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Caravan Connect


Caravan Connect is a mechanism by which real community can be created. By doing business with each other, we not only support each other financially, but we can help each individual business to extend its reach.

We have packages available where you can highlight your listing and/or couple it with a 30 second radio advert produced by John B Wells and featured on his weekly Ark Midnight radio program on KLIF570, streamed on various platforms all over the world. John will also also drive people to visit the directory on the daily Caravan to Midnight show.

For further information on paid listings please email or send an inbox to the Caravan Facebook Page



Advanced Numerology
602 Enconto Street
The Villages, FL
Through the science of Numerology you will receive a realistic reading that addresses who you are and where you are going. First we look at past life influences that live on as a back drop for your current life. Next we expose your mission here on earth as well as the karmic lessons that are present. We examine exactly what your lessons are and how long each one will last. If you happen to have particularly difficult challenges, I will recommend ways to get through these more easily. The puzzles of love relationships are illuminated. In certain cases, spiritual healing may be advised. You can expect your reading session to be jam packed with pertinent information and exceptionally satisfying. My motto: NUMEROLOGY - FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH & PEACE OF MIND

For 30 years Francesca Szarnicki has worked as professional numerologist and a spiritual healer.

She has published SZAR CARDS, THE LANGUAGE OF NUMBERS, DOUBLE DIGIT NUMEROLOGY, THE TEST OF TRUE LOVE and 3 teaching manuals for the course titled: HEALING MY SOUL

Access to Soul Healing is new for many people. As you approach this profound healing I ask that you keep an open mind. It is the soul that projects life into this physical existence. Think of your physical body as a screen (in a movie theater). If there are issues playing out on the screen that you do not like, it may be wise to go back to the projection booth and speak to the projectionist (the soul). Perhaps the projectionist (soul) can change the movie that is playing on the screen. Improvement can take place readily when you change the programming. Soul Healing is effective for all problems: physical, mental, emotional, relationships, financial, etc.

“A wealth of information has been given to me by our Creator. I am here to share this knowledge with all members of the Caravan.”

For more information about numerology, please visit -
For more information about spiritual healing, please visit -
Akashic Universal Institute
1221 Bowers, # 1143
Birmingham MI
Akashic Universal Institute, founded and run by Kelly Maroon, PhD provides private Akashic Record Readings via phone and special email readings, Akashic classes and personal coaching. The Akashic Records are the footprints of our souls individually and collectivley. For details go to Kelly Maroon, PhD is the author of Praying With The Animals; An Akashic Love Affair With the Creatures of the Earth - on Amazon.

About Kelly Maroon, PhD
Kelly is a doctor of philosophy and a minister. She has traveled to Egypt, Tibet, Nepal, Israel, Peru and has been on an Italian Pilgrimage to gain cultural beliefs of the psychic and angelic realm. Dr. Maroon has studied Native American culture for over 20 years. Kelly loves doing Akashic Record Readings to tell you about your past lives, especially those impacting you today; that includes family lineage. Kelly also uses runes, vowel therapy, chakra therapy and may give you channeled prayers, affirmations and guided imagery. She has done this work for 25 years and continues to study. She reads animals and places as well. She will adjust her style to meet your needs. Kelly is an intuitive and believes that spiritual guidance keeps us on our path. Her first intuitive encounter was at age three. Kelly has participated in sweat lodges and done firewalks. Kelly is also a Reiki Master.

Why Get an Akashic Reading
To learn about yourself
To dissolve blocks
To help understand your triggers
To heal old wounds
To become one with your soul path
To answer important life questions
To assist in making decisions
To handle emotional draining experiences and people

To explore yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually
To resolve body issues
To erase weight issues
To deal with money issues effectively
To attract life long love
To make career compatible choices
To discover more about your animal companion
To build strong boundaries for protection

Akashic Record Readings

Seven Reasons to get an Akashic Reading:

1 You are confused or uncertain about an issue in your life
2 You feel depleted by others and circumstances around you
3 You feel out of place
4 You feel you do not have luck in finances
5 You feel unlucky with love
6 You are suffering grief and loss
7 Your self esteem needs a jump-start
248 602 9987
Auto Gear Direct

Our philosophy at Auto Gear Direct is simple: By offering quality, stylish and licensed automotive apparel and accessories, NOW you can truly enjoy the ride.

