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Naturally Combat Chronic Inflammation New Non-Synthetic Protocol Bio-compatible Technology

Perfect Health for Life
7118 Bart Hollow
San Antonio, TX
New Non-Synthetic Protocol Bio-compatible Technology with No Side Effects

85% of Acquired Diseases Are Due To Chronic Inflammation
• Alzheimer’s
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Stroke
• Heart Disease
• Kidney Disease
• Respiratory Disease

Pharmaceuticals Currently Have Nothing to Naturally Combat Chronic Inflammation.
There is an all natural product that helps reduce Inflammation by as much as 70% as documented by actual Lab Blood Test results (hsCRP).

Developed by a Team of European Scientists-Affiliated with True Science Alliance.
A Blend of 40 Herbs Synergistically Combined to Aid Your Own Liver and Immune System Optimize Themselves Naturally.

For Optimum Health You Want to Reduce C Reactive Protein in Your Blood to Less Than 1. CRP is not only the Marker in Your Blood to Denote Inflammation it also contributes to Chronic Inflammation.

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Dorothea Edwards
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