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Tonight we welcome Ontario member of Parliament Randy Hillier who is speaking in government for those with Covid 19 related concerns of government overreach. We learn of the counter-productive distraction and obstruction in Canadian government including the many scandals that the country’s prime minister is facing which is preventing effective management of Covid-19 at a national level.


Like Canada’s own version of Paul Bunyan, Big Joe Mufferaw and comedic woodsman Red Green, “Rowdy Randy” is also known for his trademark suspenders, work ethic, sharp wits, and common person’s sensibilities. These noble traits combined with his ability to speak freely outside of any party lines, have also enabled him to literally stand up in parliament and address his people’s concerns regarding; Covid 19’s legitimacy and overreaching measures being put upon people, from the size of gatherings in churches or in public places, to Thanksgiving dinner.


But first, friend of the Caravan Dr. Peter Barry Chowka hosts the news segment with poignant commentary on important issues of the day.



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