Launching in early 2012 Auto Gear Direct has been driven to add new products daily and to continually refine operations so that in turn we may offer our customers the highest quality product, at fair market prices and most importantly, all with premium customer service.

Auto Gear Direct
Aztec Dog Training and Puppy Bootcamp
17849 San Carlos Blvd.
south florida dog training school. we specialize in behavior modification of puppys and problem dogs


If you happen to be looking for a real quality dog trainer in Fort Myers Beach, FL and the surrounding areas, look no further than Aztec Dog Training and Puppy Bootcamp of South Florida. We are your premier expert for all types of dog training, and will provide you with the finest assistance for dog boarding, puppy training and dog behavior modification. Just let us know what your dog needs and our professionals will take care of everything. Whatever the issue may be, we will provide the solution appropriate to you and your dog.

Our services include but are not limited to:

In Home Dog Training
Protection Dog Training
Dog School
Dog Boot Camp
One on One Lessons
Dog Owner Counseling
Puppy House Breaking
Problem Dogs Solutions
Board and Training Services
With over timeless experience, you can rest assured that Aztec Dog Training and Puppy Bootcamp of South Florida will provide you with the outstanding service that you and your dog deserve. In addition to our training services, we also provide boarding assistance, and will make sure pet is as comfortable as can be. Our professionals have the utmost dedication to reliability, comprehensive care and superior quality, which you will definitely see. To take advantage of our dog training, dog obedience and boarding services, please contact us at Aztec Dog Training and Puppy Bootcamp of South Florida, today!

There are several things that makes us different than other Dog Trainers and Dog Schools:


1. I do not use Food Bribery in the Obedience Training Process - This ensures your dog understands that YOU are the leader and he works for you and is motivated by you - not food.
2. I use your dog's Learning Processes to Improve Your Dog's Behavior - Not force or punishment or E-Collar.
3. Our Puppy and Dog Boot Camp is a NON-KENNEL Homelike Setting - Your dog is trained in an area that resembles normal living circumstances.
4. I work in real Life Situations - Walking on the beach, interacting with children and other dogs and lying down while we watch TV or eat dinner.

6. I teach the dog or puppy 3 basic concepts:
a. You are the leader and your dog works for you.
b. To calm down and pay attention.

Aztec Dog Training and Puppy Bootcamp
Blue Collar Power
691 Bentinck Drive, Corunna, Ontario, Canada
Helping families through donations and volunteer labour.

I've created this website to donate funding/labour/help to blue collar families that need a little help in some form:
*Credit Re-establishment
*Mental Health
*Substance Abuse
*Excessive family stress
*re-integration from jail to work/volunteering
*Sexual Assault/Abuse
*Employee Abuse
*Employer Abuse
*Workplace Safety
*Wheelchair assistance
*Mail delivery for the physically challenged
*Autism/Brain damage assistance/care
*Alternate Media
*Truth Seeking "Conspiracy Facts" - Not Theories
*Laughter can be the best medicine
*Family Councilling

Putting good people in contact with good people who specialize in their fields.
*Respected Contractors
*Personal Support Workers

Blue Collar
Cortex Safety Technologies, LLC
421 S. Rangeline Rd.
Carmel, IN
Products for the ultimate protective solutions in human performance, safety & engineering, as well as anti-terrorism & force protection. Our mission is to develop sales and distribution partnerships for selected human safety & performance products for industrial, municipal and residential requirements. Our product portfolios address some of the most dangerous and unpredictable threats like acts of terrorism and biological pandemics. Additionally, we offer solutions for mitigating a variety of the more common and predictable hazards associated with mechanical failure, environmental contamination, and natural disasters.

Distributor and Sales agents working in partnership with industry experts in the fields of safety & engineering, as well as anti-terrorism & force protection.

