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Renewal, Cancellation and Refund Policy


If you selected automatic renewal when you purchase your subscription, We will charge or debit your payment method at the beginning of your subscription. When we renew your subscription, we will use the payment method currently associated with your account. If your credit or debit account has been closed or your payment method is otherwise invalid, your subscription may not be renewed. In this instance please contact us to update your details.

Until you cancel, billing will continue according to the cycle stated at the time of your purchase. The Cancellation and Refund Policy is explained below.


Cancelling an automatically renewing subscription purchased on Caravan To Midnight

If you have an automatically renewing subscription and would like to stop the subscription from automatically renewing, you can do so at any time by mailing In addition to this you will also need to cancel your payment with PayPal.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, the notice period for cancelation is the remaining period of your subscription. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Caravan to Midnight there is no immediate cancelation.

Once your subscription is activated, you have access to the entire archive to download as you please, therefore once you have paid your subscription, you can choose not to renew or to cancel, but your purchase is nonrefundable as you have received access and are able to download the entire content of archives.