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Ark Midnight Episode 56 – HOLLYWOOD “SIGNS” – with David Heavener

July 15th, 2017 – Our guest this evening:
David Heavener
Your Host – John B Wells

As an eighteen year old David Heavener moved from Louisville to Nashville where he penned two Top Ten Country hits and wrote for Johnny Carson and Hee Haw. He also wrote and recorded a Christian classic rock album. Eventually David made his way to Hollywood with absolutely no experience or connections in the film industry. However, within three years

David was proclaimed as one of Hollywood’s most successful indie filmmakers. In his online filmmaking academy David shares his “secrets of Hollywood success,” including how he became an award-winning filmmaker and actor producing and distributing hundreds of features for HBO, Showtime, USA and others worldwide. David has starred with legends such as Tony Curtis and Martin Landau. Martin says, “David’s film Eye of the Stranger is one of the best-directed indie films I’ve starred in.”

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