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Did UFOs Fly in the Skies of Ancient India?



he Vedic period of ancient India, which extended roughly from 8000 B.C to 2500 B.C,,is shrouded in myth and mystery. This is hardly surprising, since this time goes back to a time before written language, so history was passed down largely orally,. We know through anthropological studies that in most of the world at that time our ancestors lived a very primitive life in which existence itself was a struggle. Yet we hear stories that at the time time, in the land now known as India, there existed an advanced civilization called Vedic with technology that sounds like it came from our own time, such as flying airships, called Viminas, and possibly even spaceships that could go to other planets. Could such a thing be possible?

On the surface, the answer would appear to be no, and there is no direct evidence of the existence of such things, other than their mention in the literary classics of the period, such as the Mahabharata, an account of an ancient war between two tribes and the Rig-Veda (Veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge). These texts make mention of flying heaver-than-air warships at least 5,000 years before the Wright brothers made their first flight, and even such things as death rays and atomic weapons. Even in Western literature of this time, such as the Bible, there is mention of smilar pheonomena, such as the ‘wheel in the sky’ seen by the prophet Ezekiel, which sounds suspiciously like a flying saucer, or UFO.

One may be tempted to scoff at this, but it would be a mistake to sell our ancestors short. Scientists such as archeologists who study the distant past are constantly turning up evidence of advanced technology that were previously thought to be impossible. Some may remember the discovery a few years ago in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean sea of part of a mechanical computer whose age was put at close to two thousand years. In addition, many of us have had direct experience of the wonders of this ancient Vedic civilization; namely, those of us who practice or have practiced Transcendental Meditation, which has its origins in this period of time.

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