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Hillary Clinton ‘Very Likely Caused’ Iranian Nuclear Scientist’s Death

By Former Navy SEAL and former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince addressed the controversy surrounding President Obama’s secret $400 million payment to Iran on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. “For the administration to deny that it was a ransom payment is a complete lie,” said Prince, adding: When you […]

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Republican Evan McMullin Announces Presidential Bid

By Evan McMullin, an anti-Trump Republican who has served as the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference, announced an independent bid for president Monday, hoping to garner the support of GOP voters who are wary of the New York businessman. Mr. McMullin, whose resume includes an M.B.A. degree from Wharton and stints at Goldman Sachs […]

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - JULY 14:  A Delta airlines plane is seen on the tarmac of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on July 14, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Delta Air Lines Inc. reported that their second quarter earnings rose a better-than-expected 4.1%, and also announced that they decided to reduce its United States to Britian capacity on its winter schedule because of foreign currency issues and the economic uncertainty from Brexit.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Worldwide systems outage grounds Delta Air Lines

By Thousands of stranded Delta Air Lines passengers around the world braced for what the company called “large-scale” flight cancellations and long wait times Monday, hours after a power outage crippled its global computer systems. Hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled by mid-morning. In Richmond, Virginia, boarding passes were written out by hand. In Tokyo, […]

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ISIS, Taliban call truce to fight US-backed forces in Afghanistan

By Having been engaged in fierce battles against each other for over a year in Afghanistan, Islamic State and Taliban militants have agreed a truce to counter US-backed forces in the region, military officials told American media. Afghan government forces have been using the rivalry between Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and the Taliban […]

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Communist Party unites behind Hillary

By The Communist Party USA may not control many actual votes, but what they lack in support is made up for in enthusiasm. That passion was in full display with a seven-person team of “reporters” covering their national political convention last month. And their convention was the Democratic National Convention that nominated Hillary Rodham […]

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Russia moves tanks to European border

By It has been reported that Russian tanks have been spotted moving into occupied territory in Crimea, which was seized following an operation carried out by Vladimir Putin’s forces in 2014. Witnesses have reported large amounts of Russian military hardware massing near the towns of Dzhankoy and Armyansk in northern Crimea, close to the […]

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‘Faceless Recognition System’ Can Identify You Even When You Hide Your Face

By With widespread adoption among law enforcement, advertisers, and even churches, face recognition has undoubtedly become one of the biggest threats to privacy out there. By itself, the ability to instantly identify anyone just by seeing their face already creates massive power imbalances, with serious implications for free speech and political protest. But more […]

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Clinton doubles down on disputed claim FBI found her email remarks ‘truthful’

By Hillary Clinton has doubled down on her assertion that the FBI declared her public remarks on her email scandal “consistent and truthful,” despite independent fact-checkers concluding otherwise. “And as the FBI said, everything that I’ve said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what I’ve told [the FBI],” Clinton said Wednesday in an […]

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Revolutionary liquid metals bring shape-shifting Terminator tech closer to reality

By Shape-shifting Terminator robots presently remain a sci-fi fantasy, but scientists in Australia claim the deadly technology may one day be possible thanks to self-propelling liquid metals. The mutating T-1000 killing machine was witnessed by moviegoers in the 1991 blockbuster classic Terminator 2. It saw actor Robert Patrick play a robot assassin made from […]

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New Snowden Movie May Violate Law

By The upcoming Hollywood movie about traitor Edward Snowden—criminally charged by the U.S. government under the Espionage Act—portrays the National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor who leaked top secret information as a courageous patriot. Nothing surprising there considering the film’s Academy award-winning director, Oliver Stone, referred to Snowden as a “hero” back in 2013 when […]

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Suspect aimed to create ISIS sleeper cell

By The feds on Thursday arrested a man in North Carolina who allegedly aspired to create an Islamic State sleeper cell in the U.S. and who authorities said was in close contact with a pair of Texas extremists who plotted an attack on the “Draw the Prophet Muhammad” cartoon contest in 2015. Erick Jamal Hendricks, […]

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American woman killed in London mass stabbing

By A US citizen in her 60s was killed in Wednesday night’s knife attack in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, in which five other people were injured, the London Assistant Police Commissioner has confirmed. Mark Rowley said among the injured were Australian, British and Israeli citizens. None have life threatening conditions. He said the attacker was a […]

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Patient set to undergo the world’s first human head transplant

By The terminally ill man who is set to become the world’s first head transplant recipient says more details about his extraordinary surgery will be revealed next month. Valery Spiridonov, a computer scientist from Russia, is set to undergo the risky procedure next year. Today, the 31-year-old is wheelchair reliant due to a muscle-wasting […]

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Paris police on alert for attack

By Security agencies in Paris have circulated a photo of an Afghan asylum seeker on suspicion that he might be plotting an attack on the capital, a police source said on Thursday, as France reels from two strikes in a month by Islamic State loyalists. Police did not have a name for the Afghan, […]

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UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police

By “The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has provided oversight and recommendations for improvement of police services in a number of cities with consent decrees. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce discrimination in law enforcement and it needs to be beefed up and increased to cover as […]

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DC Metro Transit police officer charged with aiding ISIS

By A Washington, D.C., police Metro Transit officer who was a convert to Islam and once dressed up as Jihadi John for Halloween was charged on Wednesday with trying to provide material support to ISIS — the first time a law enforcement officer has been charged with an ISIS-related crime. Virginia resident Nicholas Young, […]

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Mom blames Black Lives Matter for son shooting police

By The mother of a teen who shot at police officers while with his cousin, said that they had been “doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do.” Police in Pennsylvania were responding to gunshots Friday morning when their vehicle came under fire by two teenagers. The teens were arrested on Tuesday, The […]

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Private company wins U.S. clearance to fly to the moon

By A Florida-based company won U.S. government permission on Wednesday to send a robotic lander to the moon next year, the firm’s founder said, marking the first time the United States has cleared a private space mission to fly beyond Earth’s orbit. The Federal Aviation Administration’s unprecedented go-ahead for the Moon Express mission also […]

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