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Episode 796 – Pascale Naessens

Tuesday August 22nd 2017 In this edition we welcome v to tell us about her time as a model and what led her to telling people about food and how to improve your diet. Naessens informs us about using butter, oils, water, and salt to season and prepare foods more naturally; also highlighting the benefits […]

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James and JoAnne Moriarty

Episode 794 – JoAnne and James Moriarty

Thursday August 17th 2017 In this edition we welcome back JoAnne and James Moriarty to continue to tell the truth about the Libyan War and how to see through false flag operations; drawing parallels along the way with what happened in Libya contrasted to the United States presently, and going into detail about Italy’s colonization […]

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Episode 793 – Dane Wigington

Wednesday August 16th 2017 In this edition we welcome back Dane Wigington to discuss the latest about jet aircraft spraying in furtherance of climate engineering, strange weather conditions, Siberian Methane craters and much more. Guest Media Dane Wigington Tracks Stratosphere – Digitalism Related Links: Geo Engineering Watch | Climate Engineering Fact And Photo Summary Buy […]

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Episode 792 – William Lawrence

Tuesday August 15th 2017 In this edition we welcome William Lawrence, who claims to have discovered in 2015 that sunlight can be used to communicate with ghosts and extra-terrastrials. He tells John about his evidence, quantum technologies, scientists using the same techniques and more. Guest Media William Lawrence Tracks Night Spots – The Cars Related […]

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Episode 791 – Robert Williams

Friday August 11th 2017 In this edition we welcome Robert Williams to the program to share his story about how he fell in love with the saxophone, leading him to perform with the Beach Boys. Williams also talks about his book, what he is working on currently and more! Tune into Ark Midnight Saturday night […]

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Episode 790 – David Kupelian

Thursday August 10th 2017 In this edition we welcome David Kupelian, – Vice President & Managing Editor of World Net Daily – – for insight regarding “The Snapping of the American Mind”, how the hard Left is dividing our country, what actions Americans need to take ensure that the United States remains a world […]

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Episode 789 – David Rubin

Wednesday August 9th 2017 In this edition we welcome David Rubin, the former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel. Rubin tells us about the drive home when his car was attacked by terrorists; going into detail about what he learned from that attack, where God is leading him now and more. Guest Media David Rubin Tracks Water […]

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Episode 788 – Harry Dent

Tuesday August 8th 2017 In this edition we welcome Harry Dent, as he tells John why he believes that the markets will crash in late October, and what you need to be prepared for it; continuing about the economy with what triggers crashes and market rebounds. Guest Media Harry Dent Tracks Let’s Be Natural – […]

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Carter Hydrick

Episode 787 – Carter Hydrick

Friday August 4th 2017 In this edition we welcome Carter Hydrick on board to tell the story of U-Boat U-234 and how they provided the uranium that helped build the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima; the making of enriched uranium at the concentration camp at Auschwitz, what it did and more. Be sure to […]

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Episode 786 – Karen Rogers

Thursday August 3rd 2017 In this edition we welcome Karen Rogers to the program. Rogers is a former horse jockey and has raced throughout the U.S., but she didn’t come on the program to talk about riding the rails of different horse tracks; she was a victim of sexual abuse at an early age. Believing […]

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Episode 785 – L. A. Marzulli & Mary Joyce

Wednesday August 2th 2017 In this edition we welcome Mary Joyce to the program to tell about her observations regarding hidden multi-level bases in the mountains of North Carolina. But first, L. A. Marzulli comes aboard to discuss the movie that he is currently working on, findings that he has discovered and more. Guest Media […]

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Episode 784 – Rabbi Zev Porat

Tuesday August 1st 2017 In this edition we sit down with Rabbi Zev Porat who will be a guest speaker at the Hear the Watchmen conference in Boise, Idaho; telling about different meanings, the difference from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and what he is working on with the upcoming conference. Guest Media […]

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Episode 783 – Donald Jeffries

Friday July 28th 2017 In this edition we welcome Donald Jeffries on board to discuss several topics ranging from the working class not making enough to meet cost of living, new upward mobility in the job market and the life of Huey Long. Be sure to tune in Saturday night for Ark Midnight on radio […]

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Episode 782 – Harriet Hageman & George Webb

Thursday July 27th 2017 In this edition we welcome Harriet Hageman and George Webb in the news section. Hageman gives us a lesson in Government 101 and points out where we are failing in this Republic; going into great detail about the regulations that are being passed which the majority of Americans are not aware […]

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Episode 781 – Mary Baker & Mike Kerr

Wednesday July 26th 2017 In this edition we welcome Mary Baker to explain what a “Citizen Ninja” is and how you can become one and why you should be one; telling of her background and how her goal will unite the nation once again. She also explains tribalism and how it works today. But first, […]

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Episode 780 – Merle Temple

Tuesday July 25th 2017 In this edition we welcome back Merle Temple for a discussion about a medley of topics including the Roswell crash, Islam, reflections on the recently released film “Dunkirk”; the progress he is making with his book and more. Guest Media Merle Temple Tracks San Franciscan Nights – Eric Burdon & the […]

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Episode 779 – Josh Bernstein & Steven Ben-DeNoon

Friday July 21th 2017 In this edition we welcome Josh Bernstein to disseminate the latest in the Russian “hacking” that happened during this past election; switching gears later on to express why Fox News is backing off their conservative values. But first, Steven Ben-DeNoon joins us from the Czech Republic with commentary during the news […]

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Episode 777 – Josh Tolley & Gerald Celente

Wednesday July 19th 2017 In this edition we welcome back friends of the Caravan, the Evangelpreneur Josh Tolley and the Trends Journal’s own, Gerald Celente during the news section. Gerald comes out firing telling us about the health care issues we are facing, the lack of a positive image for President Trump, and spending with […]

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