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Typhoon Neoguri heads for Fukushima nuclear plant

Storm which has wreaked havoc on Okinawa island chain expected to reach Fukushima early on Friday, as dramatic satellite pictures emerge of Typhoon Neoguri   Supertyphoon Neoguri viewed from the International Space Station Photo: NASA / REX 10:10AM BST 10 Jul 2014 Typhoon Neoguri, the worst storm to hit Japan in 15 years, is likely to […]

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Mexican ‘Death Train’ derails, stranding 1,300 illegal immigrants headed toward U.S.

MEXICO CITY Wed Jul 9, 2014 9:14pm EDT (Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz; Writing by Joanna Zuckerman Bernstein; Editing by Lisa Shumaker) (Reuters) – A cargo train used by Mexicans and Central Americans to travel toward the U.S. border derailed in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca on Wednesday, stranding about 1,300 migrants, emergency services said. […]

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Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown

Published July 07, 2014 Trouble is looming at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, as a leak has forced the shutdown of a cooling system that could cause temperatures to exceed dangerous levels. Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) was forced to switch off the cooling system at Reactor Unit 5, after engineers discovered it […]

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Cataclysmic California Quake Warned Could Be Just Weeks Away

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers  July 7, 2014 A foreboding report prepared by Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev circulating in the Kremlin today warns that this mornings deadly 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, coupled with Saturdays 4.6 magnitude earthquake in Southern California, have been “definitively linked” […]

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by KRISTIN TATE 6 Jul 2014 HOUSTON, Texas–As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants […]

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Texas R- Rep. Louie Gohmert: US Will Become ‘Third World Nation’ If Feds Don’t Enforce Immigration Laws

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, warns that the United States will become a third world nation if the federal government does not enforce its immigration laws. Speaking to “The Sean Hannity Show,” the Republican lawmaker said the country will be destroyed if the U.S. continues to allow thousands of immigrants to cross the […]

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Breaking News: Red Heifer Born

Published on Jun 12, 2014 Emblematic of the rapid unfolding of events in these crucial times of redemption, a red heifer was recently born. The owners of the red heifer contacted the Temple Institute to share the news and receive instructions concerning the proper care of the red heifer. The Temple Institute contacted a professional […]

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BEWARE: Another Secret Trade Agreement – TISA

James Hall – June 25, 2014 The significance of the TPP -Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement has your head spinning already, now add another globalist gift to the Corporatocracy model of total trade domination, the TISA – Trade In Services Agreement. According to the trade group, […]

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EPA Considering Ban On Monsanto’s Glyphosate Herbicide Following Sobering Meeting With Moms Activist Groups

(Natural Cures) Two activist groups, Moms Across America and Thinking Moms Revolution, are taking great effort to convince the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recall Monsanto’s Roundup, the most widely used herbicide on the planet.When the EPA ignored them, the troops were rallied. 10,000 moms from all over the nation bombarded the EPA with […]

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