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Alarming Number of Muslims in Europe Back Extremism (Elsevier, The Netherlands)


Given the burgeoning problem of Islamic extremism in Europe, should the E.U. immediately halt the flow of immigrants from Muslim countries? For Elsevier of the Netherlands, columnist Afshin Ellian provides the startling results of a recent survey of Muslims in six European countries and advises readers to look at the ‘inconvenient truth’:

For Elsevier , Afshin Ellian writes in part:

The existence of Jihadi John, the executioner of the Islamic State who is producing jihadist porn, is a serious refutation of [Democrat 66 Party Leader] Alexander Pechtold’s twaddle.

Jihadi John’s real name is Muhammad Emwazi, a Kuwait-born Brit not even 30 years old. Emwazi beheaded American aid worker Peter Kassig, journalists James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Kenji Goto and truck driver Haruna Yukawa.

Muhammad Emwazi wants all humanity to witness his crimes. Has he ever had to suffer due to British culture and government?

The Enlightenment

Emwazi has made use of all the amenities made possible – not by his ancestors, but by British taxpayers. The basis of the freedom and humanity he enjoyed stem neither from Kuwait nor the Islamic faith.

He was allowed to exercise his religion in public. That wasn’t passed on to him because of Islam, but because of the Enlightenment and the freedom of religion. Without hindrance his parents could become British, again, no thanks to Islam or his native Kuwait.

Citizenship and non-discrimination are also Enlightenment ideals which, in the wake of the French Revolution [1789-1799], gradually took hold in European legal systems. This is how Emwazi was able to enjoy an unobstructed education.

The Middle Class

It is a fruit of the Enlightenment and Christianity: be good to your fellow man.

In a continent marked by the Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian tradition, Muhammad Emwazi grew and prospered. He became a computer analyst from a typical successful British middle class family.

Muhammad, however, returned to the faith of his ancestors. What has that brought forth?: Slavery, violent jihad, the oppression of women, the oppression of freedom, discrimination, anti-Semitism and the use of primal violence.

So he became an Islamic State icon: Jihadi John, Muhammad’s head hunter. More and more we wonder how so many Muslims in Europe could be susceptible to fundamentalist Islam.

A Small following

Led by Professor Ruud Koopmans of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, a team of researchers studied Islamic and Christian fundamentalism in six European countries.

[Editor’s Note: The abstract of the study begins: “Religious fundamentalism is not a marginal phenomenon in Western Europe. The author analyzed data from a representative survey among immigrants and natives in six European countries. Two thirds of the Muslims interviewed say that religious rules are more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live. Three quarters of the respondents hold the opinion that there is only one legitimate interpretation of the Koran. These numbers are significantly higher than those from local Christians. Only 13 percent of this group put religious rules above national law; just under 20 percent refuse to accept differing interpretations of the Bible.]

Given the increased terror threat in Europe, Islamic fundamentalism is for us now a vital issue.

We assumed that in Europe, Islamic fundamentalism as an ideological basis of Islamic terrorism had a tiny following. The research centers of E.U. member states like the Scientific Council for Government Policy and other state institutions were hardly prepared to thoroughly examine this issue.

Of course, the outcome such investigations could expose an unpleasant truth. Below you can see the percentage of Muslims who believe in the framework of Islamic fundamentalism:

We should return to the roots of Islam:
Germany 49.9 percent, France 61.4, Netherlands 54.5, Belgium 66.1, Austria 65.0, Sweden 43.4.

There is only one interpretation of Islam:
Germany 57.1 percent, France 81.7, Netherlands 74.3, Belgium 82.2, Austria 79.1, Sweden 67.4.

Religious laws are more important than the secular laws:
Germany 45.1 percent, France 73.2, Netherlands 70.0, Belgium 69.6, Austria 73.1, Sweden 52.1.

I Agree with all three of the above fundamentalist themes:
Germany 29.9 percent, France 52.3, Netherlands 44.6, Belgium 52.5, Austria 55.2, Sweden 30.8.

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