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Ban CIA Weather Manipulation Disguised as Climate Research (La Jornada, Mexico)


With a steady stream of news reports on CIA interest in weather modification and climate change, a growing sense of alarm over the science of geoengineering has taken hold. In this column for Mexico’s La Jornada, biodiversity researcher Silvia Ribeiro warns that under the guise of climate research, the CIA and U.S. military are funding weapons and experiments that ‘if presented as weapons of war would be overwhelmingly rejected by the international community.’

For La Jornada, Silvia Ribeiro seeks to expose what she considers to be a ruse by the CIA and Pentagon to conduct research that is anything but benign:

Weather modification as a weapon of war has been on the agenda of the U.S. military and other great powers for decades. For example, Operation Popeye, conducted during the Vietnam War and now declassified, created rain over long periods of time, flooding roads and ruining the rice crop of the Vietnamese resistance. We also know that since that time, the U.S. government has conducted several projects to control hurricanes, and unlike Operation Popeye, it has not referred to them as for military use, although there is that potential. In 1996, the U.S. Air Force issued a comprehensive report on climate manipulation, suggestively titled, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.

It’s not surprising and indeed, very menacing, that a government dedicated to promoting war around the world and which feeds and nourishes the largest military-industrial complex on the globe also intends to use the climate for its own purposes.

What is perhaps a bit off the public radar is that through scientific research like the CIA-funded National Academy of Sciences’ reports on Climate Intervention, U.S. authorities are trying to sell the world on the idea that geoengineering is necessary by arguing that its purpose is to address climate change – a change that to a large extent is certainly caused by themselves.

The reports are an underhanded attempt to legitimize technologies that if presented as weapons of war would be overwhelmingly rejected by the international community.

However, the fact that they are presented as technologies for combating climate change has gotten scientists and governments to discuss research which should clearly be discarded and for which experimentation banned.

Or are we to believe that these geoengineering technologies, which for decades have been designed as weapons, will now suddenly be used by countries like the United States to combat climate change alone?

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