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Ark Midnight Episode 17 – Profiling the Profiler

October 1st, 2016 – Our guest this evening: Jim Clemente a former NYC Prosecutor and retired Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. He is a Criminal Behavioral Analyst/Profiler and worked for the FBI for 22 years investigating all crimes from Bank Robberies to Serial Killers. He’s an expert witness in the areas […]

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Ark Midnight Episode 15 – Who are The Silver Stealers & can they steal your property and freedom?

September 17th. 2016 – Our guest this evening: Charles Savoie The Silver Stealers: An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens. Charles Savoie has written the best researched and documented case on silver and the banking establishment going back into history. “On page 557 they admit that the year 2002 might be the […]

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Ark Midnight Episode 14 – A fallen soldier – Parents left hanging to hide US government’s guilt

September 10th, 2016 – Our guest this evening: Charles Strange Bin Laden Raid and the loss of SEAL Team 6 member Michael Strange Charles was born and raised in Philadelphia, his Dad and Grandfather were Philadelphia Police Officers. He runs the Michael Strange Foundation with the help of my wife, Mary. They have 2 sons, […]

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Ark Midnight Episode 13 – Richard C. Davis

Our guest this evening: Richard C. Davis, MD Lt Cmdr USN Ret (Dr. Davis) Aerospace Engineer, Synthetic Bio-Organic Chemist, Medical Doctor and retired Naval Officer, CNO Commendations x 2, TDY SEAL Team 5 doc, Blue Angels B/U Flight Surgeon, Level 1 ER / Trauma Physician, Serial Entrepreneur – 2 IPO’s, Authored 400 patents and trademarks, […]

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Ark Midnight – Episode 11 – The tech that surrounds you – is it dangerous?

August 20th, 2016 – Our guest this evening: Norbert Heuser discussing the ” SAFESTCELLPHONE™ ” This comes in the form of a normal protective cell phone case in which IPC has infused EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™. The harmful EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) are converted instantly by EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ into pro survival karma frequencies. Now while using a […]

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Ark Midnight – Episode 7 – Debbie Bacigalupi

Our guest this evening: “Ark Dame” Debbie Bacigalupi Topics: Will a Monsanto and Bayer AG binge takeover the Ag industry and the world’s food? How does monopolizing the seed industry and herbicides tie into the United Nations Agenda 21 scam and the UN’s fast track plan called the 2030 Agenda (which the Obama administration agreed […]

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Ark Midnight – Episode 1 – Jim Marrs & Mike Norris

June 11th, 2016 – Our guest this evening: Jim Marrs & Mike Norris The maiden flight of “Ark Midnight” on KLIF570 – Ark Midnight – on beacon and cleared to dock – Bay Zed-M-79 – Welcome Commander Wells – Episode 1 Recorded Saturday 6/11/16 Join John B Wells aboard “Ark Midnight” – (Saturday nights from […]

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