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2015 Cyber Security Strategy of the United States of America (U.S. Department of Defense)


The Pentagon has released it latest, and first publicly-released, Cyber Security Strategy, and as government documents go, it’s a pretty interesting read. Of course it says very little about how the intentional undermining of encryption and the adoption of strategies and tactics that are diametrically opposed to the NSA’s founding principles have created many of the threats the world now faces in the cyber realm. The 42 page document naturally justifies the agency’s foolhardy recent past, and outlines how the Pentagon intends to protect US interests and oppose those who attack them. Apparently, the word “transparent” actually means the opposite. Quoting Defense Secretary Ashton Carter last week, “DoD must do its part to shed more light on cyber capabilities that have previously been developed in the shadows.”

Well – a ‘funny thing happened on the way to the forum’ – because this document does nothing of the kind. After examining this document, I see no sign whatsoever that America’s Internet giants, stung badly around the world because they either handed costumer data to the NSA on a silver platter or knowingly looked the other way as the agency siphoned it off, will somehow be wooed into voluntary cooperation with the intelligence services, which this strategy is largely based on.

And with much of the well-informed tech community certain that the NSA and the Pentagon have misled the public on issues as diverse as who hacked Sony to whether backdoors are being built into the products of some of America’s most successful enterprises, restoring trust will certainly not be accomplished with any of the initiatives mentioned herein.

At the root of the problem, of course, is that the NSA is having a psychotic episode, because it’s founding mission to protect U.S. government communications and information systems against penetration and network warfare is in direct conflict with the rest of it’s activity since 9-11: spying on all of the planet’s people including Americans based on the discredited notion that this will somehow prevent terrorists attacks. The agency has undermined encryption standards and built backdoors into American products, which discredits US tech firms, provides ways for foreign spies and anyone else to undermine users of these very same American tech products, which greatly diminishes the very security the agency is supposed to be protecting.

That is to say nothing of the changes in behavior its activities have given birth to, which undermine the First Amendment and a free press to the point where journalists and writers fear using certain search terms and writing about certain subjects, sources fear approaching investigative journalists who, like the rest of us, are being spied upon morning noon and night, and has created endemic paranoia among a public that knows it can no longer communicate with friends, relatives or business contacts without having it recorded for later use against them.

Perhaps these pressing issues will be addressed in the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy of the United States of America …

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