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Episode 19 – Dr Dave Janda – Scott Greer

Monday August 28th 2017 In this episode of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, in the opening segment Dave highlights the Globalists and their use of conflict to attain more power, control and money. In the interview segment, Dave is joined by Scott Greer, an editor and columnist of The Daily Caller. The […]

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Episode 15 – Dr Dave Janda – Joe Bastardi

Monday August 14th 2017 In this episode of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, the opening WTF segment focuses on Country Music star Charlie Daniels calling out the Deep State and their agenda. In the interview segment, one of the most preeminent meteorologists in the world, Joe Bastardi joins Dave in dissecting Climate […]

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Episode 14 – Dr Dave Janda – Nick Ruiz & Matt Nye

Thursday August 10th 2017 In this episode of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, in the opening WTF Segment Dave reveals how the Globalist’s foundation is crumbling. In the interview segments, Nick Ruiz from Evolution Consulting outlines the role of predictive programming and dissects the financial and automotive industries and their futures. In […]

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Helen Davis Chaitman

Episode 13 – Dr Dave Janda – Helen Chaitman

Monday August 7th 2017 In this episode of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, the globalist attack on your safety and security is presented in The WTF segment. Dave exposes the battle for The People’s Bridge to Freedom. In the interview segment , Helen Chaitman, one of our country’s great Patriots exposes the […]

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Episode 8 – Dr Dave Janda – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & Dr. Shiv Chopra

Thursday July 20th 2017 In this edition of Caravan To Midnight, Dave opens the show with his WTF segment which focuses on the way the Globalists blackmail government officials. In the interview segments Dr. Shiv Chopra dissects the Vaccination-Industrial Complex and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses The Military-Industrial Complex’s efforts to poke The Russian Bear. […]

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Episode 3 – Dr Dave Janda

Monday July 3rd 2017 This edition of Caravan To Midnight with Dr. Dave Janda is a Special Report on Health Care, Prevention & Health Care Reform. This three part presentation is a comprehensive analysis of how we got into this mess and how we get Our Health Care Freedom restored. The Lame Stream Fake Media […]

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Episode 2 – Dr Dave Janda – Tom McInerney & Paul Rosenberg

Thursday June 29th 2017 In this edition Dr. Dave Janda leads off with a WTF segment dissecting the recent “revelations” of The Obama Administration’s surveillance of millions of Americans. In the second segment, Dave welcomes General Tom McInerney who delves into domestic and geo-political events. Then, Paul Rosenberg, who specializes in cyber-security, outlines how the […]

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Episode 1 – Dr Dave Janda – John Titus

Monday June 26th 2017 In this edition with Dr. Dave Janda, Dave opens by focusing on several of the Globalist “puppets” and what they are up to behind the curtain. In the interview segment, Dave welcomes Financial Film Documentarian, John Titus. They dissect The Criminal Banking Cartel and how that Cartel has taken over The […]

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