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Lesley Hollywood is a Colorado based citizen activist and founder of gun rights advocacy organization, Rally For Our Rights. She has been a leading voice against Colorado’s HB19-1177, “Red Flag” ERPO legislation, and has fought encroaching gun control at the municipal level in various cities across Colorado, even organizing many gun rights rallies where hundreds of concerned citizens have joined together on the streets, many openly carrying, using their First Amendment to defend their Second Amendment.

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Twitter: @RallyRights


Tonight we welcome Matthew Landman, the creative force behind “Frankenskies” the movie; a film that examines areas of geoengineering that most researchers and journalists cannot or will not explore. Matthew is currently touring the West Coast speaking in front of city councils and county boards of supervisors raising awareness of the 5g network explosion and what it means to the health and well being of us all in the very near future.




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CTM News Stories May 30th 2019

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