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Declassified DoD Document: ‘Islamic State Exactly What [We] Want’ (Knack, Belgium)


Would the United States, that model of moral superpower behavior, use terrorist groups as an arm of its foreign policy? As I have pointed out in these pages on many occasions, it has done so before, for example in helping create Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda, and according to a recently declassified Defense Intelligence Agency document, as recently as 2012, it backed the creation of a ‘Salafits Islamic State’ for use against the Assad regime. This column from Belgium’s Knack examines the newly-released document, which could not be more damning. Don’t hold your breath waiting for our corrupted mainstream media to cover this story, which not only vindicates Syrian and Iranian assertions that the United States is a key driver in creating today’s terrorist menace, but it makes a laughing stock of American news coverage of what was, is and probably will continue to be done in our name.

For Belgium’s Knack, reporter Wided Bouchrika lays out where the document came from, what it says and what it means:

Previously secret documents of the U.S. Department of Defense intelligence service, the Defense Intelligence Agency, indicate that in 2012, the United States still saw Islamic State (IS) as a strategic pawn for use against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad. “The creation of a Salafi state in eastern Syria is exactly what [we] want.”

Conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch has published on its Web site a selection of previously-classified documents from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of State.

One of the documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency was circulated by DoD in August 2012. The seven-page document asserts that an “Islamic state” was needed in eastern Syria to implement Western policies in the country.

Future of the crisis

According to the report, there were two possible outcomes for the future of the crisis: either the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad survives and retains control of the country; or the situation evolves into a proxy war:

“Development of the current events into proxy war: with support of Russia, China and Iran, the regime is controlling the areas of influence along coastal territories (Tartus and Latakia), and is fiercely defending Homs, which is considered the primary transport point in Syria.”

Newly-Declassified DIA Document on ‘Islamic State’

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The other side in a proxy war would be the opposition backed by the West, the Gulf States and Turkey.

“On the other hand, opposition forces are trying to control the eastern areas (Hasaka and Der Zor), adjacent to the Western Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar), in addition to neighboring Turkish borders. Western countries, the Gulf States and Turkey are supporting these efforts. This hypothesis is most likely in accordance with the data from recent events, which will help prepare safe havens under international sheltering, similar to what transpired in Libya when Benghazi was chosen as the command center of the temporary government.”

‘Exactly what we want to isolate the Syrian regime’

In August 2012, the Defense Intelligence Agency had already predicted the emergence of IS, but it was not labeled as an absolute enemy. Instead, the report suggests that the terror group could be deployed as a strategic pawn of the United States.

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