Our mission is to develop sales and distribution partnerships for selected human safety & performance products for industrial, municipal and residential requirements.

Our product portfolios address some of the most dangerous and unpredictable threats like acts of terrorism and biological pandemics.

Additionally, we offer solutions for mitigating a variety of the more common and predictable hazards associated with mechanical failure, environmental contamination, and natural disasters.
Corvette Depot
"When getting behind the wheel is not enough!"

Our philosophy at Corvette Depot is simple: Preserve the strong tradition of the American Icon by offering our customers quality, stylish and licensed Corvette apparel and accessories.

Corvette Depot
d.freemont, inc
Swiss watch importer, manufacturer and service center

D.Freemont, Inc - specializes in mechanical - automatic Swiss watches - The d.freemont line was established in 1992 in limited production classic Swiss made watches. D.Freemont is the importer of Davosa Swiss watches to the USA
877 236 9248
Debi Ellis – Health Coach
Lebanon TN
An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With my knowledge, we co-create completely personalized actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.
Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today.

Gutter Fighting Secrets
Gutter Fighting Secrets Close Combative and Counter Terror training

Learn the same highly effective Hand to Hand combat techniques taught to the Elite Special forces of the allied nations during world war two, William Sherlund has taken the best techniecs from the system known as Defendu { a close combat system taught to operatives working behind enemy lines in the 1930s and 40s} and added a modern spin taking what he has learned from years of studying modern Close combat and Counter terrorism systems.
putting it into the first installment of Gutter Fighting Secrets. Within just a few weeks of practice you will be able to start employing these tactics with devastating efficiency.
this DVD is one of the best ways you could possibly "Make ready for whats to come"
Hacienda de La Paz
Nabon, La Paz, Ecuador
Haciendas for sale in Ecuador

Have you considered moving to your own hacienda in Ecuador?

Advantages: Spring like climate year round, good culture of hard working people; very little government interference in personal lives or activities on land; very low taxes; can be off grid if you want; good community of like minded people; very affordable real estate;, rich, fertile land.

We live in the mountains south of Cuenca and have several haciendas available. Prices are from $100K to $1.5M. We are looking for people suited to an independent, country lifestyle who would like to find a wonderful way to exit the US. We can help with many aspects of the transition.

Hacienda de La Paz
800 562-3193, Skype: dsenechalle, or 593981089363
175 E. Ash St., #1, Colby, Kansas
Computer repair via remote support

Is your computer slowing down, acting up, or generally misbehaving? Yes, we can help! was founded on the tenant that honest computer support should not break the bank. With remote support, you can watch while we work, and are happy to explain what we are doing in plain ENGLISH (no foriegn callcenters).
Whether it's training, or malware (virus) removal, or just some helpful advice, yes we can help! Visit our page today.
Las Vegas Glass & Door Service
51 North Pecos Road Suite # 102
24 Hour Glass & Door Service / Residential + Commercial +Industrial

24 Hour Glass & Door Service / Residential + Commercial + Industrial / 24 Hour Glass & Door Board-Up Service @ Residence + Commercial Establishments
Lethbridge Dental
230 - 104 13 St North
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 2R4
A multi-discipline clinic in Canada near the Montana border serving the NorthWest.

Dr Chuck specializes in surgeries of the bone and soft tissue of the mouth with advanced healing techniques using the patient's own blood. We concentrate the blood's healing factors and give these products back to the patient at the site of surgery to dramatically reduce post operative pain and shorten healing by half the time.

you're going to Canada
, , ,
Local Business Internet Marketing Course 101
POB 3048
Ann Arbor Michigan
A complete, easy to understand course that will teach you all about how to use Internet marketing to increase sales for any business be it a local business, online business home based business or network marketing business. Each module covers one individual area of Internet marketing using easy to understand eBooks, videos and more.

