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Episode 764 – Dane Wigington

Friday June 23rd 2017 In this edition, Guest Host Dr. Dave Janda discusses the Foundation of The Globalist Syndicate. In the second segment, Dane Wigington discusses the globalist designed and implemented geo-engineering of the planet with it’s resultant effects… Guest Media Dane Wigington Tracks Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist – STS9 Related Links: Geoengineering Watch | […]

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Episode 763 – Robert Mazur

Thursday June 22th 2017 In this edition guest host Dr. Dave Janda addresses the 2017 version of Prohibition…. in this case the Prohibition of The Health Care Delivery System. In the second segment Robert Mazur joins The Caravan and discusses his involvement in the undercover infiltration of The Medellin Drug Cartel and it’s integration with […]

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Episode 762 – Warren Pollock

Wednesday June 21st 2017 In this edition guest host Dr. Dave Janda addresses the Globalist’s Business Model and it’s impact on current events that are swirling around in the Lame Stream Media. For the second segment, front line Freedom activist, Warren Pollock, discusses geo-political events, economic and financial issues and how society has been manipulated […]

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Episode 761 – Rob Kirby & Michael Cutler

Tuesday June 20th 2017 In this edition guest host, Dr. Dave Janda introduces himself to The Caravan and outlines what he brings to the Caravan Platform. Rob Kirby then dissects the globalist directed Exchange Stabilization Fund. In the final segment former Immigration official, Michael Cutler outlines the magnitude of the illegal immigration issue. Guest Media […]

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Episode 760 – Wolfgang Halbig

Friday June 16th 2017 In this Friday edition we welcome back Wolfgang Halbig to disclose more facts about the Sandy Hook incident. Then John sets the record straight regarding the elephant in the room that has been discussed by many Caravaners… Guest Media Wolfgang Halbig Tracks Squirrel and Biscuits – Ott Related Links: Monte Frank […]

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Episode 759 – David J. Walker & Andy Hoffman

Thursday June 15th 2017 In this edition we welcome Andy Hoffman for commentary regarding Bitcoin during the news section, followed by David J. Walker to speak about numerous topics ranging from the American Dream to Pill Nation, Civil War 2, Russian Hacking; and a new part called the Realist. Guest Media David J. Walker Andy […]

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Episode 758 – Matt Bracken & Paul Preston

Wednesday June 14th 2017 In this edition we welcome Matt Bracken back on board followed by Paul Preston; But first we want to recognize the five people who were shot today at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Va., and wish them a speedy recovery. Bracken starts us off talking about the shooting, stating that […]

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Episode 757 – Chuck Coppes & Larry Nichols

Tuesday June 13th 2017 In this edition we welcome back Chuck Coppes and Larry Nichols during the news section. We start the week off with a slide show interview with Chuck; walking us through what is to come in the fiscal/monetary crisis; rigged markets and likely geopolitical and macroeconomic outcomes within a prophetic matrix. Guest […]

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Episode 754 – Robert Morningstar & David Morgan

Wednesday June 7th 2017 In this edition we welcome Robert Morningstar and David Morgan during the news section. Robert tells us about the doctoring of the “Z-Film” and how he discovered it; going on to discuss Black Lives Matter; What a Civilian Intelligence Analyst is, and much more. Guest Media Robert Morningstar David Morgan Tracks […]

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Episode 753 – Joel Richardson

Tuesday June 6th 2017 In this edition we welcome back Joel Richardson to talk about the Muslim attack that happened last weekend in London; the beliefs that Islamn has towards Western beliefs; also discussing other topics such as: the location of mystery Babylon, foreign governments and their influence on Washington; and who is Nimrod? Guest […]

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Episode 750 – Liz Crokin & Amil Imani

Wednesday May 31st 2017 In this edition we welcome newcomers Liz Crokin and Amil Imani. Liz gets us rolling by stating the facts surrounding the murder of Seth Rich; guiding us through information which paints a more vivid picture of what the Democratic National Committee (DNC) looks like. Then, Amil Imani tells us about the […]

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Episode 748 – Dr. Elaina George & Harley Schlanger

Friday May 26th 2017 In this edition we welcome Dr. Elaina George followed by Harley Schlanger. Dr. George leads us off telling us about the downfall of healthcare, how government can control people through this; giving out some good alternative ways to cover medical expenses and more. Harley Schlanger then joins us and sheds light […]

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Episode 747 – Dr. Peter Pry & Michael Snyder

Thursday May 25th 2017 In this edition we speak with Dr. Peter Pry, and welcome Michael Snyder for commentary during the new section. Dr. Pry updates us on current EMP threats, the situation in Korea, Russian Mega Nukes, and more. Guest Media Knight Dr. Peter Pry Michael Snyder Tracks Mesmerized – Scenic Related Links: The […]

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Episode 746 – Kathryn Robbins & Ole Dammegard

Wednesday May 24th 2017 In this edition we welcome Kathryn Robbins to the program to share her story about her life and what she was exposed to in the dark underworld of Satanic Ritual Abuse, sex trafficking and more. But first, Ole Dammegard returns during the news section for commentary regarding the events that happened […]

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Episode 745 – Scott Greer & Dave Gibson

Tuesday May 23rd 2017 In this edition we introduce Scott Greer and Dave Gibson. Greer is an editor and columnist for the Daily Caller and talks about “Safe Spaces” on college campuses, and other aspects of the failing education system which are in need of reproach. Then the author of “Replacing Americans: The Deadly Consequences […]

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