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Smoking Gun Holsters

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Smoking Gun Holsters
Smoking Gun Holsters
Smoking Gun Holsters manufactures custom bullet resistant holsters for concealed carry.

All of our holsters are Kevlar lined to help protect you against an inadvertent handgun discharge. If you are new to concealed carry and want an extra level of protection, consider a Smoking Gun Holster. If you are going to carry a handgun, it is important that you are properly trained in the safe use and handling of the handgun, loaded or unloaded. It is also important that you practice safe handling of the handgun, this includes loading, unloading, shooting as well as removing a handgun from a holster and placing a handgun back into the holster. Proper trigger finger position is also very important.

A Smoking Gun Holster gives you the added protection of knowing that your holster is Kevlar lined.

Visit our web site to see our full line of holsters for men and women. Any of our holsters can be customized to meet your requirements, or we will design and build a custom holster for you. We love to meet our customer’s needs through innovative designs.
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Smoking Gun Holsters