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Ark Midnight Episode 57 – The Secret Life of Cold War Engineer Wallace Clauson

July 22th, 2017 – Our guest this evening:
John Clauson
Your Host – John B Wells

I was born in Livermore, CA in 1954 where my father worked at the Livermore Lawrence Laboratory.(themo nuclear weapons design operation). When NASA was formed in 1958 we moved to Long Beach, CA where my father now worked in missle and space research. Namely with guidance systems for our space endeavors. We then moved to San Jose, and the research lab and he continued his missle design, and then we moved to Zurich, Switzerland where he said he was working on a water dam. (really moving missles to develop Iran’s nuclear capabilties) I continued after graduation from high school, to earn a degree from Seattle Pacific University, and returned to Europe to complete my german degree, in Vienna, Austria. After 35 years in medical devices, I retired to complete the history of the Cold War, as presented to me by my dad when he develped terminal cancer diagnosis.


  • Missleman: the secret life of Cold War engineer Wallace Clauson

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