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• Dr. Demetra Antimisiaries AKA Dr. Dee

Demetra Antimisiaris spent the last 30 years defending people against medication harm.

She is a clinical pharmacist, professor, and assistant dean at the University of Louisville schools of medicine and public health.

Dr. D has taught thousands of health care professionals, caregivers, and the public at large, through peer-reviewed articles, research, textbook chapters, seminars, in the classroom, and online.
Her research is focused on medication use risk modeling and as of recent, COVID-19.

Dr. D is part of the University of Louisville Center for Excellence of Research in Infectious Disease or CERID.

Dr. D is on the “COVID-19 Study Group” research team, which is a large team of over 50 multi-expertise members from around the world studying various aspects of COVID. Dr. D is also a lead for safety monitoring for the two COVID-19 vaccine trials at U of L (J & J and Janssen).

Her core message is that medications or any intervention (even common digital technology) can be either a poison or a remedy with the most significant factor being the limitations of our own knowledge. Situational Awareness Matters!

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