! you gotta hear this!” Godspeed John!

  71. kittycats says:

    Loved John’s show and am so done with Coast2Coast. After years of listening to the show from Art Bell onward, no more. Truth matters.

  72. roger page says:

    I was a devoted listener when art bell was broadcasting on c2c, when he left and & I started to hear this new guy, George noray it didn’t take long to see who ever hired him over others made a mistake if they thought he was informed and smart they blew it. I’m so sick of him and his stupidity and child like questions and guests that come from the same planet as he== not earth. When JB Wells came on, I was always looking forward to sat nights it couldn’t come fast enough, I’m so glad to hear jb again and wish him nothing but success-not that he needs it but I am a devoted fan and the information he has is second to none. There is a higher power!!!!

  73. Lisa says:

    there was never a clearer example of who was the better host than the two interviews with Gerald Clark within a couple months of each other: Noory barely listening to the guy and asking ridiculous questions that made no sense or interjecting his WRONG opinion… vs John B who had already read some or most of the book, listened to what he said and GOT it and asked relevant and appropriate questions. maybe it wasn’t as political as some OTHER shows, but it depends what you can really hear Clark saying (translation – it is political). Anyway, Noory was so AWFUL in that show, yet, I ordered the guest’s book anyway. that was the only good outcome of the show, was miniscule exposure. when John B interviewed him tho – SO much better. Yeah, the Saturday night shows were THE BEST. And Alex on Snoory’s show the other night – was only good because Alex knows how to turn things around “what’s your take, George?” and put HIM on the spot. Of course he has nothing of interest to actually say.
    I felt like someone punched me in the gut when I tuned in only to hear John “left” the show. Wow. Very glad you’re going to be on 4 days a week, uncensorred, unfettered, joining Alex and a few others in pursuit of reality and truth. Halleluja!


    Im not surprised with George Noory being the corporate gatekeeper.Their programing had fallen short of what it used to be.I can sense Noory has an ego that rules him.Art Bell was cutting edge,but today,where most media is controlled in their content,they have to get creative and use the Internet to broadcast their own shows.Good luck John B. Wells.Do your thing!

  75. Terry says:

    Will Art guest host?

  76. Stefan says:

    Best wishes to you John and your new CTM program.

    I always looked forward to your Saturday evening shows on C2C.

    Unfortunate that your relationship with C2C ended this way.

    Looking forward to your live shows.


  77. William says:

    Coast to Coast is now Toast to Toast. After Art left I quit listening regularly until I accidentally listened to John B one night. After that, I was hooked and would look forward to Saturday nights. Don’t know the details, and don’t really care, but C2C really blew it letting go of the most interesting radio host I’ve ever heard (no offense to Art).

    So glad I can still listen to John B. I purchased my yearly subscription today. Can’t wait for the new shows and already have my provisions set to brew myself a proper cup of tea when they begin.

  78. Russ says:

    Jon B Wells has a voice an style made for the media. Such a cool delivery. George Noory is one of the most lcongenial host in the media and my opinion is that he is a person that truly likes people, many in other branches of the media could take notes from his congeniality and respect for his callers. So I like both these guys.I am thinking about getting some specific guests on both their shows. I hope that Jon B can eventuallly move to some place on Sirruss/XM as I have speakers for my pc that a friend gave me but haven’t got them installed yet.Think I will call the satalite{sp} radio people and ask them to check out Jon B. His broadcst times of before micnite are a good choice as a lot of working americans wont have their sleep time soo interupted.
    The guest I hope I can line up will bring truth par excellence that will address issues that also need to be introduced into this stew and will bring knowledge that many, many people are not even remotely aware of. Their viewpoints will outright anger many and especially the “Prince Of The Power Of The Air”, John B. and George I am sure know who I am talking about but many do not and they need to hear and then make up their own minds which they surely can. Their messeges, I warn, will certainly “upset the apple cart” in many peoples minds, always has through history. Now I think more of you might be catching on as to the subject content. But I gurantee if I can get the right people lined up everybodies antenna’s will be up as I have seen this occur in small groups repeatedly, to say the least it will be provocative to many perhaps even to George and John B.

    Shifting gears now, I listened to John B and his great voice and cool style and wanted to see what this guy looked like so I “googled” him up and this was one case where the voice matched the picture. If I am not mistaken noticed he might have soe acting ability from his educational training. If that is the case I tried to think of what part for him{mental reverie}. Rirst thing cme to mind was revival of the popular TV show “Have Gun Will Travel”, thought he might make a good Palladin. Then I heard someone had written a book and now a screenplay about Nicoli Tesla then I thought Yesh. let Clint Eastwood acquire this property and let Jon B play Tesla. In my opinion that would be cool. In any case I hope somebody grabs this screenplay and runs with it bcause this was one fascinating. highly trained, genius of a man. Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, they were already being experi ented with in England, Tesla worked for Edison and Edison just simply raced out and got the patents for much of Tesla’s work and Edison got the patent and thus the credit. Well getting back to John B, I will miss him but I am going to get thoise speakers installed and soon expect he will be on Sirrus/XM or maybe even the “silver screen”. Hope not to make him self concious but this guys style is mesmerizing. So just keep on being yourself John B. Wish you and George only the best, all this corperate stuff “is what it is” but it “will all come out in the wash” as their are more corporate entities than one. Blessings to George and John B.

  79. Stephen says:

    A bad and nasty move by C2C Corporate to oust John. What is that story about the Golden Egg? haha. Well, they dug their own hole to grovel in , that is for sure. Saturday nights at [email protected] were all I use to wait for, and now there is Caravan to Midnight. Yee Hi! Listening to John B. Wells is like curling up in front of a fire sipping your favorite drink. If John could put whatever it is that makes him be so comforting to listen to in a bottle, wow, now that would be something!

  80. David James says:

    I have always looked forward to your shows on the weekends.Sorry it had to go down the way it did at C2C. I’m sure you will prevail with the Caravan,as I will be there for your support.” George Blows”,as my mother said and I agree…..

  81. Lee says:

    Thanks for this explanation. Interesting to note that Rush has recently been dropped by KFI in Los Angeles, as well (Clear Channel). It would make sense if they had a better show lined-up to take it’s place, but their website still shows ‘TBA’ for that timeslot. Hmmm.

    • Astrid says:

      Lee, the owners of KFI moved Rush over to a sister station supposedly to beef up that one. Something like that, so it’s not at all the same as actually dropping him. Personally, I can’t stand Rush and would refuse to listen but I know he’s got a strong following.

      Sometimes I’d fall asleep to Coast only to wake up to their morning shows. Not what I’d actively choose to listen to but have to admit they use to be very funny once they got going. Weird how I often didn’t agree with many of their points of view but I didn’t really care all that much because they were more a comedy act in my mind. (I’m a sucker for a good laugh!) Now that they have had to do a lot of rearranging to get through the day, their mornings really suck. All the funny is gone.

      Losing Rush and now losing so many former C2C listeners has to be extremely tough on them right about now. Kind of feel sorry for the working drones there but the Caravan calls and it’s time to move along a road called Truth.

      • Roger in Southern Arizona says:

        George Noory aspires to be the Larry King of the new millennium. Just as ignorant, just as obnoxious, just as full of himself. The only thing missing are the suspenders (to hold up his over-bloated ego).

        Rawk on, Captain John!

        • John says:

          Earlier this week Geory Snorry said that he considered running for president a few years ago, then abandoned the idea…

          Who would vote for him? What an egomaniac! President? Pleez.

          I almost hurled. But turned off the radio instead.

          • Roger in southern Arizona says:

            I’m with you John, but consider this:

            A majority of this country’s electorate voted for Barry Soetero……twice.

            It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine that in the future some showbiz sheister couldn’t find himself pacing the same carpet upon which Monica Lewinski’s blue dress was soiled.

  82. Jim Jim says:

    The 1st interview with captain philip marshall was the best radio show ever

    • major_tom says:

      Listened to that one several times, was weighing the claims, wondering how much of it was true, none, some, all of it.
      Still don’t know but judging by how things turned out…
      Speaking of Philip Marshall – remember being a kid, poking around outdoors, lifting up old hunks of plywood or sheet metal, seeing cockroaches and creepy critters scurrying around. That’s what those guys, Marshall’s murderers,
      remind me of, difference being these cockroaches’ll kill ya.

