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Blue Collar Power Canada

Blue Collar Power
691 Bentinck Drive, Corunna, Ontario, Canada
Helping families through donations and volunteer labour.

I’ve created this website to donate funding/labour/help to blue collar families that need a little help in some form:
*Credit Re-establishment
*Mental Health
*Substance Abuse
*Excessive family stress
*re-integration from jail to work/volunteering
*Sexual Assault/Abuse
*Employee Abuse
*Employer Abuse
*Workplace Safety
*Wheelchair assistance
*Mail delivery for the physically challenged
*Autism/Brain damage assistance/care
*Alternate Media
*Truth Seeking “Conspiracy Facts” – Not Theories
*Laughter can be the best medicine
*Family Councilling

Putting good people in contact with good people who specialize in their fields.
*Respected Contractors
*Personal Support Workers

Blue Collar