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Ancient Sunken Cities and Artifacts to be revealed with Ambitious Underwater Museum in Egypt


Ancient sunken treasures hidden for thousands of years will be revealed in an underwater antiquity museum, the first of its kind, set for the history-rich Bay of Alexandria in Egypt.

The ambitious project put forth by the Ministry of Antiquities is set to allow visitors to experience the submerged ruins of ancient Alexandria, including some stonework and artifacts dating back to 365 AD.

Visit Lost Underwater Sites Firsthand

Youssef Khalifa, chairman of the Central Administration of Lower Egypt Antiquities, told news website Al-Monitor that the museum is planned to be partially submerged in the Bay of Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt.

Khalifa said museum is planned to feature an above-water building showcasing relics that have been recovered from the sea, as well as an underwater section leading visitors down into the water, to walk along the bay floor some seven meters (23 feet) deep and see the submerged antiquities.

“Visitors will be able to see the relics either by diving or walking inside underwater tunnels.  There will also be glass submarines taking tourists on a tour inside the museum,” said Khalifa.

French architect Jacques Rougerie is behind the proposed design of the compelling architecture, including fiberglass tunnels connecting waterfront galleries to underwater viewing chambers, reports WebUrbanist. The design will allow visitors to experience the ancient ruins in context.

Design of the proposed underwater museum of Alexandria. Image Credit: © UNESCO/Rougerie

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