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Dr. Hikmet Jamil

Prof. Hikmet Jamil received his medical degree from Baghdad University. He holds several postgraduate degrees in occupational and environmental health from England. In 1977 joined Baghdad University for 20 years, then emigrated to United State at 1997, in 1997 joined Wayne State University for 18 years and in 2015 joint Michigan State University. Prof. Jamil is the sole author of 18 books & another two books as first author. He has 176 field research publications, 18 review articles and more than 254 scientific articles. He has given 186 presentations at national & international scientific meetings. He served as an international visiting lecturer. He supervised research student’s [PhD; MSc; & Diploma]. He served as chief, deputy or secretary, or member in editorial board for national and international of several scientific journals. He established three postgraduate programs in Occupational Medicine at the University of Baghdad.