  83. Niish says:

    Long live John B. Wells!

    I left coast after the departure of Art Bell. Somewhere in 2011 I heard a John B. Wells show on Youtube and was hooked again so I payed the corporate purse in support of real to life interviews on Saturday nights. They get no more of my money or time after this clearly fascist statement (firing the guy presenting true journalistic integrity) .

    There is a new tide rising and we all can feel it. John B. Wells is on the front line and I for one am happy to support this kind of brilliance in a pale, corporate drone land that has become the American landscape of propaganda. My money, time, and listening pleasure lands here on the Caravan To Midnight.

  84. Alejandro Salcedo says:

    Me, like many others were getting tired of “light” boring topics, when JB did few extra days apart from his weekends I wished G Snoory quit. Later he announced that he will be there forever, I decided to give up C2C.

    Good on you JB for the hard work to keep real alternative radio alive and the hot topics even hotter!!!

  85. carrie says:

    When Coast to Coast let you go, they also lost a huge listening audiance.

  86. Annelise says:

    I must say that John B. Wells, with his gorgeous manly voice, was by far my favorite C2CAM host ever (although I am too young to have ever heard Art Bell’s show). So I was so disappointed that he won’t be on C2CAM–but as said by others, also relieved because now I can get my sleep! And listen to my new crush (because I really do love his voice so much) in the morning when I am more alert, and don’t keep drifting off and missing big parts of the show anyway, like I always did during Hours 3 and 4 of C2CAM!
    John, this new show is going to be fantastic. Stay brave! –No need even to say it I know.

  87. WayDownUnder says:

    Your the man John!
    I can’t wait to see/hear you, now that you have the freedom to do it your way.

    I’m signing up for CTM

  88. Ed says:

    C2C FIRED John B. Wells ??? !!! WHAT, on EARTH, were THEY thinking ??? (Well, obviously, they weren’t doing much, in the way of thinking – AT ALL, because John B. Wells, was THE ONLY THING THEY HAD GOING FOR THEIR SHOW. And now, John B. Wells HAS HIS OWN SHOW !!!

    I’ll be ridin’ along with the Caravan to Midnight, THANK YOU, VERY much, C2C AM.

    And, THANK YOU, VERY much, Mr. Wells, for not leaving all of us hanging, who ONLY LISTENED TO C2C, ON SATURDAY NIGHTS, in the first place!!!

    Ed in MN

    • Ed says:

      Given the increasingly WATERED-DOWN CONTENT on C2C, since George Noory took over from Art Bell, as Host of C2C, it seems that Clear Channel and/or George Noory has, or have decided to go in a “different direction” – just as they stated. What this means, is that C2C ISN’T INTERESTED, apparently, in the content which John B. Wells provided, in his Saturday Night (C2C) Shows – because it CERTAINLY WASN’T JOHN B. WELLS’ RATINGS, that got him fired, because his ratings were BETTER THAN GEORGE NOORY’S !!! It’s just SO OBVIOUS, that either Clear Channel made a CORPORATE DECISION, to get rid of the guy, that has higher ratings than George Noory, because his shows were waking people up to the TRUTH, on any number of “controversial” issues, or George Noory figured out a way to get rid of John B. Wells, because he was becoming upset, that John B. was a BETTER INTERVIEWER, AND A BETTER HOST, than ol’ Georgy-boy, himself – or both reasons were involved.

  89. Frankie Lee says:

    Mr. ohn B Wells, THE TRUTH HAS SET YOU FREE !

  90. Frankie Lee says:

    Mr. John B Wells, THE TRUTH HAS SET YOU FREE !

  91. didi says:

    the moment i heard george noory’s explanation of why john b left coast i knew it was a lie–another experience of the lack of transparency that exists in our country today. it was so disappointing, especially from coast. but i immediately went online, found out the truth, emailed coast to let them know i was canceling my subscription, and joined caravan. already, with john’s personal messages to us it looks like this is going to be a great ride. i’m with you all the way, john b. thanks so much for your courage, dedication to truth and country, and your deep integrity. aloha, didi

  92. didi says:

    the moment i heard george noory’s explanation of why john b left coast i knew it was a lie–another experience of the lack of transparency that exists in our country today. it was so disappointing, especially from coast. but i immediately went online, found out the truth, emailed coast to let them know i was canceling my subscription, and joined caravan. already, with john’s personal messages to us it looks like this is going to be a great ride. i’m with you all the way, john b. thanks so much for your courage, dedication to truth and country, and your deep integrity. aloha, didi

  93. Frankie Lee says:

    Thank You For You Astounding Personalitys, And Talents That You Share With Us, Mr. Art Bell and Mr. John B Wells. And Your Beat Goes On ! !

  94. Mona Arthur says:

    John B I have been looking for you. I could get no information via C2C. Just weird! Anyway, here you are and I am rooting for you 100%.
    I am so pleased that I will be able to listen to you again.
    What is up in this world where truth has so many afraid to hear it when in fact the very lack of truth is what allows most of the crazy things going on in this here world to happen in the first place.
    Thanks for all your work John B, just writing to lend you my personal support.
    Sincerely, Mona

  95. Richard Skelly says:

    Let’s agree on one thing: John B. Wells has the best set of pipes this side of Art Bell. He could read aloud from the telephone book and it would rock!

    However….let’s not forget that Coast to Coast was usually an oasis from the fiery political formats that completely dominate daytime radio and C2C competitor Red Eye.

    Saturday nights with John B. sadly descended into the same cesspool of trashing Obama and Dubya. When he occasionally featured a non-political guest, John was superb at guiding the conversation, asking for clarifications (something George Noory never attempts) and, of course, presenting the best bumper music in the show’s history. (Herman Brood we will miss you.)

    I got the impression that John knew he was steering too far from the show’s historic format. He often mentioned the hate e-mails his political views attracted. Perhaps most tellingly, he seldom opened the phone lines to more than one or two callers in the fourth hour.

    Hate to say it, but John B. Wells and C2C were not a good fit. Better luck at Caravan.

  96. chantha says:

    have been a listeners of c2c since art bell , and than came along george noory, and came along . I do enjoy ancient aliens on the show, but i also like john represent his show on saturday hard in your face, real news , that no other shows exception like alex jones , michael savage, amtv, pete santilli and others. c2c i am sadly to say u sucks and you are the problem just like the main stream media , dinosaur media alex jones call them. john b well i will subscibe to your website and support your show . Why we want to hear the truth, we hunger for the truth. enough of lies and deception. It is call freedom of speech dam it. the asian community and buddah support you.

  97. Jeanette says:

    ok is everyone having trouble hearing the programs or is it just me.

  98. Bob Dziok says:

    I do not buy that John B. was let go because he was too popular and too truthful (although he is both popular and truthful). It was most likely due to a “Conflict of Interest”. That is standard business practice and not a conspiracy. You cannot make the same/similar “widgets” as the company you work for or want to work for. That is essentially what John B. is doing. It is wishfull thinking to think he would be on Saturdays while having his own similar business Monday through Thursday. It’s as simple as that. This is evidenced by the fact that John B. announced his CTM show launch on 1/25/2014 (While on C2C even?) and was let go on 1/28/2014. I would imagine there was disappointment at C2C that a competitive buisiness would spring from within their own. They will likely be more carefull in the future. This has nothing to do with John B. as a person and is one of the risks in running a business. Companies don’t tell why someone is let go for practical/legal/ethical reasons.

    George Noory is a humble person. He is always polite and courteous to his guests. If someone is cut off it likely is because you cannot have “dead” time on air if someone stops talking. George travels regularly between Los Angeles and St Louis for his work. He also travels to numerous conventions around the country and the Beyond Belief show. That is a grueling schedule and travel I would not want to do. There are probably a lot of technical issues to keep track of while interviewing guests. There are also likely managerial issues behind the scenes. From C2C shows I know George’s sister is seriously ill and his elderly mother had heart surgery today. I don’t know the outcome. He was likely disappointed John B. left and also started a competative show from C2C exposure. As such his announcement of John B leaving may have been brief but he did mention John B wanted to fulfill his dream of having his own show. I saw George Noory at a guest show (e.g. Alex Jones) in Toronto last June 2013 he hosted. His mother never saw him at a show let alone in Toronto. He choked up briefly when he introduced her from the audience and had to turn his back briefly because of emotion saying he’s only human.

