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On tonight’s program we welcome first-time guest Katie Hopkins to discuss the savage farm murders occurring in South Africa, the Jexodus of Western Europe, Brexit, Boris Johnson, the conservative right and much more.

Katie Hopkins is a British broadcaster and columnist who prides herself on going to the places others wont to report truths from the road. She has slept on Skid Row, dodged hand grenades in the No-Go Zones of Sweden, followed migrants from Libya to Calais in France and slept on the farms in South Africa where white farmers are being driven from their lands.

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Twitter : @KTHopkins


Following Katie we welcome another first-timer, Tom Sauer, who discusses his personal & professional life experiences, his passion for helping those with addictions, the current political scene and more.

Mr. Sauer is a former Special Operations Bomb Disposal Officer for the United States Navy, where he led a team whose mission, as part of a special operations task force, was to locate, identify, and neutralize terrorist nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. He worked directly with Los Alamos National Laboratory, multiple special operations organizations you’ve heard of (and some you haven’t heard of), and in the highest levels of the United States government.

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CTM News Stories July 25th 2019

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