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Akashic Universal Institute
1221 Bowers, # 1143
Birmingham MI
Akashic Universal Institute, founded and run by Kelly Maroon, PhD provides private Akashic Record Readings via phone and special email readings, Akashic classes and personal coaching. The Akashic Records are the footprints of our souls individually and collectivley. For details go to

Kelly Maroon, PhD is the author of Praying With The Animals; An Akashic Love Affair With the Creatures of the Earth – on Amazon.

About Kelly Maroon, PhD
Kelly is a doctor of philosophy and a minister. She has traveled to Egypt, Tibet, Nepal, Israel, Peru and has been on an Italian Pilgrimage to gain cultural beliefs of the psychic and angelic realm. Dr. Maroon has studied Native American culture for over 20 years. Kelly loves doing Akashic Record Readings to tell you about your past lives, especially those impacting you today; that includes family lineage. Kelly also uses runes, vowel therapy, chakra therapy and may give you channeled prayers, affirmations and guided imagery. She has done this work for 25 years and continues to study. She reads animals and places as well. She will adjust her style to meet your needs. Kelly is an intuitive and believes that spiritual guidance keeps us on our path. Her first intuitive encounter was at age three. Kelly has participated in sweat lodges and done firewalks. Kelly is also a Reiki Master.

Why Get an Akashic Reading
To learn about yourself
To dissolve blocks
To help understand your triggers
To heal old wounds
To become one with your soul path
To answer important life questions
To assist in making decisions
To handle emotional draining experiences and people

To explore yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually
To resolve body issues
To erase weight issues
To deal with money issues effectively
To attract life long love
To make career compatible choices
To discover more about your animal companion
To build strong boundaries for protection

Akashic Record Readings

Seven Reasons to get an Akashic Reading:

1 You are confused or uncertain about an issue in your life
2 You feel depleted by others and circumstances around you
3 You feel out of place
4 You feel you do not have luck in finances
5 You feel unlucky with love
6 You are suffering grief and loss
7 Your self esteem needs a jump-start
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