    C2C dosen’t hold punches from it’s guests. Listen to last night’s show withTed Broer. His very passionate presentation on toxic foods and America’s early similarities to Nazi Germany including 911 Listen to tonights show with John Loft on Homeland Security’s ammunition purchases and other gun related topics. Better yet, listen to the upcoming show on Wed 2/19 with Craig Hulet on Geopolitics and the Economy.Tell me then if Craig Hulet held any punches. Any business likely has some restraints due to “not bitting the hand that feeds you” and legal considerations. John B will likely be more free from this due to his being a subscription service.

    John B was fortunate to have gotten the exposure he did from C2C. Without it we may never have heard of him or CTM. For sure he is going through a difficult time and working diligently on CTM. As he mentioned, “There will be time for rest later”. It will be a great addition to the truth movement. Perhaps there will be more in the future. I’m also disappointed not to hear him on C2C Saturday night anymore. However, I don.t see it as a reason not to listen to C2C and I don’t see him being let go because of being too popular or too truthful.

    • Polly says:

      I really think Staff of CTM and John need to read your response, Bob Dzoik. Thank you for writing it.

      • starfire says:

        yeah well maybe you should get your head out your ass. GN was is sinking into the occult and the dark side … while John B. is speaking truth to power

      • starfire says:



        GEORGE HAD HIS TV STATION BLAH BLAH BLAH … this has to do with CONTENT. ENPUNET spoke on big foot and nonsense and stupid stuff… GEORGE NOORY IS nose deep into THE OCCULTIC HUNT FOR DEAMONS GHOSTS AND SOME WOOOOOO WOOOOOW

        John B about bringing knowledge and truth to his listeners.

    • John says:

      This should have been signed … George Snorry.

    • Patricia says:

      Your ‘Conflict of Interest’ argument doesn’t hold water. The replacement hosts (for John B))that C2C chose have their own regular radio/media shows. They are all making the “same/similar widgets”. Even Noory has other gigs besides C2C and he is considered the permanent host.

      You stated, “George Noory is a humble person.”
      It is pointless to attempt to reason further with you.

  99. John says:

    Was a coastie, and kept my subscription for years longer than necessary in the hope the weekday show would improve. Only really listened to the full show on weekends, enjoying Ian, Knapp and of course, JB.
    Cancelled minutes after subscribing here, where a better taste of the old edgy and (mostly) honest former glory that I listened to when Art was only on one station seems to have blossomed.
    No more C2C, now it’s C2M for me.

  100. misha says:

    didn’t mind george, but just wished he was smarter…almost incapable of a followup question. with john, you sense a real intelligence

  101. Kit says:

    I heard John Stadmiller say on yesterday’s National Intel Report that JBW is going to the Republic Broadcasting Network! Way to go! Thanks for helping make the best media network on the air even better. Can’t wait for the new show!

  102. aldona says:

    George Noory is lame! Saturday was always my favorite night of C2C. I love Wells’ commentaries and have missed them.
    C2C is a “Bait and Switch” operation. It draws people with some actually really intelligent interviews and then points people in the wrong direction. The disinformation interviewees are very clever. Successful disinformation is 5% disinformation amidst 95% truth.

  103. Frank says:

    We love you John B, thankyou for giving us detailed updates with the ongoing crisis in Japan. This Fukushima thing is Bullsh*t, it needs to be neutralised. Im down under in New Zealand & no one is talking about it here in this land of sheep. I cant wait ’till your’e back on the magnetic wave John B, your’e in my heart & my prayers & thoughts are with you. Rock on!

  104. Bob in the People's Republic of California says:

    John B Wells was the perfect compliment to C2C. George Norrie and the Clear Channel folks blew it. Norrie could have recognized that John B. brought in a boat load of listeners to C2C.

    I’m signing up for JB’s program.

    AND I’m starting an email writing campaign to C2C about this issue. I recommend EVERYONE ELSE WHO LIKES John B. do the same. Flood C2C with complaints. At all levels.

    The listeners of C2C are being insulted by the shabby treatment of John B. Heck… Maybe John B. should have been offered Norrie’s spot. Life does change. Obviously C2C and Norrie support the brainwashing of the American sheeple.

    VOTE with your voice. You WILL be surprised what a few thousand emails on the same subject – everyday – will do to folks. Rehire – change formats – money talks to sponsors and everybody else walks. – Bob in the PRC

  105. mark sabert says:

    JBW…………BRING IT ON MAN, all the best in your new venture!! Long time c2c listener who was surprised and disapointed by the sudden departure. Having said that, looking forward to becoming a new member of CTM and listening to the awesome content you bring to the airways………

  106. Demetrius says:

    DEMETRIUS when John B. took over permanetely on Saturday nights I start listeninig again every Saturday. I stopped listeninig when Ian Ponet was hosting the show. Ian was one of the worst host I ever came across for a program like coast to coast.He was disrespectful to the guests and listeners to the show,I was so happy when John B.took over saturday nights. JOHN B. YOU ARE THE BEST.
    I knew that something was not right when you left the show without an explanation.
    the situation stinks I am really disapointed at George Noory I could he is being controlled by the hiups
    John could luck on your endeavors
    I am with you 100%

  107. Benjamin says:

    I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavor. I am already signed up and ready to go! And I believe that there are a lot of people that are going to be following you.

  108. Sonia says:

    Rock on, John…you were the only reason I still tuned into C2C. Following you, Brother!

  109. james ossoinik says:

    John B.

    As others here have pointed out the weekly grind at C2C was getting baaaad! I got to the point I was only tuning in on Saturdays. I’ll be pleased to pay 0.1666666666667 cents per day to get the real deal from you and not have to feel you gulp every time you get a compliment. “Change is”: In this instance we can add; Good.

    You’ll find this right up your alley. – -but go here first for an introduction – –

  110. Warren says:

    I am SO glad that I found you after missing the apparently very tiny blurb that George Noory gave about you leaving on CTC. I actually just sent them an email asking when you were expected back, as I couldn’t find anything on their web site about your departure, but found this web site after googling your name. I am thrilled that you are taking control of your show, and have signed up and am looking forward to the first one! You can count my vote that you were clearly the best host at CTC, and it thieir loss to not have you now.

    Onwards and upwards!

  111. Mary E Sullivan says:

    So very happy you are on again. I missed you and Georgie just isn’t cutting it anymore. Am livid with his ignorance, and rudeness. He interupts (sic) his guests constantly with his inane remarks, and he seems to enjoy taking over the entire guests spot. No longer will we wonder if JC will call, but no, the callers are screened, AND now Friday is no longer open calls.
    John I really love you, you tell us like it is. I will listen to you as faithfully as I listened to
    Art Bell. I hop you will have the starship ready and will give us permission to come aboard. SIR
    I found you when I went to full_spectrum_dominance.

    Mary E Sullivan you like those apples NSA!!

  112. stephen carlin says:

    john you were the best since art. your guests your bumper music it was all great but at the same time I could sense George squirming! your voice and demenior were as close to art as it comes! you were a breath of fresh air! I am so so sad you had to leave! ruined my sat nite! shame on you ctc. I hope it backfires. I haven’t lisitened to George for years accept to hear him mis prounce a word or three. allways good for a laugh. but I have to say I have not heard a peep about on ctc. been waiting to hear an anouncment but NOTHING! god bless you john! you need to get on an on air radio platform and you could crush them in any real competition!

  113. KIM says:

    Glad to find out what really happened. John Wells is proven success and talent. It is rare these days, to find anyone that will be honest and straight forward and even in your face, to get the REAL message out. John B. Wells has the initiative to put the truth first and he is not afraid to tell-it-the-way-it-is! If the TRUTH and HONESTY offends anyone, by all means avoid John B. Wells.

