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Benjamin Baruch

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From Book 1: Out of the Darkness is designed to help Christians overcome in the matters of the heart. The book contains four parts, Matters of the Heart, Dark Counsel, Ministry of Death, and First Fruit.

Matters of the Heart deals with uncovering the deceptions within the heart of man which are the strongholds that keep people defeated in their walk of faith, issues of pride, forgiveness, depression, and shame. Apart from the discerning and searching work of the Holy Spirit, we are unable to actually know what is in our own hearts. But it matters what is in our hearts, for within the matters of the heart are the issues of life within all of us. It is good to know the times we are living in, and the Lord has raised up many watchmen to warn us of the times which have come. And it is good to be able to understand all prophecy and to know the lateness of the hour, and to prepare. It is good if you can hear the sound of the trumpet and if you respond, but the primary issue that we have got to get right, is our heart relationship with the Lord, and our relationship with the Lord is totally dependent on the matters within our heart.

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