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Tonight Lenè van Wyk joins John B Wells all the way from South Africa.

In our capitalistic world, you would think money is an openly discussed topic among families. Instead, it’s actually one of the most taboo dinner table topics, even over seemingly touchier subjects like politics, religion, sex, taxes or death. But why is this the case? Could it be that our knowledge doesn’t feel sufficient, and so we neglect to pass it down to our own children? Why does the education systems of the world not cover this incredibly important topic? Could there be a reason why schools produce students that will have to enter the work force with no financial skills to start with?

Lenè wrote a book called “Sufficiency Financial Literacy – A guide for parents to raise Financially Independent Children.” In this informative, yet fun working handbook, you and your child go on a journey to learn the importance of operating within our financial system and succeed in the end.

Get it in our CTM Store – for only $20
50% of sales will assist families to escape a systematic genocide in South Africa.

Help your child build a knowledge base that will equip them with workable tools for their own futures as well as save a life.


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