    Thank you John for fighting the good fight, It ain’t gonna be easy, but you have the character and ability to be a voice and offer some hope in a sea of fallen angels…

    We trust you John. Carry on!

  114. Bob Wilson says:

    I’ve already contacted one of coast’s regular advertisers to express my disdain at clear channel’s decision to terminate John B.Wells…I told the advertiser that I would NOT be purchasing their product as long as they advertised on coast…but, that if they sponsored JohnB, I would. place an order immediately….they responded immediately in a positive fashion with some wait and see pronouncements….
    This is how we can help John B.
    Bob Wilson

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      I told Seacrane the same thing, Bob. I have three of their radios and was contemplating the purchase of a fourth. Not now though — not ever, unless they can pass along our displeasure at JBW’s dismissal to that moronic charlatan behind CTC’s weekday microphone and the corporate droids at Westwood.

      • Bob Wilson says:

        We might start a wave. You are, I believe, correct in thinking we can have an effect to further John B. and his high art of gettin the word out.
        Funny, I worked in southern Arizona on the border for five years…used to wear body armor and was basically a hired gun…We need to close that border now…it’s the other than mexicans who need to be stopped. In late 2002, an Iraqi fell off the back of a truck and was apprehended by Tucson police after entering thru Nogales area…

        • Roger in southern Arizona says:

          I *am* on the border, Bob — ten miles from the Mexican frontier near the Huachuca Mountains. If I could hurl a rock thirty kilometers, it would land in Naco, Sonora. My Fed buddy regularly briefs me about “OTM’s”. It does give one a cause for pause and introspection and I seldom travel about without my M-4 carbine handy……

      • Bob Wilson says:

        Roger in southern Arizona…
        You must a kindred spirit…maybe others will contact advertisers and express the need to abandon coast and support Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells….who, from all I can tell is a true patriot.

    • Mick says:

      …”I told the advertiser that I would NOT be purchasing their product as long as they advertised on coast…but, that if they sponsored JohnB, I would. place an order immediately”

      And what a moronic, douchebag attitude. To hold an advertiser and maker of a good product for ransom of one of their major ad markets because you have beef with the management of the show the advert runs on. How f-ing stupid. The advertiser has nothing to do with that decision. You either love the product and want to buy it, or you don’t, you moron.

  115. Bob Wilson says:

    Illegal immigration needs to be stopped. The borders must be sealed. Damage to our nation has already been done and continues unabated because our government has another agenda…just think about the bio-weapons walking in through the unsecured borders….hmmmm?

  116. Dave Floyd says:

    Live Long and Prosper John B. I have NEVER paid for pod casts or any internet content. But I am going now to join CTM. Love that, on the West Coast , you will be on 2 hours earlier that C2C in which I no longer have any interest . I`m also a fan of Alex Jones and a Ham Radio friend of Art Bell; I hope , as soon as he is free, he might team up with you. Few will miss C2C .

  117. Paul Haggerty says:

    John B Wells

    You are a very Truthful Man and Alex, there should be more like you! I wish you thevery Best and Happiness with your New IP radio show. I sure do not like what is going on in this country for many years. I lived through the events of WTC on 9-11-01 and witnessed alot on that day and it is still embedded in mind. I doesn’t take a Rocket Sciencetist to figure this out.

    If I have to pay more than a $100.00 is will do so just to listen to your show

  118. Roger in southern Arizona says:

    “The reward of patience is……patience.”

    I love it — RAWK ON, CAPTAIN JOHN!

    Hey, you look pretty spiffy in a shirt and tie, sir.

    Can’t wait until the migration to the new mega-server is complete. By the Lords Of Kobol, I hope you smoke C2C’s piddly-assed site!

    • Bob Wilson (rampage) says:

      I am with Roger in southern Arizona on this…
      Smoke ’em John B…..note old call sign in name area.

    • Bob Wilson (rampage) says:

      Still waiting patiently to discover a means to subscribe with real money and but a smartphone…surely…there’s a way…I want to be in on the corporate barbecue!!
      I know it’ll be pretty good! hmmmm?

  119. Roger in southern Arizona says:

    I’m doubtful of any metaphysical/paranormal event being responsible.

    My money’s on some khat-addicted Somali warlord waiting for permission from his Taliban handlers to phone in the ransom demands to CNN……

  120. HYE ANGEL says:

    Dear Captain John B. Wells,
    I am very honored and excited to become a member of your mothership “JOIN BE WELL”.
    Please take the mothership with your devoted CREW members into 5D and beyond, where there is nothing but THE TRUTH!!!
    TRUTH ALWAYS WINS…. If you can be patient enough.


  121. Sebastian DeBergerac says:

    I must “pat myself on the back” … After reading the other comments, here, I must say that I, too, had a number of “intuitive” experiences or thoughts about C2C and John B. There was no question that Noory’s shows were becoming plain vanilla to the point of being boring enough to simply switch off. I looked forward to John B and his focus on “relevant” stories and issues. I was particularly interested in the hazardous nature of investigative reporting. The interviews of the “late” Marshall and Hastings couldn’t have been more timely and followed on the heels of the untimely Breitbart death. On Noory’s live chat session I suggested that he assembly a group of “living” investigative reporters for a round-table discussion of the death of their three comrades. George responded, “good idea” … and nothing has happened since … undoubtedly a victim of the censor’s scissors at C2C … I’m going to drop my former “Stream Link”, now, up scaled “Insider’s” subscription and sign on to John B.

  122. DonnyT says:

    Why is John against immigration? Illegal immigration I can understand, but legal immigration? Immigrants made this country. People can’t find jobs not because there are too many immigrants, it’s because companies outsource all their manufacturing.

    That said, it’s too bad John was fired. He was a lot better than George Norry. He asked better more relevant questions. I’d be listening to the program and a burning question would come to mind and John would amazingly touch on it. George always seems to ask every guest about demons, no matter how disparate the subject. Things like these which kind of says he’s just going down the list of questions doing his job lol.

    Farewell John and good luck.

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      George chooses his guests from a very select list of stooges who know that their on-air presence on C2C is based solely on them stroking the boy-genius’s ego and licking his boots at every opportunity. It’s why he no longer books any serious scholars or investigators and instead relies on his army of sycophants peddling the “pap du jour”. John B. Wells OTOH *digs* to find the important topics of interest and schedules guests who can discuss the issues with both authority and relevance, and he’s not kowtowed by the corporate mentality that inhibits him from presenting a contrarian viewpoint that may be held by members of his audience.


  123. Joe Smith says:

    John B. Wells was pushing the limit on his coast 2 coast Saturday shows. He was making dissent over the USA government instead of discussing Big Foot. His broadcasts originated in Dallas but were blocked in many large metro areas. C2C listeners in NYC never heard of John B. Wells because the radio network in NYC would put hours of infomercials on overnight instead of C2C. People in NYC are hypersensitive to topics such as 911. If all the facts on 911 became public NYC residents would still be in denial. NYC residents are clueless on facts because shows like John’s were blocked on their radios and they refused to listen to John over the internet instead.

  124. Robert Larson says:

    As most have said on here. C2C has lost its lustre. I am no longer interested in it as an off stream radio show. Clearly, you can tell Mr Noory is following the rules. I was renewed in C2C in the last 2 years as Mr Wells was broadcasting. I rarely listened to the weekday programs anymore. Also George Noory constantly cuts people off like they are in a major hurry all the time. Or Mr Noory gets to easily offended. And GN always plays like hes right about everything. Enough is Enough. Im done with C2C after this. John B Wells “Rocks” as a host, You can pencil me in. So long C2C I’m joining CTM and you have my total support.


  125. evpat says:

    Thank goodness for John B AND Noory, both out of the mainstream informative hosts raising awareness. I don’t think that bashing C2C or Noory is constructive. I can see C2C corporate wanting to avoid some heat from our over-reaching gubmint for some of John B’s positions. So it’s actually better that John B has his own gig so he can better speak his beautiful mind.

    I just subscribed for a whole year of John B, and will enthusiastically listen to both shows.

  126. John Pope says:

    I am following John B. Wells to
    I too fully expected that this was the story behind the story!

