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Tonight we are pleased to welcome Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD for an astounding conversation that answers many questions and fills many details regarding the Covid “Plandemic”, wherein she answers questions regarding everything from the use of masks and the subsequent suppression of essential element bacterial flora which weakens immune systems, her history with Dr. Tony Fauci, the Bill Gates component and why a software engineer is so enthralled with virology, her unwarranted arrest and more.

Her scientific research has also intersected at various laboratories with Dr. Anthony Fauci, a five term White House medical advisor. Dr. Fauci has in fact been well chronicled as stating the many benefits of Hydroxychloroquine (HYXQ) for several years for many viruses including Covid-19. Yet in the wake of the recent Covid-19 outbreak he has since all but removed the mention any HYXQ. This despite many Covid free White House senior staff and physicians across America using the drug pro-actively to successfully prevent contracting Covid-19.


By Groove Armada

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