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Spiritual Healing

Advanced Numerology
602 Enconto Street
The Villages, FL
Through the science of Numerology you will receive a realistic reading that addresses who you are and where you are going. First we look at past life influences that live on as a back drop for your current life. Next we expose your mission here on earth as well as the karmic lessons that are present. We examine exactly what your lessons are and how long each one will last. If you happen to have particularly difficult challenges, I will recommend ways to get through these more easily. The puzzles of love relationships are illuminated. In certain cases, spiritual healing may be advised. You can expect your reading session to be jam packed with pertinent information and exceptionally satisfying.


For 30 years Francesca Szarnicki has worked as professional numerologist and a spiritual healer.

She has published SZAR CARDS, THE LANGUAGE OF NUMBERS, DOUBLE DIGIT NUMEROLOGY, THE TEST OF TRUE LOVE and 3 teaching manuals for the course titled: HEALING MY SOUL

Access to Soul Healing is new for many people. As you approach this profound healing I ask that you keep an open mind. It is the soul that projects life into this physical existence. Think of your physical body as a screen (in a movie theater). If there are issues playing out on the screen that you do not like, it may be wise to go back to the projection booth and speak to the projectionist (the soul). Perhaps the projectionist (soul) can change the movie that is playing on the screen. Improvement can take place readily when you change the programming. Soul Healing is effective for all problems: physical, mental, emotional, relationships, financial, etc.

“A wealth of information has been given to me by our Creator. I am here to share this knowledge with all members of the Caravan.”

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