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• Gregory P. Glaser Esq.

Get ready for some organic, unadulterated truth …
“The Unvaccinated are the Healthiest People on the Planet,” says Attorney Greg Glaser, who has been bold enough to sue the office of the President of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, for sustaining vaccination mandates, in order to secure a National Informed Consent Exemption for all vaccinations and all categories of people.

Greg Glaser, J.D. is a vaccine rights attorney with litigation and transactional law background. To many, he is also a prominent legal spearhead in the field of health freedom law in California. He is a graduate of UCLA and the University of San Francisco. As a lawyer, he is committed to protecting the fundamental right of informed consent and is devoted to helping doctors write medical exemptions to vaccination, in compliance with Senate Bill 277.

He is the lead counsel for The Control Group, a pilot survey of unvaccinated Americans that has filed Federal litigation to support the right to remain unvaccinated. He is also the General Counsel for Physicians for Informed Consent, a nonprofit organization opposed to vaccine mandates. Greg was recently called a ‘human vaccine encyclopedia’ for his work with the litigation team opposing the University of California’s mandatory flu shot.

The field of law isn’t the only “field” within his expertise. He also knows his way around farming and the “ag business” and is also kind enough to be able to offer pro-bono legal and business advice to novice organic farmers who are just getting started. He is passionate about organic living …and the Constitution.

Greg makes his home near Copperopolis California, formerly known as Copper Canyon, the source of much of America’s copper used in everything from coins to wire, to munitions for over a century. It was also one locale where author Samuel Clemons, aka Mark Twain, did some of his writing. Like Mark Twain, Greg is well apprised that; “It is often easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled “with or without consent…especially by big pharma or those trying to fool around with the Constitution.

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