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Don’t Believe the Saint Narrative: Captured American in Syria Coverted to Islam, Serviced Haters of Isael in Lebanon

What We Know About the American Being Held by the Islamic State

By: Eyder Peralta via

The Sunni militant group Islamic State is holding another American hostage. The revelation came in a video showing the beheading of British citizen Alan Henning.

At the end of the the video, a man warns that Peter Kassig, an Iraq War veteran, is next.

Story continues – HERE


Note: So, now the media is reporting that the guy’s family is admitting he converted to Islam and was living for many years with Muslim Turks and Arabs who hate Israel and is associated with interventionist NGO’s under the globalist umbrella of international socialism. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT THE LYING D.C. REGIME TELLS YOU! This “former Ranger” was/is infatuated with Islam and the Muslim death cult!

– FSD Webmaster

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