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Anthony Shaffer

91YnV7iOp3LThe Last Line: A Novel

“Another must-follow hero for fans of covert-ops thrillers by Dalton Fury, Vince Flynn, and Brad Taylor.” ―Booklist

Just because Chris Teller is one of the best in the intelligence business doesn’t mean he’s the most popular. Far from it, in fact. While Teller may be a threat to the status quo, however, the only thing saving him from expulsion is an even greater threat to his country―one that’s already within our borders…

With Mexico descending into anarchy, the drug cartels have kicked up the heat, allying with Hezbollah and the Iranian secret service in a plot aimed at nothing less than the destruction of the United States of America. As Teller races to unravel the plot, he discovers that the most dangerous and pernicious enemies are not bloodthirsty drug lords but a terrifying and treasonous cabal within the U.S. government itself.

From bestselling author and real-life spy Anthony Shaffer, The Last Line is a riveting tale only a true insider could tell.”―Ralph Peters, Fox News strategic analyst and author of Cain at Gettysburg

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