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Book: James M McCanney

71iM-JLLBLLThe Diamond Principle

There are universal truths and laws which permeate the universe. As an intelligent species we are just beginning to discover some of them. In our struggle to emerge from the ancient ice age by the law of the jungle … survival of the fittest adapting to radical changes … different members of the human race have evolved mentally in different directions. Some learned early that control of money and government by deception was their key to survival … living off the labors of everyone else. Human history reads like a never ending saga of egomaniacs running falling empires with eternal holy wars and conquest for power and glory. Others evolved in support groups with transportation and commerce, struggling against natural and man-made competition. While still others sought to be just left alone in quest of a higher understanding of the universe and this small planet in the farthest reaches of a remote galaxy somewhere lost in endless time and space. Western modern society and its economic models are failing before our eyes. When it crumbles, where are you going to be’? What are you going to be doing? Where will we go? “THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE” is a set of universal principles based on the proven science of Professor James McCanney, and his insights into the human dilemma. He brings together many facets of his lifelong work on the electrical nature of the cosmos …

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