What Will This Marketing Course Teach Me?
The Local Business Marketing Course is comprised of individual modules, each one focused on one particular aspect of Internet marketing. These modules are available for you to review online or download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access all of the content and study what you want to, when you want to. There are no confining factors such as training sessions that are only available on a certain day or at a certain time. You decide what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. You can work at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office as your schedule allows.
M 1 Net Solutions
PO Box 3048
Ann Arbor Michigan
Internet Marketing Consultant - Web Design

M 1 Net Solutions focuses on the entire strategy from analysis to conception, design and implementation.

We help you create a marketing program that is tailored to suit your needs and your audience.

M 1 Net Solutions specializes in helping businesses to grow through the planning and execution of all aspects of digital internet marketing services.
Mike test

We have packages available where you can highlight your listing and/or couple it with a 30 second radio advert produced by John B Wells and featured on his weekly Ark Midnight radio program on KLIF570, streamed on various platforms all over the world. John will also also drive people to visit the directory on the daily Caravan to Midnight show.

Monterey Bay Conservancy
Douglas Deitch, ED
Monterey Bay Conservancy
501 Mission Street, #1
Santa Cruz, California, 95060
A 20+ year old IRC 501(c)3 Monterey Bay and California Water Policy Thinktank located in Santa Cruz, California ...

The Monterey Bay Conservancy's mission is to heighten awareness about our regional water situation and to assist government and our community in the establishment and maintenance of a socio/economically responsible and self sustaining use of all our regional water resources, with a focus on the self sustainable use of the Monterey Bay Area's and Santa Cruz's vital and seriously abused ground water, as run down @ , , and, , , , , , ... etc ....
On Guard Systems, Inc
146 Easy Street,
Lafayette, La.
Electronic Security

Design, Install, Monitor and Maintain Residential and Commercial Low Voltage Electronic Intrusion, Access Control and Fire Detection Systems
On Guard Systems, Inc
146 Easy Street,
Louisiana-Based, Design, Sell/Lease, Obtain, Install, Program, Monitor and Maintain all manner of Electronic Security and Life Safety Systems.

Design, Sell/Lease, Obtain, Install, Program, Monitor and Maintain all manner of Electronic Security and Life Safety Systems.

On Guard Systems, Inc.
Perfect Health for Life
7118 Bart Hollow
San Antonio, TX
New Non-Synthetic Protocol Bio-compatible Technology with No Side Effects

85% of Acquired Diseases Are Due To Chronic Inflammation
• Alzheimer’s
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Stroke
• Heart Disease
• Kidney Disease
• Respiratory Disease

Pharmaceuticals Currently Have Nothing to Naturally Combat Chronic Inflammation.
There is an all natural product that helps reduce Inflammation by as much as 70% as documented by actual Lab Blood Test results (hsCRP).

Developed by a Team of European Scientists-Affiliated with True Science Alliance.
A Blend of 40 Herbs Synergistically Combined to Aid Your Own Liver and Immune System Optimize Themselves Naturally.

For Optimum Health You Want to Reduce C Reactive Protein in Your Blood to Less Than 1. CRP is not only the Marker in Your Blood to Denote Inflammation it also contributes to Chronic Inflammation.

Watch Videos: (1)


In addition this is also a wonderful business opportunity, where you help others as well as develop an income.

Call 210.274.9247 for More Information
Dorothea Edwards
Gesundheit / Goodhealth

Providence Holdings, LLC
Woodstock, GA
Custom web and software development services

Providence is a software development firm based out or Atlanta, GA, USA. We offer full software systems support for websites, back-end systems, and databases, for applications that make businesses function every day. Our specialties are the Microsoft .NET stack (C#, ASP.NET, MVC) and PHP development (both web and integration).

Unlike most shops, we specialize in smaller jobs such as adding system features, fixes, and general support. However we can also handle the large jobs and have years of experience in systems architecture, scalability, and integrating different technologies. The company founder has been writing code since he was in grade school in the early 80's.

Providence shares your love of freedom and individualism, as typified by Caravan to Midnight . Let's work together to make your business successful for years to come.
(404) 975-0935
Rally for Ramona Foundation, Incorporated
P O Box 5094
South Williamsport PA 17701
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to producing fundraising events in an effort to help prospective ALS (as well as other diagnosed diseases) with funding for the sole possibility of receiving stem cell treatments from healthy new born baby umbilical cords.

