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An Unconfirmed But Persistent Rumor: The ATF’s Machine Gun Registry Was Hacked



The news about the OPM hack by the ChiComs just keeps getting worse: “China’s Hack Just Wrecked American Espionage.”

In addition, this writer has been trying for the past week to follow up on persistent rumors that the ATF’s national machine gun registry, the NFRTR (National Firearm Registration and Transfer Record) was hacked at about the same time and the entire record downloaded by the same people as the OPM attack.

I’m getting as many denials as I am positives from what sources I can get to talk to me about this, and at the moment I rate the story as no better than a “50 percenter.” Maybe it is true and maybe it isn’t. But if it is true…

The Chinese Communists now have a list of the names and addresses of every single owner of a full-auto weapon in the country. A more powerful argument against national registration of firearms of any kind could not be made. Presumably if the ChiComs can carry off such a hack, any reasonably sophisticated criminal gang these days could accomplish the same thing.

One source I talked to joked that he hoped the Chinese understood that the NFRTR was so shot full of errors and so frequently “tweaked” by the ATF contrary to law that they couldn’t reliably use it as a template for prosecutions after some future “Red Dawn.” But then he admitted that prosecutions probably weren’t what they had in mind for such information in the first place, Chinese “justice” being a bit more sudden than that.

Keep your eyes on these pages, dear readers, and I will either confirm or debunk this persistent rumor when I can.

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