    And, In your honor sir, I too revolt against corporate radio and I am moving my subscription from C2C to

    I present this 1:30 video in your Honor, John B. Wells. Ride On, Brother John.

    NOTE: This isn’t Tom Petty, but every bit as good as the point gets.

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      Re the 90-second YT vid: you gotta love any redneck pop who plays a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson SG! And he done trained his son to correctly “repel all boarders”.

  127. Luis Arroyo says:

    WOR 710 am has dumped C2C am, IN FAVOR OF METS baseball REBROADCASTS!

    No more C2C am in NYC. Its the beginning of the end for watered down coast to coast,one market at a time.

  128. NYPK in LA says:

    Has anyone started an on line petition of protest against Norry’s new and failed milk toast Saturday night programming direction for C2C? What a Donkey!!!

  129. ExC2Cfan says:

    George Noory’s claims of an increased listener-ship since he became host are hard to fathom. In fact if you Google “George Noory Sucks”.. the results are; “About 15,700 results (0.24 seconds)”. This number of course excludes those who did not voice their opinion online, and does not include all the other variables, “George Noory is an idiot”, “..stupid”, etc. etc.
    There is even a blog called, “The Ghost of Coast”. The name sort of says it all.
    I didn’t have to look very far in the search results to find comments by people who have dumped C2C for reasons similar to my own. The same general comments were repeated over and over. Here’s a few that pretty much mirror my sentiments exactly.

    -I find George Noory too painful to listen too, John B. Wells and George Knapp were the only reason I tuned in. With John B. Wells departure, leaving only the occasional shows hosted by George Knapp, I feel that George Noory’s newly signed long-term contract is a death sentence for C2C.

    -George Noory’s idiotic questions and responses makes it glaringly obvious that he just doesn’t listen to guests or callers and does little if any pre-show preparation.

    -Could this show possibly have any more commercials in it. It is beyond ridiculous now.

    -This show used to be great, but Noory has completely ruined it. He is the worst interviewer in radio, simply awful. He is unintelligent and has no business being in charge of this show.

    -Being nice and having courage and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. He never challenges a guest no matter how ridiculous their claims. He just wants to be liked by everyone, but he is pure mush.

    -George has a real talent for derailing the topic at the worst possible time. Often, when a guest is about to mention something particularly interesting or important, George cuts the guest off and changes the topic to something completely uninteresting or unrelated.

    -The only redeeming quality of this program today is some good guests and John B Wells & George Knapp when they host weekends.

    -This program has become a shadow of it’s former self. George Noory’s lack of preparation, subject matter knowledge and inability to listen to guests and ask intelligent questions is almost intolerable to listen to.

    -George is a bad host. Art was the man. Art could take virtually any topic and make it interesting. George takes an interesting topic and makes it boring.

    -He is brusque with the callers, rushing them through the queue and hanging up on them before they can finish their thoughts and sometimes he gets downright testy with them and the guests,

    -George Noory is a vacuous yes man who has an astounding ability to seem genuinely interested in the topics.

    -With a degree in a communications field? Yet his reading and speaking skills are so poor.

    -I’m sick of George Noory cutting off and hanging up on callers that he doesn’t agree with. Back when C2C was actually worth listening too, if Art Bell had an interesting caller on the line he would sometimes engage in lengthy conversations with them that only added to the quality of the show.

    -Now if George Knapp could guest host on CTM, I can’t imagine why anyone would ever listen to C2C again.

    I don’t always agree with everything John B. Well’s says, but at least his views and opinions give us reason to *think* about the topic and in my case will usually prompt me to dig deeper for more information on my own. I truly believe that John B Well’s parting ways with Coast to Coast, was the best thing that could have happened for his sake and that of his ever growing number of listeners.

  130. H Danske says:

    John B’s demise was, as noted, by the lead in predictable.
    If anyone is responsible other than the failures of Ian Punnet and George Noory it’s Art Bell himself.

    Go for the bucks no matter the other factors and this is what you get.

    Art should have retained editorial control and hand picked his initial replacement with the foresight that Ian wasn’t the right choice.

    The only thing left on C2C, worth listening too is George Knapp.

    And we now see even less of him.

    Good luck John B.

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      I don’t think even Art could’ve foreseen such a disastrous and incompetent choice as his replacement than “Admiral” Noory, a bloviating, self-promoting ignoramus in desperate need of a Carnivora enema. One wonders what kind of dentist he’d have made. He isn’t fit to pull Captain John’s wheel chocks let alone pull teeth.

      • H danske says:

        He knew. His hand picked replacement Mike Siegel did as well. Art retires..comes back and Siegel is gone. It was this ‘in and out’ attitude that created the situation that we have now.

        Whether for personal reasons or money..don’t matter. His is the primary responsibility. As he had and has more than enough clout given his broadcasting career to have ensured a quality replacement.

        He didn’t. And we were left with him hopping in and out and losers, with two exceptions, in between.

        Yet I still love him. Many a cold night on guard duty was offset by listening to his original shows while off duty.

        John B should invite him on often and get us an explanation for this fiasco which is C2C.

        • Roger in southern Arizona says:

          “John B should invite him on often and get us an explanation for this fiasco which is C2C.”

          Oh what nuggets of insight would such a symbiotic liaison provide!

          Should such a pairing ever air I’m sure that “the admiral” would be speed-dialing his personal-injury lawyers before that show’s closing bumper music faded away. But any civil trial would quickly reveal that the bloviating Noory is a zero while John B. Wells is the hero.

  131. John says:

    Late to the party. Paid my dues… I’m listening to the archives and downloading them now! 🙂 Thank goodness for CTM. C2C can kiss my arse.

  132. finn says:

    He was way to political, I didn’t share his political views at all. I don’t mind some political talk, but he was way over the top for me. I stopped subscribing to coast to coast because of this

  133. VCTM913 says:

    I thought I might go against the grain here and post an opposing view. When John came to CTC, I started to dread listening. Knowing that he would host made me stop listening to the show at all. The regular CTC was always the same and became boring. John, however, started making his whole show about how bad the government is. He presented things we don’t understand as evidence of bad intentions. For example, the billions on buying bullets. There are hundreds of reasons why they bought that many. It doesn’t mean they are to be used on us. Also, our military working with Russian military. We’ve been doing that forever. People claiming military stockpiles are popping up in civilian areas or military exercises in civilian areas. Hummvees are not only for war. Training in civilian areas. Do we need another disaster to happen to prove that that training is useful. Or not train in civilian areas so that when a disaster comes, we can blame the government for not being prepared.
    This was the kind of stuff I stopped listening. He didn’t give us options, he gave us one sided ideas. And all the old women that call in because of his sexy voice, start spreading these Ideas as facts. And people who don’t get involved or try to find the real truth get stuck following these one sided opinions.
    It was not CTC on Saturday nights anymore, it was anti government, the govt is going to hurt you one day show. And that’s all it was. That doesn’t mean CTC knows what it’s doing anymore. It was CTC on Saturday, Caravan To Conspiracy. Posing as Coast to Clear Channel, I mean Coast.

    • tragicend says:

      I am actually one of the few on here who agrees with you. I canceled my membership to C2C after listening to an interview between JBW and Dr. Lawrence Krauss (Professor at ASU). What I noticed was that JBW refused to accept a scientific explanation for any of his questions to Dr. Krauss regarding the Universe, but instead tried to cram his religious ideology down his guest’s throat. It really seemed like he was constantly pushing a religious agenda during his interviews. To each his own, but that’s not what I listened to C2C for.

      • Mick says:

        Interesting that in your opinion John B. should have “accepted” “scientific” explanations that he didn’t agree with, and should have refused to further his own opinion as a host. LMAO. How asinine. I think that pretty well sums up the intellectually dishonest and biased position from where you come.