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce you to a beautiful, kind-hearted person, my best friend and wife of forty years, Ramona Fausey of Williamsport. I need your help to save her life.

Ramona has ALS. She was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease on April 15, 2015 and it has slowly taken a toll on her. She is confined to a wheelchair and is no longer able to stand on her own, walk or talk. Ramona has no use of her right arm and has trouble holding up her head. She uses an iPhone with “Text to Speech” software to communicate, and although she is right handed makes good use of her left. She cannot give the hugs she used to … nevertheless she tries, but her smile can light up a room and the gleam in her eyes still shows how much she cares about others. And she is truly an inspiration to all of us in the face of this debilitating disease. Please take a few minutes to find out more about Ramona, and how you can help.

Ramona was born and raised in Williamsport, the daughter of a professional Fireman for the City of Williamsport and a sales woman at the Sears downtown. She has six siblings and is 60 years old. Ramona chose to serve the community as a Surgical Technologist (CST) with the Susquehanna Health System. We are members of Saint John’s- Newberry United Methodist Church, Williamsport. We have two grandchildren and a third on the way. I know Ramona will be here to feel the joy of another grandbaby. Since her diagnosis in April 2015 she has gone from walking with a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair.

Forty years ago she married me while I served in the United States Air Force. We raised four children, two sons, and two daughters. Her faith in God is steadfast and strong, as is her belief in the power of prayer. Ramona is grateful for who she is and although her eyes fill with tears followed by the occasional outburst of a heartfelt cry, she remains firm in her belief there is a way to at least slow, stop or even reverse the effect of this incapacitating disease.

So, here is the need … I know you can help!

The progress of Ramona’s ALS can be slowed significantly, or halted, perhaps even reversed through stem cell therapy treatments. The treatments are expensive, but not unobtainable. However, the need for treatment is urgent and vital. Stem Cell therapy research has shown great promise as well as successful results in dealing with ALS. Unfortunately, a cure is still beyond our reach. Ramona’s family and friends have established the “Rally for Ramona Campaign” and are raising money for her Stem Cell therapy treatments.

Ramona doesn’t fear death, but believes God never gives you more than you can handle, but rather helps you handle what you’ve been given. It’s just that living is more important. There are still obstacles to overcome, challenges to accomplish, love to share and milestones in life to experience.

As you may know ALS severely hampers quality of life. With YOUR help, the ALS progression in Ramona’s life can be slowed, stopped or perhaps even reversed. Please donate to her therapy cause, make checks payable to “Rally for Ramona” and mail them to: Rally for Ramona Foundation, Incorporated, P. O. Box 5094, South Williamsport, PA 17702.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. We sincerely appreciate any help you can give.
Smoking Gun Holsters

Smoking Gun Holsters manufactures custom bullet resistant holsters for concealed carry.

All of our holsters are Kevlar lined to help protect you against an inadvertent handgun discharge. If you are new to concealed carry and want an extra level of protection, consider a Smoking Gun Holster. If you are going to carry a handgun, it is important that you are properly trained in the safe use and handling of the handgun, loaded or unloaded. It is also important that you practice safe handling of the handgun, this includes loading, unloading, shooting as well as removing a handgun from a holster and placing a handgun back into the holster. Proper trigger finger position is also very important.

A Smoking Gun Holster gives you the added protection of knowing that your holster is Kevlar lined.

Visit our web site to see our full line of holsters for men and women. Any of our holsters can be customized to meet your requirements, or we will design and build a custom holster for you. We love to meet our customer's needs through innovative designs.
SOS Services
1203 South State St.
Suite B
Jerseyville, IL
A service dedicated to keeping Seniors in their own homes.

One multi-disciplined individual honoring our Senior Citizens in Jersey and Madison counties in Illinois, by helping them solve their home maintenance issues so they may stay in their own homes as long as practicable.