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Mazur PRM-9000


This item will be out of stock until 6/16/17.

American Made
Data Logging, Premium Quality Radiation Detector

  • LCD display, Weather resistant membrane keypad.
  • Collects and stores thousands of hours of data.
  • Tens of thousands of hours of battery life.
  • Audible and Silent operational modes may be used discreetly, or left on for data collection.
  • 2 inch LND 7317 pancake style GM detector for Alpha, Beta, X, and Gamma radiation.
  • Soft carrying-case included.
  • *Requires optional Data Interface Cable to transfer data to your PC.


Out of stock

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This item will be out of stock until 6/16/17.


  1. Purchased this detector and it works great. First time out I checked my friends food at FatBurger. The hot dog read just about zero, but low and behold the fries were mildly radioactive! Within the legal limits for public EXPOSURE but this is radiation going inside your body! Everyone needs one of these detectors to at least check what they are eating

  2. (verified owner)

    This detector is a great little device. It is operator friendly and easy to use. It gives you peace of mind knowing what and where it is safe, and what and where to avoid. You can easily scan food products, especially fish. And, scan water supply/filters. You can also scan your air and equipment. This is a must have for prepping.

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