  134. docedk says:

    I began to listen to C2C back in late ’02- “Pretty cool!” I began to really listen to talk radio in about ’04, the typical “big” three or four shows. I quit listening to nearly ALL of the “rock” and “alternative” stations (FM), in mid-2004, because the music lost whatever “edge” it had- corporate compromise. Figured Vannity out in early ’05-that “Great American” nonsense etc. etc. My hunger for absolute truth went unsatisfied with the Democan/Republicrat fear of fear tripe.There was zero “rush” in the music- so I went back to the original Dk’s, Cramps, Orff, and numerous others. Heck, even bought digital copies of 1940’s and 1950’s radio shows/broadcasts- Now that’s entertainment. In 2012 I was given a subscription to C2C…the ONLY shows I downloaded/listened to were the ones with controversial guests, and numerous of JBW. I did like the old Art Bell re-plays/somewhere in time shows…until I noticed C2C would only play/post shows dealing with Evelyn Paglini, and the open line shows- absolutely NONE of the kickass “need to look over your shoulder and around every corner they know where you live broadcasts. Honestly, Punnit was a bore- talked WAY too much and would ALWAYS cut-off the guest if the info was getting too close to absolute truth- as if to say, “I know what you’re going to say, so I’ll butt-in and rip the wheel from your grip ’cause I know more and all cultures are equal, all people shouldn’t be judged, and well…it’ll be my ass if I don’t.” Norry is vapid and seems to be a person who would go ballistic if things didn’t “go his way.” Simone is a total boob period.
    I was listening to Beck-even had a subscription until early this month-it seemed relevant etc. Then, in early/mid January, it was as if “someone got to him.” “I am sorry for dividing the country.”??!? Now, his show, on radio, is back to the ’04-’07 vacancies- only hinting/teasing to the point of lunacy…”…find out more tonight on the [such and such] on…” Similar antics that Vannity did back then…”…coming up tonight…” Hell, even “Faction” on XM has begun to sound like corporate “Clear Channel” “rock and alternative”- no more edge, and cancelled “Forties on 4” for Billy Joel….Billy Joel?!? Even “Underground Garage” has shown their true colors…the Beatles and Hermans Hermits are NOT “underground” nor “garage.” They just turn down the low end (bass) and mix UP the treble, snare and high-hat, while modulating out the vocals…rubbish!How ’bout some Velvet Underground, or better yet, some real bands who haven’t “made-it” yet??
    Getting ready to cancel XM too.
    What’s the point of my dribble?
    Caravan to Midnight is the shiznit!
    Didn’t renew C2c, cancelled Beck, going to cancel XM.
    …cable TV is next…200+ channels of “bread and circus.” “Truth has a certain ring.”
    Commercial idea: “Hi, you know me, I’m John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight. When I have a beer, I want it smooth, with a bite not bitter, a beer that says, ‘Here I am man, enjoy a real beer.’ When I reach for “Truth Teller” you get it all- no questions. When you want a beer, you want “Truth Teller”- It doesn’t suck.”

  135. Jay says:

    Now that I’ve heard the story of what happened to JBW, I must say I’m not surprised! To John B.: The Man Upstairs works in mysterious ways, and this will become evident as this separation from [email protected] may be the best thing that’s happened in a long while, both for you AND us listeners!! Keep up the good work and always strive for the truth. It will set us ALL free!! We got your back brother!

  136. Renelle Satterfield says:

    I.m old now , I listened to Art Bell for years. really enjoyed the shows, but now i feel coast to coast died when Art left.

  137. Shawnc says:

    I used to listen to C2C quite a bit working nights, but the past few years the shows have been pretty boring. JBW was a highlight, though, when I would catch him. It’s too bad corporate politics trumps even ratings.
    JBW should do a podcast, that’s something I would listen to.

  138. Ron Foresta says:

    DearJohn, after years of being a loyal listener and memeber of CTC, I like most people are outraged that they fired you. For the last few years the only time I tuned in was Saturday night. I shouldn’t really be surprised though, more and more all of us who love this country and it’s freedom have been continually lied too. Mr. Wells it is an honor to be a faithful member of CTM. Finally, I can hear the truth. For us patriots, love for God and our Constitution we are now enlightened everyday hearing what we couldn’t on that “other place you use to work”. John you and your guests are awesome and I pray that the good Lord protects you and your family from those liberals that have taken over CTC and our country.
    For those of you who have not signed up to CTM you are missing out. John is one of the most honest and sincere radio hosts I have ever listened too, and if your like me and want to see what’s really happening in this country and around the world you will hear the uncut version on CTM. Good Luck John!!!

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      Dittos to that, Ron.

      I gave up on corporate news a decade ago, both from the left-wing pantywaists and the neo-con stooges. I used to rely on C2C for the unvarnished truth until it became patently obvious that Boy George was merely a kindred Kool-Aid addict and shill for the commercial droids who are terrified of rocking the reality boat. John B. Wells *NEVER* sold out regardless of whose ox got gored and for that candor and honesty he was nailed to the cross. But as with the mythical Phoenix, he’s risen from the ashes of a seeming funeral pyre to once again deliver information of vital import to anyone and everyone with intelligence enough to know that they need it to weather the coming storm.

      Rawk on, Captain John!

  139. Doc says:

    Well John, glad I found you I had been wondering where you went.

  140. roger says:

    Ive listened to coasttocoast since 1997 ,Art Bell was truly the grand master of the show and I remembered telling us he was sick of politics so he created an interesting and enteraining show which I loved.Also he steered the show away from religious sermons which is also political.With other guests its become more political and rife with sermons less of the supernatural or the the strange particularly very interested in flying saucers and sasquatch.George noory is boring,his bumper music is absolutly awful,his shows are much more sermonish preocupied with demons and boring narrow minded scientists political agendas.Its ok at times but overall its boring and redundant lacks anything fresh lacking substance.Bewells is firey political good fer conspiracy shows .I want more fresh ufo reports more evidance ,investigations and strange creatures.More supernatural stuff in other words and less commercials.

  141. T says:

    I have been listening to c2c for about a decade. The diversity of the shows had been fascinating. Different hosts would be on and some were easier to listen to than others. Knapp is one of the more listenable hosts as was John.

    You can tell instinctively that Noory is disingenuous if you have listened for some time. He also lies. The, Iran wants to “wipe israel off the map” nonsense which Prof. Juan Cole has completely debunked being the worst. If it ever happens that Iran is hit for this reason, Noory will have blood on his hands for persuading listeners to believe him. He has many, dear jewish friends. I am not anti-semitic. I believe people are people even if some think their stuff doesn’t smell. It’s their governments which kill them. That is what we’re trying to stop, I believe. Noory won’t allow mere criticism of israel or jews. That’s wrong when it’s warranted and it most certainly is warranted. Just look at the manner in which they conduct themselves.

    Noory seems to know more than he lets on. That what I get from him. He’s also twisted. There’s a certain joy in his voice when he’s discussing disaster/death. He’ll run his course and be gone just like the rest of the enemies of humanity. Some will find that an outrageous statement. Just because he hands out some money to people in need, that only buys him popular capital, kind of like the political capital Bush once said he had and that he “intends to use it”. That’s what Noory is doing, I believe. He has built-up popularity capital and uses it when necessary. Keep listening to him and let me know when you change your mind.

    Godspeed, Mr. Wells.

    Looking forward to tuning in.


  142. charlie murillo says:

    No more c2c for me. Listened to Lisa Garr by accident the other night. I didn’t know Mr. Wells was gone. After 3 minutes I turned off the radio and quit c2c for good. Mr. Wells love your taste in music. Don’t forget Ray Gomez,Jeff Beck,Greg Kock on your new show. Wish you the best.

  143. logan says:

    I hate that George Noory is such a pompous ass. Half the time it’s clear he’s not even listening to the guest and most of the time he barely understands anything more complicated than “shadow people.”

    He’s got so many stupid ideas that he just keeps repeating like “downloading his brain into a computer” so he can live forever. No idiot, you’d be dead and there’d be a copy of your memories on a computer. And dummy, the psychic doesn’t have anything to say about your interest this month in isolating the power grid.

    He is condescending and abrupt and he completely lacks sincerity.

    I listen because callers and some guests make it worthwhile despite George, but the show is so much better with a host like John.

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      *Any* talk show would be improved with John B. Wells in command. While “Admiral Noory” is driven by his own hype, Captain John is motivated solely by his quest for truth. And he doesn’t spend half of a show’s allotted airtime encouraging his guests to massage his ego or hawking some nebulous product of dubious purpose and quality. George is well past due for a Sasquatch-sized Carnivora enema — he and that other hysterical assclown Alex Jones.

