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Tonight you’ll enjoy a most interesting conversation with Stefan H. Verstappen. Stefan is a Canadian author, researcher, and adventurer. He’s written dozens of articles for various magazines and newspapers and also the author of eight books including; The Way of the Warrior, The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China, and The Art of Urban Survival. In addition, he is creator of the viral YouTube documentary, Defense Against the Psychopath, and the Paradise Stolen series and 200 other videos. Stefan has also worked as an instructor for St John Ambulance, a wilderness guide, a community organizer, and a martial arts instructor with over thirty-five years’ experience in the martial arts including four years spent studying in China.


Then,  Are you ready for what’s to come? Tonight’s discussion with Mark Goodwin includes the coming civil war and how to be prepared. Mark is an avid student of the Holy Bible and spends several hours every week devoted to the study of Scripture and the prophecies contained therein. The troubling trends in the moral, social, political, and financial landscapes have prompted Mark to conduct extensive research within the arena of preparedness. He weaves his knowledge of biblical prophecy, economics, politics, prepping, and survival into an action-packed tapestry of post-apocalyptic fiction. Having been a sinner saved by grace himself, the story of redemption is a prominent theme in all of Mark’s writings.

Books authored:
Cyber Armageddon: A Post-Apocalyptic Techno-Thriller
Ava’s Crucible: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel of America’s Coming Civil War
The Days of Noah: A Novel of the End Times in America
The Seven Step Survival Plan


Jealous Guy
By John Lennon

Jungle Work
By Warren Zevon


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