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Gary Roberts is an Artist-Illustrator and Musician, working primarily in the  BDSM genre’ of XXX adult online and print comics. After achieving huge success and worldwide popularity in the early 2000’s, with 2 successful websites of his own and licensing deals to web publishers in the US, Spain, and Russian Federation, along with a print publishing deal with Larry Flynt Publications including Hustler, Hustler Taboo, and Hustler Taboo Illustrated, he found his legal lawful business declared an “Act of Terrorism” by the US Government under the Patriot Act. Shortly thereafter, the Artist found himself being dropped by banks, card processors, PayPal, being attacked by the IRS, investigated by police and child protective services, and ultimately run out of the US by continual censorship and overt surveillance, including drones flown over his house, helicopter fly-bys, wiretaps, and animal mutilations. He now lives the expatriot life in the Czech Republic.


Then, More on Q… Matrixxx and Shady, two brilliant Q-Anons enlighten us tonight. Matrixxx has been covering Q on twitter since last December. He brings every Q post to twitter along with other brilliant anons’ research in an easy to read thread. Shady is both patriot and researcher who upon digging into the Q drops, became very involved in the movement and started a show on YouTube called the Q Lounge Live, highlighting the idiocy of the media and the great work of those exposing the CON. Together, Matrixxx and Shady aim to BE LOUD and PROUD to send the message out world wide.


I Gotsta Get Paid
By ZZ Top

Ultrasonic Sound
By Hive


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CTM News Stories January 23rd 2019

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