      Rawk on, Captain John!

  144. Vernell says:

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  145. Patricia says:

    Caravan To Midnight is moving in many ways.

  146. tragicend says:

    I canceled my subscription to C2C because of him. Very glad he’s gone.

  147. Richard says:


    I’ve been listening to Coast to Coast AM since the mid 1990’s. Art Bell was fantastic! Several years ago I started only listening to you on the weekends. George has gotten off track! I’ve cancelled my auto re-subscription to C2C and have signed up to Caravan To Midnight. Keep up the great shows!!!! No more C2C!


  148. Richard says:

    I was a subscribing member to C2C for several years and was just about ready to give up on the program when John B. Wells started to appear regularly on Saturday nights.

    John was the only reason I decided to stay. Once they let him go (with only a vague reference about the show “going in another direction”) I decided to let my subscription expire. It didn’t make sense for me to keep it; since I found I wasn’t listening to most of the C2C shows during the week. Instead, I was waiting to listen to John’s program on Saturday.

    C2C made a HUGE mistake when they let John go. Over the next couple of years John B. Wells and Caravan to Midnight is going blow C2C out of water even as they watch they watch their ratings slip further and further into the tank.

    I’d love to hear John B. Wells back on the radio. It would be “karmic justice” if radio stations all over the U.S. started dropping Coast and decided that CTM was the right fit for them.

    Even with free radio access, I would still keep my CTM membership. Why? Because I want access to all the old programs and of course any programs that I might have missed.

    I too would love to see Art Bell join forces with Mr. Wells. Art could fill in some of the empty slots that the show now has on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. What a power house team that would be! I’d even be willing to pay more if Art Bell was added to the fold.

    By the way, does anybody else out there think that John B. Wells is a dead ringer for Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)?

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      There is a passing physical resemblance but more significantly, Commander Spock and Captain John share a propensity for logic and a desire for truth — regardless of whose sacred ox gets gored during the search. We’ll never see that from the traditional corporate-owned media.

      You are cleared to the active, Captain John. Ascend to FL330 and squawk 6100 for ident purposes, sir. Have a pleasant-and-productive “flight”.

  149. Love the new show. It’s entertaining, truthful and loads more interesting than C2C. Keep up the good work.

  150. Judson says:

    My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info!

  151. Ace Carter says:

    Coast To Cill Save Us all along with every evil and dark subject…

    What you will never hear is The Gospel Of Jesus Christ…

    Noory worships only evil and his show encourages evil doers…

  152. klkleis says:

    Right now is the time I’m catching up to find Mr. Wells’ unique and most assuredly one in a million of good guy among the so many that seems like one way is the best way and then sort of like shifts but the staying power is right on and just sounds very close to being that very experience I’ve only read about. C2C for me I will remember starting to find out about the one show on radio that was so cool and different BUT there was a time when hissing across the Country was when Mr B sided on Popular Mechanic’s not too popular with the then-listeners of the show and a lot of disappointed listeners stopped like me-then. So, I never knew Wells’ appearance on the Sat. night time slot as it was kind of over when that happened for my own choosing and GN (and this is wild at least to me and I’m saying now…’no wonder!’) Because of George’s I was calling it conservative scaling back maybe or sold off to the other side of … anyway, you may know what I mean.
    But this one’s newly favorite added and found some good stuff (again) to Caravan’s success and this is better too! Goes better with the better ISP connection, as and is my personal input.

  153. YouKnowMe says:

    Noori is zionist lowlife scumbag based on what I’ve known about him from the sidechannels. Lets boycott and keep driving C2C into the ground.

    • Richard says:

      We don’t need to boycott C2C. They are already driving themselves into the ground. Any more, I rarely listen to C2C. I let my membership expire just shortly after John B. Wells was fired. Stupidly, it took me three weeks to realize John wasn’t coming back. That’s when I reviewed the C2C shows and found the one where George Noory states that C2C is going in a different direction. I read between the lines and it smacked me in the head that they had fired John.

      Dumb, really dumb mistake on their part. Firing him, turned me into a huge John B. Wells advocate. I now tell everyone I know about John’s podcast. I even pester my local radio station to get rid of C2C and replace it with Caravan to Midnight. During the day, I call up our local radio talk show host (on the same station) and tell him, and all the locals, about CTM. Let’s turn this snowball called “Caravan to Midnight” into an avalanche!

  154. Mick says:

    I liked John B. from the start. I can’t say that about Noory. I never liked Noory from the start and I tried to give time to warm up to him, thinking that I was being unfair and simply had a bias for Art after being a listener since 1995. I quickly realized that simply wasn’t it. I just didn’t like Noory at all. I saw him for the corporate hack he was from the start, and he never seemed to know the material and he still doesn’t. It’s just always been like he’s a bad actor playing a role as a host who gives a damn about the material, but quite literally you can hear in his interviews how he doesn’t even pay attention. He will say and ask the stupidest redundant crap and ask a question the quest had already discussed 5 minutes before…but George Noory wadn’t even paying attention. I can’t stand this guy and the only reason I really listen anymore is for George Knapp. That guy should have had the torch passed to him from Art. Noory was a terrible choice. That guy has to be the WORST on air interviewer I’ve ever heard. He sucks ass. There are few shows I listen to where I prefer the guest or weekend hosts to the regular headliner, but C2C is one of them. I’m literally let down and often turn the show right off on the weekend if I hear Noory’s voice come on. That guy sure knows how to ruin a good night of radio. George Noory, you’re A CORPORATE HACK MORON!

  155. Just Say No-ory! says:

    Just before you left C2C i actually emailed them specifically complementing the saturday night show. Sorry dude if i got you fired.

  156. MORNING-STAR says:

    None of the people on Coast to Coast have any idea of what TRUTH is/
    They all talk from the Carnal Mind, and it is all bondage to Carnal Mind
    concepts that need to be done away with, so there is No Real show that
    has any idea of what that means in order to discuss it/ I do Like George
    Nape, but he has no Revelation of any kind/ none of them do/ so stop acting like John did anything but promote more CARNAL MIND nonesene.
    These people are Afraid to talk outside the box of already concieved ideas, and Go where No Man has gone before/ Things are Way over their heads.

  157. JESSE says:


  158. [email protected] says:

    That’s right, that’s right. Commercial to commercial has been a joke for a long time Saturday nights were worth the wait everyweek. George Noory is a clown that looks like “Captain Kangaroo” his fake knowledge and constantly trying to guess what the guests were about to say was hilarious. Seeing how he was mostly wrong. Wells is the Two Pac of the airwaves spewing truth and common sense. I miss the phone calls because some callers had great contribution to the bottom line. Commercial to commercial has to be feeling the effects of their cowardly decision. I still have shows from C2C of JB on my MP3.
    Coach D

  159. GoFastAngel says:

    YAY !! It’s a Zombie John B weekend during the normal part of the week ..
    I hate what Coast has become under Noory & Clear Channel’s rule .. I started listening to Art in the 90’s in High School, but military service and “regular life” took me to where most people are – lala land – but one fateful Saturday night driving thru Missoula Montana I heard John’s baritone come thru my speakers and realized this was Coast to Coast AM, I thought Art had died or something years ago, and I was a “Coastie” all over again (except some dimwit kept filling up the weekday time) .. Ian and John, and to a much lesser extent Knapp, had kept the Art-Vision alive ..
    John B. Wells you are a modern day prophet, a revilator of truth in the darkest of humanity’s times – God bless you and the work you do, may Christ’s love continue to inspire you and the Holy Spirit continue to guide you, in Christs name, Amen !!

  160. TheChairman says:

    The agenda was evident the day they hired George ‘Putz’ Noory as host.

  161. Pukwudgie says:

    Thank the Lord, this guy was an idiot. If I wanted to listen to Rush Limbaugh I’d put Rush on. And he just wasn’t very good on the radio.

  162. Richard Smith says:

    Frankly, I enjoy George Noory and I have a problem with Wells’ graveled or ‘baritone’ voice, hard to understand at times and I think Wells enjoy listening to his own voice.

