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Daniel Brigman

Daniel Brigman considers himself an American through and through but has roots which run distinctly southern. Raised in a little town outside of Atlanta he was fortunate to have family around him…including his grandparents. The lessons of experience Daniel’s grandparents gained living during the great depression became silent sermons passing down the generational ethics of Patriotism and self-reliance.

As Daniel grew older, his love for the founding fathers and this nation only took on greater significance. After becoming a husband to his wife Tristen and a father to their children the desire for his family to be prepared became a priority. The disappointment in what was being offered to the public in long term storable food, encouraged Daniel and his Wife Tristen to start their own storable food company. With a mission to provide superior products to the preparedness industry — that is how NuManna was born

About a year after starting NuManna Daniel took it upon himself to write Forever 1776…a spiritual discovery into the heart of the American Revolution and our Law. Emotionally reconnecting with the foundation of our Nation is very important to the Brigman family.

Another year passed and Daniel was introduced to Joyce Riley, host of the nationally syndicated talk show, The Power Hour. It was a meeting which would dramatically shape his future. Their relationship quickly took root, so much so Daniel became a regular voice on The Power Hour.

Daniel now carries on the legacy as host of — the program which began over twenty years ago, by Joyce Riley and her husband Dave Von Kliest. When not raising a family with his beautiful wife, Daniel now spends his time between and The Power Hour sharing his two passions—self-reliance and the truth.

Books Written:

Forever 1776