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HAS PUTIN DETONATED NUKE? US sends specialist ‘nuke sniffer’ plane to the UK as ‘radiation spike’ sparks fears Putin has tested nuclear weapon in the Arctic

Source: The Sun By jon lockett The US Air Force has flown a special WC-135 Constant Phoenix to RAF Mildenhall FEARS are mounting Vladimir Putin’s military have carried out a secret Arctic nuclear test after a huge spike in dangerous radiation levels were detected across Europe. The worrying claims came as the US Air Force […]

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FILE - Police approach the cab of a truck driven by Mohamed Lahouaiyej Bouhlel, a Tunisian who plowed through a crowded promenade, killing at least 84 people in Nice, France, in this July 14, 2016, file photo. Bouhlel’s family and neighbors say he was indifferent to religion, but French authorities have linked the attack to Islamic State.  (NADER EL SHAFEI via AP, File) MANDATORY CREDIT

US official: ISIS has ‘people in place’ to conduct ‘steady’ attacks

Source: Wtop By J.J. Green The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) terror group is under heavy global pressure from militaries and law enforcement organizations, but military and counterterrorism officials forecast no letup in the current wave of international terrorism. “We think that transnational terrorist attacks, in the near term, will probably remain […]

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. Vice President Mike Pence briefs the media at the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, February 20, 2017.   REUTERS/Francois Lenoir/File Photo

White House delivered EU-skeptic message before Pence visit

Source: Reuters By Noah Barkin In the week before U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited Brussels and pledged America’s “steadfast and enduring” commitment to the European Union, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon met with a German diplomat and delivered a different message, according to people familiar with the talks. Bannon, these people said, signalled […]

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Bots are criticizing & Trolling President Donald Trump EVERYTIME he Tweets!

Do not let a deliberate disinformation Psyop, designed to destroy our President’s reputation affect you! By the time you open your Twitter notification to read a Tweet from President Trump, you will find hundreds of disgusting messages that already responded to his Tweet? How is this even possible literally within seconds? See the disgusting leftist […]

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Ark Midnight – With John B Wells – Sat Feb 18 – Guest: Chris Kortlander

Don’t miss “Ark Midnight” Saturday evening on KLIF570 @ 10pm to Midnight (Central Time) Our guest today – Saturday Feb 18 2017 Chris Kortlander Topic: A Buckle, a Button, a Shell and 4 Suicides = Government Abuse – Ark Midnight#37 Read more about Chris here: Lines will be open if you would […]

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A ‘criminal’ attack on ‘a wonderful man’: Trump ramps up war on his own spies as he rages against DEMOCRATIC leakers who ‘illegally’ brought down disgraced Mike Flynn

Source: Daily Mail By David Martosko The president defended former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as a ‘wonderful’ man during a joint press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu Trump claimed Democratic partisans, stung by his defeat of Hillary Clinton, were giving classified materials to ‘fake media’ in order to harm him ‘I think it’s very, very […]

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The Globalist Long Game – Redefine Liberty Activism As Evil “Populism”

Source: Alt-Market By Brandon Smith One of the most favored propaganda tactics of establishment elites and the useful idiots they employ in Marxist and cultural-Marxist circles is to relabel or redefine an opponent before they can solidly define themselves.  In other words, elites and Marxists will seek to “brand” you (just as corporations use branding) in […]

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How To Handle Political Differences In Relationships

Source: The Huffington Post By Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks Most of us grew up learning to avoid speaking about politics and religion in public. Many of us also remember the dinner-table squabbles with parents who just “didn’t get it” about music, the current administration or really anything else that was truly cool. But few of […]

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Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm

Source: Bloomberg By Robert Kolker Thomas Hargrove is building software to identify trends in unsolved murders using data nobody’s bothered with before. On Aug. 18, 2010, a police lieutenant in Gary, Ind., received an e-mail, the subject line of which would be right at home in the first few scenes of a David Fincher movie: […]

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Real life CSI: Google’s new AI system unscrambles pixelated faces

Source: The Guardian By Alex Hern Company reveals technology capable of increasing picture resolution 16-fold, effectively restoring lost data – but results still an educated guess Google’s neural networks have achieved the dream of CSI viewers everywhere: the company has revealed a new AI system capable of “enhancing” an eight-pixel square image, increasing the resolution […]

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‘PREPARE FOR WAR!’ Vladimir Putin orders Russian Air Force to be prepared to launch attacks at ANY MINUTE – as fears over World War III continue to grow

Source: The Sun By COREY CHARLTON Russian troops were placed on ‘combat alert’ amid massive NATO exercises currently underway in eastern Europe VLADIMIR Putin has ordered his army and air force to prepare for a ‘time of war’ during a check of the country’s armed forces. Russia’s defence ministry confirmed the measures during a “snap […]

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