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Canada Reels Over Possible Terrorist Attack on Parliament – Toronto Sun, Ottawa Citizen, National Post

Canada Reels Over Possible Terrorist Attack on Parliament – Toronto Sun, Ottawa Citizen, National Post

Thursday October 23, 2014

CTM Contributor

Was today’s shooting at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa the beginning of a wave of ISIL-related terrorist attacks on Canada, or just one crazy man looking for attention? This column by the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington examines ‘the debate that is raging across the country.


An Isolated Incident or the First of Many Terrorist Attacks? (Toronto Sun, Canada)


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being accussed by opposition leaders of using the terror issue to drum up public fear to his own political benefit – something that is regular part of politics in the United States:


Prime Minister Harper Accused of Using Terror Issue for Political Benefit (Ottawa Citizen, Canada)


Then quoting two Americans – Benjamin Franklin and former Governor Jesse Ventura, National Post Columnist John Ivison reminds Canadians that freedom comes with risks:


After Terror Attack, We Must Remember a to Balance Security, Freedom (National Post, Canada)


Then John Ivison takes a look at the reactions oif people at the scene of today’s shooting at Parliament in  Canada:


After Ottawa Shooting, a Sense that ‘Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again’  (National Post, Canada)

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