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BBC Cut the Video of Patrick Moore Seeing a UFO, Alien Hunter Claims


Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore had seen a UFO, an alien investigator claimed. The world famous astronomer even caught it on film during the documentary at paranormal hotbed Warminster. However, the BBC cut out the video and his real reaction, according to the claim.

Matt Lyons, an alien researcher, made the allegations during the commemoration of the mystery’s 50th anniversary that shook Britain from 1965 to 1980 and turned the country town in southwest England to a hotspot for UFO chasers coming from different parts of the world.

Dubbed as one of the strangest cases of mass paranormal sightings, the Warminster event started a series of reports on mystery noises and sightings. While strange phenomena were recorded before 1965, it was in that time reports of sightings and unexplained noises intensified.

Detonation noise shook Boreham Field housing estate of the town and then a massive orange flame appeared in the sky.

In the same year, there were reports of mysterious sounds killing flocks of pigeons, which also published in 1964.

The phenomena eventually called as the Warminster Thing after several people reported seeing a series of paranormal sightings in the sky, accompanied by strange noises, in 1965.

Local newspaper reporter Arthur Shuttlewood broke the story of the Warminster Thing. Mr Lyons relayed a story from Shuttlewood when he was detailing his involvement in research of the event.

A known sceptic, late Sir Patrick, interviewed Mr Shuttlewood on January 31, 1969, at Cradle Hill before he, together with his crew, spent a night of stargazing in the area.

Mr Shuttlewood wrote a report later about the sceptical documentary that was hosted by the astronomer after it was screened in May of the same year.

Mr Shuttlewood, who passed away in 1996, wrote that Sir Patrick and the entire crew of BBC spotted something unexplainable. Three of their watches reportedly stopped after arriving.

They recorded on video an orange glow after a satellite arced from north to south. The mysterious light then developed into an ellipsoidal craft, which flew low in the opposite direction to the satellite.

The strange thing then flared into a glowing brilliance while gliding unerringly and without noise towards the darkened copse saddling Cradle Hill.
According to Shuttlewood, Sir Patrick did not call it UFO but admit the sighting of inexplicable light formations was utterly fascinating.

Mr Shuttlewood added the producer later sent him a letter saying how much they appreciated for giving them a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

The episode of the BBC2 programme is still available online. It shows Sir Patrick meeting several paranormal theory believers before debunking the theories.

In a segment talking about the Warminster, Sir Patrick maintained doubts that the camera caught a UFO and said it was likely another satellite.

However, Mr Shuttlewood claimed in his report Moore’s immediate shock reaction after seeing the strange activity did not show up in the final cut.

Speaking at the anniversary conference, Mr Lyons said the media has a history of this particular sighting, but not taking UFOs seriously. Meanwhile, BBC spokesperson maintained that they have a lot of things in their archive, but no flying saucers or aliens.

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