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Caravan Connect is a mechanism by which real community can be created. By doing business with each other, we not only support each other financially, but we can help each individual business to extend its reach.

We have packages available where you can highlight your listing and/or couple it with a 30 second radio advert produced by John B Wells and featured on his weekly Ark Midnight radio program on KLIF570, streamed on various platforms all over the world. John will also also drive people to visit the directory on the daily Caravan to Midnight show.

For further information on paid listings please email or send an inbox to the Caravan Facebook Page



Custom Limericks for any occasion!

SUPERB Custom Limericks for any occasion!
Markos Beans Coffee Roasting Company
16414 Clymer Street
Granada Hills, CA
Really GOOD Estate-grown Coffees, Roasted when YOU Order it... bagged and shipped to you quickly for unparalleled freshness and flavor!

I love GOOD coffee! Really GOOD Coffee is premium specialty grade, freshly-roasted coffee. Think of it like bread. Would you rather have bread just out of the oven, or bread that was baked, packaged, warehoused, trucked, shelved and subsequently purchased weeks or possibly months after it was actually baked? I buy top-tier specialty-grade coffees from all around the globe, roast it when you order it, then ship it directly to you so that you can brew and enjoy freshly roasted coffee in your cup! Want some? I would be pleased to roast you up a batch!
Mirza, Online article and blog writing.
Đačka 8
77000 Bihać
Bosnia and Hercegowina
I am writing online articles mostly used for online marketing or blogging.

My name is Mirza, I am 25 years old from Bosnia and Hercegowina. I have been writing online for past 7 years now, In that time I have written about almost anything you can imagine.

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Natural Soap Formulas
1200 Stirling Rd, Suite 10B, Dania Beach, Florida
Makers of non-toxic, baby safe, liquid soaps and surfactants for household, commercial, industrial and agricultural use.

Natural Soap Formulas, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of non-ionic soap based surfactants and cleaning compounds. We are dedicated and committed to researching, producing and marketing the safest cleaning solutions using innovative colloidal micelle production technologies and natural bio-based raw materials. Our mission is to increase awareness of the effects of hazardous chemical cleaning agents and conventional surfactants on both personal health and the overall well being of the planet. To that end, we have developed an extensive line of safe, cost-efficient alternatives for household, commercial, industrial and agricultural use.

Our house brand, KDGold, was created by our founder, Kaylin D'Aire specifically for the chemically sensitive, hyper allergenic and/or immune compromised consumer. You will find that it is baby and pet safe, industrial strength, earth friendly and the gentlest cleaner you have used. Use the coupon code "CTM" and receive a 25% discount on KDGold Concentrate along with FREE shipping.
1816 West Point Pike, Suite 120, Lansdale, PA
Credit repair, debt settlement and general credit / debt counseling.

We provide credit repair solutions for challenging situations, including post-bankruptcy, debt settlement options and for persons with no credit history. Backed by a premier PA and NJ boutique law firm. VERY reasonable fees and friendly, no-judgment staff.
The Heavens’ Inferno – A Novel
Greetings fellow Caravaners. My name is Nick DeAntonio, and I would like to introduce to you to my novel, The Heavens' Inferno. This bad-ass story is not only the story that I always wanted to read, but this narrative serves as a cohesive blueprint that ties together some of today's most pernicious, seemingly separate socioeconomic conspiracies and ancient biblical prophecy.

Is it possible that numerous modern-day conspiracy theories are ALL true; each merely one part of a greater whole that was predicted thousands of years ago?

While a small town investigates the mysterious disappearance of local wildlife, Sheriff Cal Rodgers receives a mysterious warning of an impending global disaster.

World leaders make a shocking disclosure on the origins of mankind, immediately before a massive EMP strikes the Earth, bringing the modern age to a screeching halt.

As a new power rises, chaos ensues, and the few who oppose the new order soon discover that they may be the only hope for mankind against an ancient and powerful enemy.

Available at Amazon, Apple's iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and all e-book retailers.