    • Mick says:

      Frankly, it’s apparent you’re that ONE person that everyone knows to NOT to accept recommendations from. LOL If you even remotely think George Noory is good at what he does, or that he hasn’t utterly obliterated the golden egg of the C2C brand and base that Art handed him, then frankly, you’re a moron.

    • Richard says:

      Ever thought about cleaning out your ears?

      • Mick says:

        Actually, I know what good radio is and what it isn’t and you could stand to clean yours, because you’re a nitwit. But I’m sure the droves of former C2C fans all saying the same thing about that no talent hack George Noory must be wrong huh? How much do they pay you to come post positive feedback? LMAO
        Get back to listening to your empty-headed radio bot hero, with his utterly vapid “well, you never know…something is going on…”

  163. With the loss of Art Bell and John B Wells,George Noory and his weekend stand-ins have done an excellent job! At getting me off sleeping pills.

    Now, I turn on C2C and the pabulum they offer and George’s monotone voice and his empty head put me right to sleep.

    Thus I no longer have the need for sleeping pills. Save for the only real journalist and talk show host they have on occasionally, George Knapp. Who has the topics and skilled interviewing merits and guests to keep me up.

    Also,their multi-weekly shows that always seem to end up on the topic of “Christian End Times” (Especially on Open Lines), and the endless empty headed and toothless callers, with their own unchallengeable and “absolutely correct” view of this subject. Cause me to realize that Christianity is the only religion in the world. Right 🙂 That C2C is now a Christian Broadcasting show.

    Too bad C2C is no longer on the air.

    When Art and much later John B Wells were on Saturday nights, I would at my young and healthy age stay home just to hear his awesome shows.

    Only Art, George Knapp and John are real talk show hosts with a very strong journalistic and inquisitive bent worth listening too.

    I think George Noory is a DARPA and corporate talk show host test robot out to tow the DOD and corporate line.

    I am also so sick of the same Friday night 2 songs George has played in the last half hour of the show. The last song being a testament to George’s massive ego we all cringe over.

    George Noory sucks and gets worse every day. He is a corporate shill.

    John B Wells is fascinating with well done interviews, well thought out opinions, fun and great guests. He knows how to get the most out of. Engaging the audience in a real fashion.

    Have you noticed how his guest hosts except George Knapp, have to kiss GN’s butt every half hour in some fashion. Sickening.

    Also they can’t interview worth a hill of beans and I’m real tired of the one guy interviewing without challenge, guests who claim to have long term and near constant contact with aliens. Oye Vey. Have I got a bridge to sell you.

    They have all the answers except for the ones an intellectual of any stripe would be interested in hearing. That’s what John B Wells is for.

    George Noory sucks and is a DARPA and corporate talk show host test robot.
    The test has failed very badly and not fooled any one with a functioning brain.

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      Absolutely right! I keep hoping that someday life will imitate art and ‘Admiral Noory’ will get sucked out of a airliner’s window when he tries to chase away some wing-walking gremlin trying to tamper with one of the plane’s engines, as with Bill Shatner in that “Twilight Zone” episode. With any luck, he’ll be seated next to Larry King and the decompression will suck Mister Squatty Potty out with him.

      Hey I can dream, can’t I?

      I think it’s significant that Boy George no longer mentions Art Bell when he thanks all of his flunkies and stooges at the end of each show. Perhaps he knows his days are numbered……?

      If Art Bell and John B. Wells ever joined forces to host a new late-night radio show, they’d flush C2C’s ratings down the crapper faster than President Hillary Rodham could tap-dance around a senate subcommittee investigating her role in the Bengazi fiasco.

      • Mick says:

        “I think it’s significant that Boy George no longer mentions Art Bell when he thanks all of his flunkies and stooges at the end of each show. Perhaps he knows his days are numbered……?”

        LOL you noticed that too huh? I think I realized it the first night he didn’t do it a few weeks ago, and that’s because I couldn’t help but scoff anyway any time he invoked the name of Art Bell, because it’s no secret that Art has no love for George Noory. He thinks George destroyed his show by giving in to corporate interests to relocate it to LA studios for one. Art warned him it would ruin the show if he relinquished that much control. Art told someone this personally during a HAM radio conversation I found an account of several years ago. This is why when someone would ask about Art and how he was doing, George had been saying in recent years that he didn’t know and that they didn’t really have contact anymore, and Noory even mentioned on air once not long ago that art really had no particular good feelings about him. LMAO…I wonder why that is Georgie boy?

        Anyway, it’s not that Noory knows his days are numbered that he stopped mentioning Art. If you listened much to the shows in the last month, which I honestly don’t anymore, but I just so happened to have caught one snippet where Noory recently mentioned that Art called him up and they talked for a while. After that, Noory stopped invoking Art’s name as an honorable mention at the end of the show. It’s my firm belief Art himself called Noory and told him to stop using his name for that show anymore, as he is no longer a part of it and I’m sure he doesn’t want his legendary name any longer affiliated with that now failed, lackluster brand. And it’s nobody’s fault except George Noory’s. The man is positively the most suck-ass, worthless, vapid, robot of an interviewer that I have ever heard. He has zero talent or personality on air that I can detect, and seems to have only gotten WORSE as time goes on, not better.

  164. jd says:

    Art Bell murdered his wife in Mexico to be with his new young love. Cremated her body and fled to the Phillipines fast. The perfect crime–maybe even had an insurance policy on her. Where is the FBI when you need them?

  165. Ace Carter says:

    WARNING – George Noory’s Coast To Coast AM – EXTREME Listener DANGER..!

    Almost everyone knows that “Playing…) with Ouija Boards can have unintended consequences…

    Lots of stories exist of evil spirits possessing the souls of experimenters with paranormal affairs…

    And of then harming the possessed…

    WHEN…  LISTENERS…  Invite evil …  (Para-Abnormality…) into their HOMES… 

    By way of their radio… 

    They place their lives, their families and their homes in dire immediate danger of destruction and ruin…

    By evil disembodied spirits…


    Remove the evil spirits..?


    No Good Thing Can Come From EVIL…

    Wickedness Never Was Happiness…


  166. James Ginn says:

    Do you ever hear anyone on Coast critizing Israel. Its so obvious that it is simply operated by another pro Israel network just like 95% of American mainline media.

    • Mick says:

      You’re one hate filled piece of shit if that’s really your only measure of anything. Actually, yes, I’ve been listening to Coast since 1995 and I have heard such guests several times. And you’re some kind of moron if you think 95% of American media is pro-Israel. More like 95% anti-Israel. Modern day Israel didn’t create itself. It existed in ancient times, and in modern times it was re-established by the British, who were the colonial rulers. Now they do nothing more than defend themselves against POS sub-humans, and libtards like you berate them for defending themselves. Go tend to your Hitler memorabilia you nitwit.

  167. Terry Lee says:

    I am wondering what coast to coast is going to do when George drops dead from trying to do it all,no man can keep up the pace George has taken on. He is a control freak no doubt. We all miss the variety and colorful Art Bell and Wells amazing talents. Coast to coast can’t find anyone to replace these two in ten million radio genius, anyone they have on just can’t cut it no matter what their subject for the night is..and George, well he is not someone you want to listen to 7 days a week, his constant interruptions of his guests drive me nuts, he is so controlling he really wants to be the guest and the interviewer…no need for guests with George at the helm. Well.. I think Wells and Art should get together and start Coast to Coast of their own..people would come.

    • Roger in southern Arizona says:

      C2C has more fundamental problems than merely an ignorant, self-aggrandizing host who couldn’t find his own ass in closet using a map, compass, LORAN, GPS, and a how-to video hosted by Magellan himself. I now believe that it was the parent network that sent John B. Wells to the gulag, as they bowed to pressure from their commercial sponsors. I’ve noticed that even George Knapp no longer delves as deeply into topics that were once enthusiastically investigated and some subjects that he considered fair game are no longer discussed at all. What’s left is an endless parade of bigfoot, chupacabra, mothman, and NDE reports…..”safe” topics that aren’t likely to rock any government and/or corporate boats.

      The only way to save C2C would be if *someone* with the right editorial perspective bought the show outright from its current owner. How deep are your pockets, Captain John?


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