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Tonight we welcome Jenn Gotzon Chandler to the show – she is an American film actress, model, motivational speaker and author. Jenn had a career break portraying U.S. President Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s 2009 Academy Award-Nominated film Frost/Nixon, playing opposite Frank Langella. In 2010, Gotzon’s brand officially launched starring as the female protagonist in wholesome and inspirational films, including mystery-drama Doonby. In Doonby she played opposite popular faith-based film star John Schneider of Dukes of Hazard fame, Robert Davi known for his bad-guy role in James Bond License to Kill. Since then Jenn has been in dozens of faith-based films including her latest, “The Farmer and the Belle,” that just finished filming in May 2019. This latest film was based on Jenn’s real-life story marrying farmer/actor Jim Chandler, and the movie included in its footage their real-life wedding kiss. Hey, you can’t make this stuff up! But Jenn’s most outstanding accomplishment to date may be her role in the award-winning film Unbridled, portraying the real-life director of Corral Riding Academy, a ranch that pairs abused women with abused horses where they learn to trust again on a journey of healing.

Having played in cinemas nationally in February 2019, Unbridled, was just released in May 2019 in WalMart and online at,, and

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Cory Daniel is back in the house to continue topics on Ritual Mechanics and Physics of Sorcery and Science. Cory is a writer/researcher and professional guide currently living in the Phoenix area where the combined interest in history and the occult has allowed for a unique perspective which eventually gave rise to The Phoenix Enigma. A self-described political occultist and esoteric analyst, his most recent body of work involves De-Occulting public ritual false flag events and examining our collective occulted history.

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CTM News Stories May 15th 2019

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