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China begins testing world’s largest radio telescope as construction of the £124 MILLION project enters final stage


Measuring 500 metres in diameter, the world’s largest radio telescope is in the final stages of completion, and is being put through its paces with a dry run.

Going by the name of ‘FAST’ which stands for ‘Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope,’ the device is being constructed in Guizhou Province, south-west China, reports The People’s Daily Online.

It has taken China more than five years to build the world’s biggest single-aperture radio telescope which covers the size of 30 football pitches and is currently running on schedule. Scientists carried out the last stages on Saturday, with hopes for a September 2016 completion.

Chinese authorities and engineers tested a key component inside the massive telescope before it goes live indefinitely.

Over the weekend, the retina was successfully installed and tested in the telescope.

A mechanism that weighs 30,000 kilograms and is suspended 160 metres above the reflector dish, which is still unfinished.

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