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The Life and Death of the Creative Computer Virus

By: The early 90’s were a renaissance for a certain type of computer virus. Today, we think of a virus as an insidious thing that hides and wreaks various forms of havoc like destroying a nuclear facility; never peaking its head up intentionally. But there was a time when viruses were more playful and […]

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Confederate Flag Backers Indicted in Clash with Black Partygoers

By: Confederate flag supporters who became involved in a confrontation with a black family hosting a birthday party in Douglas County this summer have been indicted on charges filed under a state’s anti-terroristic threats law. District Attorney Brian Fortner’s office said a grand jury handed down the indictments Friday against 15 members of the […]

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African Ancient Genome Sequenced for First Time

By: The first ancient human genome from Africa to be sequenced has revealed that a wave of migration back into Africa from Western Eurasia around 3,000 years ago was up to twice as significant as previously thought, and affected the genetic make-up of populations across the entire African continent. The genome was taken from […]

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ScienceNordic Was on the Scene When Archaeologists Excavated a Sacred Bog from the Iron Age

By: [youtube] When Finn Jørgensen, a farmer from North-western Denmark, was repairing the drainage system in his field, he had not expected to discover a 2,000-year-old human skull. Jørgensen immediately called the local archaeologists at Vendsyssel Historical Museum. They found four additional skulls, which they believe were sacrificed at some point during the […]

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Japan to Introduce New UAV Regulations

By: The Japanese government is to begin enforcing new regulations surrounding the use of unmanned air vehicles in national airspace in December, with its action having been prompted by a threat to its prime minister last April. A DJI Phantom UAV carrying radiation landed on the rooftop of Shinzo Abe’s residence, triggering the Japan […]

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What is the Statute of Limitations on Unauthorized Drone Flights?

By: On Tuesday, the FAA announced the proposal of a $1.9 million fine against SkyPan International for allegedly unauthorized drone flights dating back several years. The FAA claims SkyPan International, an aerial photography company based in Chicago, flew 65 unauthorized flights between March 21, 2012 and December 15, 2014 over some of the most […]

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By: Mention the word ‘teleportation’ and for many people it conjures up “Beam me up, Scottie” images of Captain James T Kirk. But in the last two decades quantum teleportation – transferring the quantum structure of an object from one place to another without physical transmission — has moved from the realms of Star […]

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Can Robots Be Ethical?

By: Should the driverless vehicles being developed by Apple, Google and Daimler be programmed to mount the pavement to avoid a head-on collision? Should they be programmed to swerve to hit one person in order to avoid hitting two? Two instead of four? Four instead of a lorry full of hazardous chemicals? Driverless cars […]

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U.S. Spy Satellite Launches into Space Along with 13 Tiny Cubesats

By: An American spy satellite and 13 tiny “cubesats” shared a rocket ride to orbit this morning, lighting up the predawn sky over their California launchpad. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket blasted off today (Oct. 8) from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base at 5:49 a.m. EDT (0949 GMT; 8:49 a.m. local California […]

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Revisited: In Defense of Columbus Day

By: As we enjoy another Columbus Day, it provides us an opportunity to witness the bonfire of dysfunction in our society, for those who call for its eradication as well as those few who are brave (or foolish) enough to come to its defense. Amidst the rabble of Progressives malcontents using the occasion to […]

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Our Robot Sky

By: We think it is possible to build safe cargo drone routes connected by cheap droneports across much of the planet. Quiet, beautiful, goose-like craft will lift off from the droneports carrying precious cargo along fixed routes in the lower sky, saving lives and creating jobs at massive scale. Here is the first concept […]

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Open Bionics Creates Disney-Inspired Bionic Hands for Amputee Kids

By: Bionic hands startup Open Bionics now makes Iron Man and Elsa-themed hands and arms for the smallest of amputees – kids. Open Bionics hopes to get kids excited about their prosthetics with designs from Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars. “[Kids] won’t have to do boring physical therapy, they’ll train to become heroes,” reads […]

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British Nurse Who Contracted Ebola Hospitalized Again

By: A British nurse who recovered from Ebola last year has been hospitalized again for treatment of an unusual late complication, London’s Royal Free Hospital said Friday. Pauline Cafferkey was being treated in the hospital’s isolation unit and her condition was described as serious. Ben Neuman, a virologist at the University of Reading, said, […]

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Top 10 Scariest Doll Horror Films

By: Horror has never been shy about putting the fear of evil into small playful objects. In our latest list we’ve compiled what we feel is the best of these creepy and often “stay with you long after” type films that used evil and dolls in a most horrific way. The list was complete […]

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Recap: The Spy Who Fired Me: The Human Cost of Workplace Monitoring

By: With the advent of wireless connectivity, along with a steep drop in the price of computer processors, electronic sensors, GPS devices, and radio-frequency identification tags, monitoring has become commonplace. Cornerstone OnDemand is used by companies as a platform which can quickly and easily assess an employee’s performance by analyzing his or her online […]

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Mistaking Military Craft for UFOs?

By: As someone who investigates a lot of UFO reports, I’m often asked if I think at least some unidentified flying objects are classified technology developed by “the government,” and/or defense contractors? Well, yes I do. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. And I think that as our technology develops, it’s going […]

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