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Dr. Sandy Miarecki

Born in Chicago and raised in northern Illinois. She was the valedictorian of her high school class and then attended the University of Illinois-Urbana. Her dream had always been to be an astronaut.

Ark Midnight Episodes

Ark Midnight 324 – The Intelligence Briefing / Lemmings Leading USA To The Abyss

Featured Guests Host John B Wells Roger Aronoff | Vice Admiral William “Dean” Lee | Dr. Sandy Miarecki Roger Aronoff

Guests, Recently Featured Guests

Roger Aronoff

Roger Aronoff is a documentary filmmaker and a former Editor of Accuracy in Media. He wrote this for InsideSources.

Caravan to Midnight Episodes

1882 – Naked Lines Friday

We The People Have A Voice! Tonight we open up the phone lines to allow you to exercise your 1st Amendment! It’s a “Free Speech Friday” On Caravan To Midnight!

Caravan to Midnight Episodes

1881 – Born on 9/11

Tonight On Caravan to Midnight episode 1881 – Born on 9/11. Joined by Andrew Steele.

Guests, Recently Featured Guests

Joeylynn Mesaros

Websites freespeechdefender.com Twitter: @freespeechdef Episodes EPISODE 1880 Joeylynn Mesaros Biography: As Americans witness the current Administration weaponizing the DOJ against


Gordon Duff

Websites theinteldrop.org Episodes EPISODE 1880 EPISODE 1855 EPISODE 1848 EPISODE 1762 Gordon Duff Biography: Gordon Duff is one of a

Caravan to Midnight Episodes

1880 – WWIII Looming / Dems Resurrect 1871 Law

Guests: Gordon Duff & Joeylynn Mesaros | Hosted by John B Wells


Doc Washburn

Doc Washburn for Arkansas Governor. Doc Washburn was host of the big local talk radio show in Little Rock for over seven years. Last fall, he was fired by one of the biggest radio companies in America for refusing to bow to their vaccine mandate.

Caravan to Midnight Episodes

1879 – The Cost of Freedom

Guest: Doc Washburn | Hosted by John B Wells

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