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5 Tutorials for Next Level Pumpkin Carving



It’s that time of year again where ghouls, goblins, and ghosts head out with their parents to celebrate Halloween with bags of candy goodness. As they travel from home to home there is one decoration that is most assuredly present on the porch, window, or outside in the hallway: the Jack-o’-lantern.

If you’re like me, your pumpkin is carved looking like the diagram drawn on the back of Charlie Brown’s head in the classic It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, however some more artistic individuals produce some truly amazing carved fruit (yep, pumpkin is a fruit, in fact it’s a berry!).

It’s with the more artistic carvings in mind that I’ve compiled this list of tutorials that — with the help of some common household tools and utensils — will help turn your pumpkin into something other than a collection of triangles.

This design comes from an unknown ChopCow user with their take on the popular Cannibalistic Pumpkin. For this carving, all that is needed is a pair of pumpkins (large/small), large knife, small steak knife, a washable marker, and a pair of spoons (again large/small). Use the marker to draw the sketch but remember to leave enough room for the smaller pumpkin inside the mouth and then hollow out the inside.

The next step is to hollow out the mouth area using the large knife and then finish the finer details (teeth, etc.) using the smaller steak knife. This is the most difficult part as it requires ‘fine skinning’ to get the teeth to look cartoonish and realistic. The same technique is used for cutting and shaping the eyes on both the large and smaller pumpkin. The key is taking it slow and methodical to achieve the desired look.

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